Iwata Thinks Super Mario 3D World Will Be The Key Game To Drive Wii U Sales

Super Mario 3D World 4

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has told investors that he believes that Super Mario 3D World will be the title to help turn around the Wii U’s fortunes this Christmas. During the meeting Iwata admitted that titles such as Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 hadn’t been anywhere near as successful as the company initially thought they would be.

“With respect to Wii U, on the other hand, I remarked at the Financial Results Briefing held back in April that we would carefully work on its market penetration, but its sales have not yet picked up significantly since the summer launches of some key first-party titles.”

“There have been large intervals between the releases of key first-party titles, and given that there is little seasonable demand at the moment, we are not in a position where we can change the fate of the system with just one title.”

“Fortunately, the year-end sales season is an opportunity in which various members of the family are likely to take an interest in Nintendo’s home consoles, so we will try to change the situation surrounding Wii U through our efforts for this year-end sales season.

“The key title that is going to drive this year’s year-end sales season is Super Mario 3D World, the latest installment in the Super Mario series that is set to be released in November.

“I feel that the trailers we have released so far already provide consumers with a taste of the quality of the game, but this is indeed a compelling product that provides both single and multi-player gameplay to a wide range of consumers from novice to experienced players of Mario action games.”

“Except for its backward compatibility with existing Wii software and accessories, we have so far failed to make propositions worthy of Wii U’s position as a successor to the Wii system. While it took more time than expected since the launch of Wii U, we are now ready to offer Wii Sports and Wii Fit for Wii U, two of the defining games for Wii, starting today.”

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176 thoughts on “Iwata Thinks Super Mario 3D World Will Be The Key Game To Drive Wii U Sales”

    1. Indeed. It’s the ONLY real title they have that MIGHT drive sales. How people defend iwata’s short-sighted cluelessness i will never understand. Pikmin 3 and w101 spurring console sales to a dramatic degree? Really? Gtfo.

      I dont know how to say this, but if youre honestly upset at the sales performance of those two titles, youre going to be hating life when bayonetta and x sell worse.

      We’re a year into wiiu’s life and this christmas has nothing–absolutely nothing–but another great mario game that no one asked for. This should be the time that wiiu comes in to it’s own and there’s next to nothing on the horizon to be excited about. Ridiculous.

      1. Let’s analyze the Wii U scenario splitting the issue into two fronts.

        The first front: Nintendo vs. Nintendo; in other words, how Nintendo is arranging its own market strategy and overcoming – or, more precisely, trying to overcome – its own basal, structural problems. Based on Iwata’s recent declarations, yes, we are sure that all in Nintendo with respect to WIi U is right now messed to a high extent. Poor advertisement, low pace of big hitters release, too much effort on 3DS, and so on.

        The second front: Nintendo vs. others; that is, how well or bad Wii U both hardware and software sales numbers will stand when PS4 and XOne are out for comparison sake. Whenever a new hardware is on the market, we tend to expect good performances in its first year. By the fans standpoint, it’s fair: every fan/early adopter wants a load of new titles to enrich the experience as soon as possible. Is the Wii U doing well with this regard? No. Not at all. But, the central question is: Will PS4 and XOne do better than Wii U in sales wise within their first year? No one knows. Personally, I guess they will show similar trends. The economical crisis is somewhat controlled, but are the gamers going to spend a considerable amount of money to purchase new systems which don’t offer a decent lineup of titles?

        My meaning is: the Wii U is the first 8th generation home console launched, and the very first one to experience a totally new, on-the-go gaming market, in which handhelds and tablets/smartphones are showing their breadth and influence. The Wii U has been declared dead, doomed, etc, in a scenario in which absolutely no one knows what to expect since there are no comparatives available.

        Is it fair? I don’t think so.

        I understand that the fate of Wii U is still totally opened today. It can turn out to be the case that it fails, but the other way around cannot be ruled out by premature, senseless analysis.

        That being said, I agree with you in the sense that today we don’t see too much excitement in the horizon. But only time will tell whether or not Wii U will be able to make gamers fall in love with it.

      2. I’m going to have to disagree with you on that statement. It’s not the only real title that might drive sales. Mario Kart 8 is going to be the biggest system seller. Mario Kart Wii sold over 24 million copies. Even if Mario Kart 8 only sold half of that, it’s going to triple the current Wii U console sales. With new tracks, an assumable better online experience, fantastic graphics and new elements to the series, I’d be very, very surprised if Mario Kart 8 DIDN’T outsell Mario Kart Wii. It’s probably Nintendo’s second most powerful brand behind Pokemon. I may be wrong, but I’m almost positive it outsold New Super Mario Bros Wii, and either of the Galaxy games.

        1. I doubt that Mario Kart 8 will outsell Mario Kart Wii. Look at Mario Kart 7, its at 8.3Million units at the moment. Mario Kart Wii is at 33Million, and I doubt Nintendo can real the Casual crowed that the Wii had, at most, the Number will hover around the same numbers that Mario Kart 64 got, and thats about 10 Million.

      1. This top 5 list is horrible, it didn’t include the Wii U’s biggest problems like inferior specs and uninteresting games. Although the former isn’t really fixable without making a new console, so that might be a reason not to mention it.

        1. Inferior specs didn’t stop the Wii from outselling PS3 and 360. That said, the Wii U is FAR closer to the PS4 in specs than the Wii was to the PS3. The best the PS4 will have over the Wii U is more things on the screen at once, and some better lighting/particle/texture effects, which in all honesty, won’t be drastically different in the grand scheme of things. You can look at “X” and FFXV side by side. Both are very impressive, and while FFXV may have a slight edge, mostly due to it being set in tight corridors and extreme close up shots for real time, X is almost as good, and it’s completely open world and made by a team that has never built an HD game, compared to Square, which made some of the earliest HD games ever.

          1. True, but it’s not really helping them when it comes to third party support, and considering the lack of quality of Wii U games, we could really use some good third party games right about now.

      1. I was just saying Iwata cant try to get more sales with just one game. Building momentum with the console is about developing more games that the people want, as well as advertising and doing other things to turn people on to the Wii U for now as well as the future

        1. It won’t be just the one game. If Mario can start moving consoles, when Mario Kart 8 hits, it should really pick up a head of steam, and potentially end up like the 3DS, where hit after hit keeps coming down the pipe. Trying to keep up with the quality 3DS titles is ridiculous. If the Wii U can replicate that, it will be just fine.

    1. While the lack of online co-op is a disappointment, 3D Land did not need the feature to improve the 3DS’ sales. I am hoping history repeats itself here but we are all not psychic.

  1. Honestly, it won’t. The game that will drive the absolute most Wii U sales is Mario Kart 8.

        1. On the super-successful Wii I gusss you wouldn’t see a huge bump, but a Smash Bros for Wii U will. Many people will pick up the system just for Smash Wii U, aka: system-seller.

        2. EXCUSE ME??? LOL!!! So A game selling nearly 12 million copies worldwide isn’t system seller worthy? WOW man just WOW

        3. Brawl sold over 10 million copies. The online was pretty awful, and it was made too “accessable” with slowing down the gameplay and gimping things with the trip and such. The online SHOULD be VASTLY improved, the physics are closer to Melee, AND Namco is helping develop the game, bringing even more fighting game knowledge and balancing advice. This could shape up to be the best Smash Bros game yet, and it will also move systems. I think Mega Man in the game alone, will push it past 10 million sales lol

      1. The 3ds version will sell not the Wii U version. Since he wants to make both systems have the same characters there is going to be no real reason to get the Wii U version over the 3ds version except for maybe HD graphics, and possibly controls.

        1. Fighting games on consoles always have been better and more comfortable.
          Plus, Smash will run on 1080p 60fps, why would you buy the 3DS version but in completion of the Wii U version.

          1. Same reason more people bought sonic lost world 3ds over the Wii U version. More portable, cheaper and since the games were made ver identical. Also the Wii U version was 1080p 60fps or 720p (whatever) but that didn’t convince people to get it over the 3ds version same will happen with smash bros 3ds/wii U

            1. You can’t compare a franchise like Sonic to Smash Bros. Sonic games have always sold great on handhelds but that’s another topic but anyway every generation Smash Bros has improved sales wise and with it coming to the 3DS for the FIRST TIME and offering cross-platform multiplayer for the FIRST TIME do you honestly think it’ll be any different? Do you think with that feature alone that won’t entice people to buy both versions? Especially since now the Wii U has a much better online service than the Wii did?

              1. Cross platform multiplayer? Youve been misled, sakurai has stated that theres not going to be any cross multiplayer between the 3DS and Wii U.

            2. I think situation with SSB isn’t same as it was with Sonic. Smash Bros is originally “party game” so Wii U version is propably better choice because with that you and your friends can play 4-player multiplayer with only one console and one copy of game.

              1. It actuallly works same way with home console vs handheld versions of Mario Kart. I never bought Mario Kart 7 because i didn’t have enought friends who owned that game for 3DS.

          2. I’ll answer that for one 3DS has a bigger install base. So those who don’t have the Wii U but had 3DS are less likely to pay $360 for Super Smash when you can buy the same game for $40. That’s why Smash ain’t going to sell Wii U units. Sure Wii U has HD but remember what y’all Nintendo fans said to Sony fans its about the game over graphics.

            1. It’s not the same game. Same character roster, completely different stages, and the single player experience may also be very different, and will likely have the superior online gameplay. Also, I’m not even certain both games will release at the same time. I swear I read somewhere that they will release separately, but I could be wrong.

              1. 3DS version will outsell Wii U version because people want the experience of whats it like on handheld. Thats why Wii won last gen. You Nintendofanboys are like pancakes. You get on me because 3D Mario world lacks online then defend it by accusing people with no friends. Then use the better technology in Wii U will sell more Smash bros. games than 3DS.

    1. Yeah. MK Wii sold 38 million….which is fucking crazy.

      But honestly, there won’t be Wii like sales on the Wii, and once people accept that that’s not a bad thing, the sooner everyone can shut the fuck up, and maybe this industry will turn itself around and we can finally get the shit we want, like a GOOD Resident Evil game.

      1. I don’t say they are bad titles, of course they are good and anjoyable, I’m just fucking tired to see Mario when I could see Metroid, F-Zero or Star Fox.
        And you should be too, instead of asking for more Mario.

        1. Well, some of the developers don’t develop that sort of game. And yes, i’d like to see more, and we are (Zelda has shot up recently), Kirby seems to be following, the new yoshi games look fun too, I’m just saying i do love all the Mario, it’s never a bad experience and you’re always getting your money’s worth.

    1. Mario is Nintendo’s mascot. He is the face of gaming that the minority of gamers want eradicated. He is in many types of games because Nintendo has had over 25 years to realize how versatile he is. Now, onto the number you pulled from your ass, the number of games staring Mario have averaged 5 game releases per year for the past 3 years. Again… research is necessary when you want to bad talk something.

      We are not too far off from someone hating grass (having never seen it before) because it is purple.

      1. Oh, how sweet, he did research to try to shut me up :3
        I wanna cuddle you, you look like you could use some human contact :3

      2. Yes he may be the face of gaming, but that one game won’t keep Wii U sales on the rise for 2 or 3 months. Wii u will decline like Pikmin 3 did. We already know 3D Mario will sell, the question is how long can it stay top ten selling and how long will that game keep Wii U above 10,000 units a week in Japan?

    2. let’s see you have 2d and 3d main-serie mario games.

      recent 2d mario games:
      mario bros ds
      mario bros wii
      mario bros 3ds
      mario bros wii u
      that is one 2d mario game per system, with considerable time between each installment.

      mario galaxy
      mario galaxy 2
      mario 3d land
      mario 3d world

      it really isn’t that bad, but if you think there are 20 mario games per year, then that is a sign of good marketing by Nintendo, I guess.

      1. Nope dude, you forgot a shit ton.
        Mario Kart, Mario Party, Mario vs Sonic, Mario here, Mario there,…
        I’m not just sick of Mario platformers, I love these games, I’m sick of this character, and it’s a shame to see him turning more and more childish.

    3. Guys, remember when Mario 3D World played exactly the same as Mario Kart? ….wait.

      Mario is a BRAND. It’s not a series anymore, there exist TONS of things related to the character, because he’s not a game anymore, he’s the Mickey Mouse of gaming, he’s THE icon.

      Just because there’s no Nathan Drake Kart, doesn’t mean that a character can exist in multiple games, that all play differently anyway.

      Fucking morons…

      1. I said I was tired of seeing the CHARACTER everywhere, read the comments before posting stupid ass comments.
        We want Nintendo’s developing studios working on new franchises, or Metroid, or Star Fox, etc… instead of working on a new fucking game feat. Mario and cie.
        But yeah, Nintendo obviously don’t give a fuck about their gamer core which is loyal to them since their childhood and prefer to satisfy kids and blind fanboys.
        Anyway, GL HF.

  2. On that note, I’ll save ‘you thought’ the trouble of commenting by doing it for him:

    *ehem* So pathetic how they are putting their faith in just one game. There is no way one game can change the sales of a system (even though it happened already with the 3DS). Nintendo and their fans are just pathetic how they keep throwing useless solutions at problems that will never work. Wii U is a failure. #theend

    There! Now he doesn’t need to bother commenting. You’re welcome.

    1. Wii U is not dead dude, next year is gonna be a good year for the console.
      Until then, yeah, it’s a big failure ahah…
      Also, they could totally put their faith into a Metroid on Wii U, and not just a remake ‘course. If they released one, the console would sell like cupcakes, period.

      And don’t be a prick, don’t insult people who play Nintendo because of their originality and to play the franchises of their childhood.
      Keep in mind that Nintendo are the only one to provide new ways of playing each new generation, not a simple hardware enhancement…

      1. LOL, demkin. That quote was not mine. I was making fun of ‘you thought’ who keeps denying that past trends dictate that a console’s survival can not be decided when it has been out for less than a year. His comments are constantly like that. I guess i should have been more clear. Also, sorry if I came off prickish in my Mario releases defense rant.

      2. It baffles me as to why anyone thought Retro Studios would be better off making Not Donkey Kong Country Returns instead of a Wii U Metroid, Tropical Freeze is basically a generic 2D platformer with nothing to offer besides pointless 3D graphics, while Metroid (especially a Prime style Metroid) could easily benefit from the Gamepad and would’ve been a system seller.

    2. Well geez that was much appreciated lol XD but you forgot to add the part where I mention that a 3D land HD isn’t going to save the Wii U this holiday and this game is just a quick cash in. If they brought us galaxy 3, sunshine 2, or a whole new single player Mario adventure game then Wii U would make it this holiday no doubt but it’s Nintendo and they want to cut cost wherever they can

      1. Aaaaactually, the last two trailers for the game prove it isn’t just a 3D land HD. The new items, the expanded world select, the hold items, the ways to get around, the new boss battles, the shadowy sections, the jump-less mode, the ability to play as the Mario 2 cast with different abilities, the co-op. This game is head and shoulders above its 3Ds counterpart which was clearly just the blueprint for this game.

        That said, Miyamoto did say that a Galaxy-esque game is maybe coming in the future. Based on some Mario buzz before the system’s launch, this seems likely so it I guess we’re getting a 2D/ 2D-3D/ 3D sandwich for the Wii U’s Mario lineup.

        1. To me its still 3D land HD based on everything I’ve seen and when I compare to the 3ds version but basically what im saying is that this game isn’t going to be enough to save the Wii U this holiday. Something like galaxy 3, or sunshine 2 would have but not this it will sell decent but it won’t move the Wii U like 3D land moved the 3ds

          1. It didn’t need to be galaxy 3 or sunshine 2, it just needed to be a new open world, collect-a-thon mario with a different name.

          2. You can bet that a Galaxy/64 style of single player Mario game, collect 120 star/shine sprites game will come out for the system, and this “3D land HD” will not be the only 3D Mario game. That game will simply get the ball rolling with sales, which coupled with pending releases of Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros, Donkey Kong Country Returns 2, “X” and others, and create a “perfect storm” or “snowball effect” on sales. If they can keep the titles rolling out like they have the last few years with the 3DS, the Wii U will do just fine.

        2. That doesn’t really make it feel different, though, it feels more like an add on to 3D Land. That’s not good for a next gen console, next gen games need to create new experiences that redefines gaming for that console. What they should’ve done instead was create an entirely new style of game with a completely different setting from past Mario games (enough generic Mushroom Kingdom settings, Nintendo), built from the ground up to take advantage of the Gamepad. Rehashing 3D Land or Galaxy isn’t a good idea, those gameplay styles are too stale. Sunshine they could possibly get away with, but ideally they need something completely new.

  3. So Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101 didn’t drive sales as much as they thought… I can explain that; no-one who isn’t an educated gamer has even heard of them games.

        1. Yo no he visto ningún anuncio de televisión para esos juegos. Cometí un error porque mi ipad esta en español y estoy tratando de aprender el idioma.

      1. And yet, people ignore those games since all they care about are Mario and Zelda. That includes the haters who complain about the lack of “not-Mario” titles.

    1. Not to mention, the actual number of educated gamers who can look at something like GTAV and say “yeah, it’s good”, then laugh their fucking ass off at anyone who says it’s “a masterpiece”, is incredibly small, and the majority of consoles owners, and a bunch of morons who just play COD, Fifa, GTA, and Netflix.

  4. For you people that say “wait till next year for good games” how do you expect Wii U to even last that long if 3D world doesn’t do what 3D land did for 3ds ? After this holiday its going to be sold at a loss till smash bros, Mario kart come out which by then the sales of Wii U will have brought Nintendo down in sales tremendously to a point where they may even discontinue it.

    1. Yes, because Nintendo never had 2 popular systems in the past that sold poorly, upto 5x less than other ones available, and still made profit and made other systems after….

      Oh wait, they totally fucking did.

  5. wii u is a lost cause. nintendo has been slipping into a dogshit comma of retardation.

    seriously, wtf are they doing when they decide all these decisions?? taking a shit then putting it in a bag and passing it around the table?? “lets name it wii u!!* sniff* lets make a weak console with a gimmicked controller to get those casuals $$$$$ also lets make an exclusive deal with sega for three shitty games!! lets not buy atlas or fund any good games!! lets not push 3rd party in any way!! lets keep iwata president of nintendo *sniff* and also keep that pizza bastard faggot here to so he can not do anything!!”

    we can rely on mario forever!! who needs anything else!!

    1. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, it’s isn’t a weak console at all.

      What makes you think that anyways? Do you honestly think more cores make a better CPU? If so, you know nothing of hardware whatsoever.

      1. when did i say any of that bull shit?? your also just saying that to ignore everything else pathetically true about nintendo that i just said. its weak, look at the other consoles and then the freaking pricing for ps4. nintendo is huffing some dogshit, their brains are getting more carotid by the day. their brains are as old as their freaking hardware and dusty as well.

        1. I will repeat this again… PS4 and Wii U are the only next gen consoles reaching to 1080p while the Xbox One is falling behind because it can only run at native 720p upscaled to 1080p while the Wii U and PS4 are native 1080p.

          1. You people are just saying that because fucking COD runs at 720p. Not everything will be 720p.

            Even the PS4 has a few titles at 1080p. And the ones that are 1080p can’t even run at 60fps. IE, Killzone runs at 1080p 25 – 30fps in campaign, and 720p 60fps in multiplayer. COD runs at 1080p 60fps on it because it’s an old, outdated engine. Infinity ward probably shoved in more graphical effects on the Xbox One version and that’s why it’s at a low 720p resolution.

            1. Actually COD: Ghost uses brand new engine and that is why optimization for other versions than PC and PS4 isn’t so finalized yet. It’s faster to optimize and develop for PS4 because hardware is more like PC.

          2. If that’s true then that’s odd considering it’s got the highest clocked GPU of 852MHz – not saying clocks speeds are everything, its what the hardware can do.

        1. Well in relation to why it’s not weak. I could make many points, but it was look like a list and I feel no reason to lecture anyone.

          If you read on the hardware set up and what the hardware of Wii U is actually capable of you would think different.

          Also if people keep saying 360 is more powerful as the clock speed is treble what Wii U is, you’re completely wrong. I know the reason for it, but I don’t think anyone would be interested.

            1. Because they may be doing something behind the scenes that we don’t know.

              Who’s to say they’re not planning something really big and they’re just waiting to show the guns of Wii U.

              Also who’s to say that developers are not actually testing out Wii U’s hardware and we don’t know yet?

              There is so much behind the scenes we may not know. Obviously only time will tell.

              1. I read that developers are already near the wall of Xbone and PS4. I rember Iwata saying the Idea of Wii U is not to stress the CPU. Less work for CPU and all the attention should be on the GPUPU. Nano Assult developer and Trine 2 developer said Wii U is a powerful system when used right. So by looking at the spec sheet to PS4, means nothing. So Nintendo did think about PS4 in 2008. But I have one question, is the PS4/xbone more on the CPU or GPU?

    2. Lack of power is NOT a problem for the Wii U. If it had more powerful architecture, the console would be more expensive, and the console would sell WAY worse than it currently does.
      And gimmicky controller? What else did you expect? That they would just release the console with a normal controller, with no innovation to entice people into getting a console that is unique?
      Look, you may be right that the choice of name for the console was a bad decision, but that doesn’t mean everything else was a bad decision. The problem is, people are slowly loosing interest in getting a gaming-centered console, and Nintendo is not the only ones that are going to suffer from that. The best they can do, is creating awesome software, and building momentum for the console, while at the same time show people what unique fun experiences they can get from playing a Wii U, that they can’t get from any other devices (including competing consoles and mobile devices).

      I’ll tell you this much, focusing more on “hardcore gamers” instead of families and more casual gamers was certainly one of their worse decisions.

      1. dont act dumb, remember wii u at launch it was even worse than the xbox one!! it takes time to know how to develop for a console. it took wii u this long to even get their and iys weaker than the xbox crap.

        1. Xbox One isn’t even out yet, so how can you say the launch for X1 hasn’t even started.

          You’re clearly a MS fan.

          1. do you remember how horrible everything was running on wii u at launch was?? it was running last gen games like shit, the xbox crap is running stuff way better already than wii u did in its launch.

            forza 5 is running at 1080p60fps and other games are running 900p already?? wii u couldnt even achieve that till now, its weaker than the xbox crap and ps4 and everybody knows it. it takes time to know how to develop for a system. nintendo is even fucking struggling.

            1. Actually it didn’t take the Wii U long to run games in 1080p, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge and Mass Effect 3 are good examples.

              Forza 5 is a racing game so the developers are able to cheat in some way. It looks nice but most of the backgrounds still felt like 2D backgrounds and many of the ground textures outside of the track look plain.

            2. Yes Icezeama, and do you know why?

              The hardware configuration of Xbox hardware is different to Wii U. Wii U is far more technologically advanced than what Xbox 360 is. You simply cannot copy and paste into a Wii U game, as it isn’t taking advantage of what Wii U could do.

              If you had known that porting a game to a console with a GPGPU set up doesn’t work very well and has frame rate issues, then you would be wiser. You clearly don’t get game consoles in depth.

              You’re close minded.

              1. Interesting how the media will put AC4 comparison videos of 360/pS3 and One/and PS4 visuals but nothing on Wii U comparison to neither. Why is that? No video at all on YouTube of it.

            3. Um, maybe because the 360/PS3 ports to the Wii U, were XBOX 360 code dumped onto the Wii U, trying to run the Wii U like it is a 360, which doesn’t even tap half of the Wii U’s power sources? Those games didn’t tap the GPGPU, and they didn’t even touch the EDRAM. It was running the Wii U as CPU intensive, when the Wii U is designed to be run as GPU intensive, with the CPU doing minimal tasks, as opposed to the majority of the tasks? It’s not because the Wii U couldn’t handle the old games, it’s because the developers completely and improperly treated the Wii U’s internals. No Wii U game was running at 720p or less and at 15fps, like Dead Rising 3 is. Nice try though.

              1. It’s also the idea of a GPGPU set up instead of a heavily designed CPU and GPU designed console. You’ll get a much better performance with a rather “weak” looking CPU. The reality is, it’s not weak.

          1. you silly nintendo fanboys really are clowns. with your accusing and such. have mommy change your dippy and make a fresh bottle for you!!

  6. Nintendo needs to hurry tf up and make a Star Fox game for the Wii U with ONLINE multiplayer. Online multiplayer alone will be a game seller but if they can make a great new game in the series it can be another reason to buy a Wii U

  7. While Nintendo royally fucked up the launch, and the WiiU is struggling, the problem is far less than people actually think it is, here’s the thing.

    Everyone acts like the 90-100 million sales the 360, PS3 and Wii each had are all made up of people who buy every game imaginable, and are “gamers”….


    I’d bargain that as far as “gamers” go, including fanboys, only 30-40% of those sales actually make up those people. For example, everyone says “oh the Xbox would be dead without Halo”. Would it fuck. Halo has a 10% attach rate, which is good, but the Xbox would still be around, and yet it’s the most “popular” and iconic game on the system….that only on average 10 million of the 90-100 million Xbox users own…
    My strongest bet is that the WiiU’s lifetime sales will be 40 million, maybe more, maybe less. Is that bad? No, not even in the slightest. Because the people that aren’t buying it wouldn’t buy the games if they were on other systems anyway, the ones who would are a very small percentage of that.

    But no, since when did common fucking sense exist on the internet. Oh yeah, never.

    1. You’re spot on. The “core gamer” audience only make up a certain portion of the install base, which most of the internet doesn’t seem to aknowledge. I believe the Wii U will be faring better after SM3DW and Mario Kart 8 has been released.

      1. The core gamer is TINY, compared to everything else, and that’s fine, publishers, news sites and people on the internet with bigger mouths than their brains need to realise that.

        And that’s before we even put into account houses with multiple systems, and replaced systems.

        Back when i lived with my parents and siblings we had 2 Wii’s, a Ps3, 2 360′s, OG DS, 4 DS lite’s, 2 DSi, 2 3DS, and 2 3DSXL, and a PC. That’s just one house.

        1. I’m happy to see there’s at least someone on this site that are capable of thinking something thoroughly. Do you have a 3DS/Wii U? I wanna add you :)

  8. The Year of Luigi was really the year of the 3DS.

    I feel like next year will be the Year of the Wii U. Nintendo saved Mario 3D World to make good on the holidays… but I feel like we’ll see Mario Kart 8, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Super Smash Bros, Bayonetta 2, Yarn Yoshi, MAYBE X and Zelda by next holiday, and any other unnanounced games.

    Oh, and maybe SMT x Fire Emblem.

  9. If it was as good as Galaxy, It’d sell fine. The way it is, it’s just more of the same, and people are getting tired.

    1. Sounds like Someone didn’t see the new trailer. How is that more of the same with never-before-seen gameplay, powerups and level concepts?

      1. New levels and powerups don’t really do much to make Mario games feel new, it makes it feel like an add on to 3D Land. New settings (not the generic Mushroom Kingdom levels we’ve seen in almost every game in recent history), new gameplay styles, and more innovative use of the Gamepad would go a long way to make 3D Mario not feel rehashy. I don’t want to play a Mario game that looks like it could’ve been done on Wii or 3DS, I want to see a Mario game that is definitively a Wii U game, and 3D World is more the former. I don’t see why they couldn’t have made a completely new game that does the same thing for the Wii U that games like 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy did for their respective consoles.

  10. I think it really comes down to the people that made the original Wii surge: parents and families that didn’t have a game system that wanted something cheap and safe for the kids to play. Well those same people still have their Wii and have no reason to pick up the Wii U.

    Nintendo needed the key games (Zelda, Metroid, Smash) to move the systems to gamers. While Pikmin and 101 seemed like intriguing titles, they didn’t merit picking up a console to play them. Why Nintendo insists on releasing consoles without those essential staples is completely beyond me.

  11. I really want a Wii U, and I’m seeing more reasons to get one. Sadly, I’m in between jobs, so I’m a bit strapped for cash.

  12. think the xbox one and ps4 wont have issues the only reason there both sold out is because of resellers these next gen console will struggle like wii-u. the fact is that the economy is shit. people would rather buy a used console or game just cause its cheaper or they’ll wait for a sale or a price drop. that why vita don’t sell and the 3ds does.right now wii-u is the most expensive console when the xbox1 and ps4 release that will change.people 9x out of 10 will go with the least expensive alternative.especially if they have kids besides i don’t feel like buying a ps4 and spending over $400 just for a better graphic card its just not worth it especially when u wont see no change in graphics for another 2 year after launch and xbox1 os is crap full of bugs and will take 6 months to year to fix. lets not forget xbox1 is not i repeat is not a gaming console its a wannabe apple tv that plays games and spy’s on you and sell your information to companies and flood your system and games with ads all for $500 and that’s not including the tax which will be close to another hundred dollars.lets not forget no next gen is backward compatible so no ps3 games on ps4 and no 360 games on xbox1. for me next gen is not worth buying. everything that the xbox1 does right now my pc could do, what the hell do i need another pc cause thats what it is basically a pc gaming rig with a crapped out windows 8 wannabe o.s

    1. Well you think about it, PS4 is already going to sale at a loss, Xbox One is already getting crappy ports (much like how the PS3 did) and the Wii U is yet again lacking in third party support. But however, I feel like Nintendo will pull a fast one and soon the Wii U sales will be back on track.

  13. It’s not picking up with the release of Super Mario 3D World.
    Of course, the game is fun and all, and it will surely sell a couple systems, but in no way is it going to have such an impact as 3DS did when they got the price drop and some games.

    The problem is the HARDWARE.
    Second screen tech is in no way groundbreaking.
    I own a Wii U and pretty much play my games with the CC Pro controller and never use the gamepad and I can say with certainty that I’m not alone when I say this.
    Gimped 5 year old hardware means they really don’t look at the future which will proove to be fatal in the end. They just got lucky with the Wii. Say goodbye to 3rd parties.

    Second is Nintendo’s vision.
    While they released a bunch of quality games on the system and there are major titles on the horizon it just seems that Nintendo seems to do the exact opposite of what the consumer expects.
    They do this because they want to continuously surprise people, but I think people are more down to earth these days and just want to have an optimal gaming experience, especially after figuring out motion control is a gimmick that in a lot of cases doesn’t work correctly which was later on hotfixed with MotionPlus.
    While the Wii sold millions worldwide, I have to admit that I was one of the people that was still very disappointed with the system and spent more time playing PC games. That doesn’t mean there were no fun games on the console, quite the contrary, but my Wii has been collecting tremendous amounts of dust after playing a few rounds of Wii Sports, following up to the failure that was Skyward Sword, til I found Xenoblade. This is a major issue that many people WILL remember. It also causes Nintendo to be 7 years behind in HD game development.
    It’s quite clear that the Wii U doesn’t appeal to casual people as much this time around, so why the fuck are we still seeing shit like Wii Karaoke/Party U?
    Where’s Metroid? Or maybe a Zelda that can show what the Wii U is capable of?
    Also, why in the holy mother of FUCK does the 3DS get all the good games? I don’t like motion control, but I can assure you that games like Luigi’s Mansion would be able to take advantage of it in a cool way.
    Don’t tell me I’m alone in wanting the majority of 3DS releases to be on Wii U instead, in full HD. There’s just so many good games on it which I prefer to play on the big screen.
    The worst thing about all of this is that instead of learning from the mistakes they made in the past Nintendo will probably think expensive systems simply won’t sell, and they will pull another gimped console in the future because of this.

    And don’t even get me started on the advertising. Nintendo seems to not give a fuck about this system at all. Their priorities are with 3DS and they know fully well that the Wii U is a failure. They are just grasping for air and trying to pull themselves up by releasing as much games as possible at this point. But they are limited because they have no clue how to make HD games yet.

    And this is coming from someone who has owned all Nintendo consoles since the NES, and most of the handhelds.
    It just seems that over the years Nintendo has lost it’s crown, they are by no means the dominant force they used to be long ago.
    They are not growing up with the people that put them in the position they are today, instead it seems to me that their software is getting more childish by the minute, but that could also just be me getting older, I dunno.
    And while Nintendo games are still really good today, I just feel there’s something missing.. badassery.

  14. Hmm… Funny. I wasn’t really sold on this game until this post, the screenshot Sickr chose was great for a Halloween post, but also has swayed me to consider buying this game…

    I just might pick this up…

  15. It will be “a” game that drives sales. Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8 will be the two key games that will drive sales.

    They sit there and wonder why the system is failing hardcore, yet they never stop to think about how it doesn’t have many of their heavy hitters on it yet…

    What does the Wii U have?:
    Wonderful 101 (not a game for everyone)
    Pikmin 3 (a game very much wanted, but not by everyone)
    New Super Mario/Luigi U (great, but a short game too)
    Zelda Windwaker (a great remake that most Zelda fans beat 2 gens ago)
    Sonic Lost World (maybe not a Nintendo IP, but I had to list it still, lol) (a shame, but people are avoiding this one from all the bad reviews)

    I can’t think of any more, I’d have to google to find out what other IPs this thing has, lol!

    This is all I can think of when it comes to Nintendo IPs for a console that has been out for a whole year. This guy will start selling once it has:
    3D Mario
    Mario Kart
    Smash Bros
    Star Fox
    “new” Zelda
    Donkey Kong
    Fire Emblem
    Paper Mario
    Golden Sun (I’d like to see this on a console)
    Wario Ware
    Mario Party
    Mario Sports games

    I’m sure they have other franchises I can’t think of too. They have so much to work with and yet they have very few games to play on the console. As soon as we get Mario 3D World, Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros, the Wii U will finally sell some units. I look forward to all the other games as well!

  16. It will be a start for sure, but not the only thing needed. Much like with 3ds, it took both Mario and Kart for it to really start moving off shelves. I think it will take them until this time next year to hit the sales numbers they want by March 2014. E3 with Zelda will definitely be needed.

  17. I would be surprised if this game didn’t sell well this holiday season, by the looks of things the Xbone has the potential to be a complete disaster. We could be looking PS4 Wii U Xmas party this year…

  18. I have to say that this is one of the first pics that I’ve seen for the Mario 3D World game and it looks pretty solid. Nice graphics and I like the retro pic near the lives. With a little more marketing, I think that it should (temporarily) help sales a lot. It may be the first Wii U game that I buy! (I only own Nintendo Land so far) I just need to see if I have enough money to buy it, or if I should just get some more 3DS games

  19. Iwata is clueless. Nintendo was a much more diversified company when Mr. Yamauchi was in charge, a true leader. Back when Nintendo had Rare, Silicon Knights, Left Field, the excellent relationship with Factor 5 (Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Conker, Jet Force Gemini, Star Wars games from Factor 5, 1080°, Wave Race, Excitebike64, Eternal Darkness, just to name a few). Such a wide variety of different type of games that appeal to the ones of us who never been interested in the baby Mario and whatnot games. But the bright ones in charge decided to sell Rare and the rest of their aweome 2nd party studios years ago. Now the only studio they have left is Retro and they put them to work on another baby game. The one studio who could have done something different working on another baby game. Ever since Iwata is in charge Nintendo became the baby games company, he is completely clueless, and now he expects another baby game to be the savior of the Wii U.

  20. They’re living in Dream Land (lol get it) if they think 3D World is going to help the Wii U sell, the problem is that the game doesn’t feel new and doesn’t do anything interesting with the Gamepad. Once we start getting new, not rehashy games from key franchises which utilize the Gamepad in interesting ways, then sales will pick up.

    1. I think 3D World will increase sales for a limited time then go back down mid Jan. Momentum is what Wii U needs. I don’t think 3D Mario World has that. They should release more AAA titles at least 3weeks apart for a year after they make more AAA games.

      1. Release AAA titles every 3 weeks for a year? I don’t think Nintendo has the resources for that, but I could be wrong. Either way, I think they should go for quality over quantity, if they follow that release schedule, they’ll probably all end up boring rehashes.

  21. This Iwata needs to step down, his direction for the company has put it into a collision course with a brick wall… I cannot wait until he is gone and someone with a bit of direction and vision comes on. A shame he ever got the job in the first place.

  22. You know this reminds me of the position in during its first summer. It had a few good games it did ok during the summer, but overall systems dipped in sales numbers and then the price come came (though the 3DS didn’t have bundles) and sales started to turn around. Then the 3D Mario game(s) came out and all of the sudden it was back on track.

    I know things are slightly different, Mario Kart is not coming out during the holiday and its Wii Fit instead and there are two competing systems with a little bit better specs or graphic power. And I don’t expect as a dramatic turnaround, but you can already see it happening.

    And I fully expect Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101 get some sales down the road, as I am sure a few people are waiting on the system who would later buy those game or get them as Christmas presents.

  23. This game looks better than anything coming out for PS4 and XBone. Incredibly entertaining gameplay, gorgeous graphics, art style leaps and bounds ahead of everything else on the market and charm emanating from every pixel.

    It’s obviously going to be a system seller, and combined with MK8 in the spring, everything’s coming up Nintendo. :D Let the haters hate and keep on playing their endless stream of boring manshoots and press X to win action/adventures, us REAL gamers (the true master race – suck on it pc gaming! lol ) will be having fun with our Ninty machines. (some of us are already have a ball with the 3DS and WiiU heh heh)

    1. X to win… oh man, I remember watching my friend play the original Assassin’s Creed.. he was jumping from building to building, and fighting and this and that.. I happened to look at the controller and also noticed the action commands on the screen.. He literally could have beaten that game, using an Atari 2600 controller. Joystick and one button. Done. LOL

  24. Even if Mario 3D World doesn’t save the Wii U, I still know it’s going to be one of my favorite games, if not, my favorite game of all time.

  25. No doubt this will sell tons BUT Nintendo still needs a game that will utilize the gamepad to the fullest like Zombi U or Batman Arkham city.

  26. This shall help boost Wii U sales substantially this year. Smash Bros U, Mario Kart 8, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, and many other great titles will be the selling point for the U on 2014.

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