Kotaku Lists Wii U As One Of The Biggest Disappointments Of 2013

Popular online gaming site Kotaku has listed what it calls the biggest disappointments of 2013.  The publication says that Nintendo failed to deliver the must have titles in the first year to dissuade people from purchasing the more powerful Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Even after a year Kotaku says that it still doesn’t think Wii U is a must have console for gamers. Here’s what they had to say.

Nintendo has always had a tricky challenge on its hands with the Wii U. They had a one-year head-start on Sony and Microsoft, one year to come out with some amazing, must-have exclusive games that would make people choose to get a Wii U over the looming PS4 and Xbox One duo. Suffice to say, Nintendo didn’t really manage to do that. While there are more good games for the system than ever, even after a year we don’t really think the Wii U is a must-own. And now, with the more-powerful PS4 and Xbox One dominating the next-gen discussion, Nintendo will have an even tougher time breaking through.

Thanks, Adarazz

81 thoughts on “Kotaku Lists Wii U As One Of The Biggest Disappointments Of 2013”

  1. Honestly I had a great first year with my wiiU, ZombieU scared the crap out of me. Haven’t played such a hard game in awhile and super Mario bros and injustice gods among us plus takken! I had lots of fun.. So in my opinion the wiiU might not be for you! But Nintendo pleased me.

  2. And what Kotaku says is absolutely right. Of course all fanboys might take it very personally as if WiiU is a part of their family. But it is one of the biggest disappointment in 2012 and 2013, and I honestly doubt anything is going to change in 2014, but it will have some good games and if it sells poorly it might still be an interesting device to play some good software on.

    1. is not “absolutely right”, they just have a point, Nintendo hasn’t delivered big First-party offerings, and that’s it, you can judge if a console is a dissapointment just because of the first party software, do you have a Wii U? do you know what a blast is to play it?, if yes, please stop being a troll, everyone who got one, loves it.

        1. Interestingly, I hold the exact opposite stance: I’m mostly apathetic about Wii U as a console, but I’ve really enjoyed the games I’ve purchased (Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World, and even Sonic: Lost World), and strongly anticipate that which is to come.

      1. I totally agree with you. I tried the tree consoles, Ps4, XOne and Wii U, and the best experience for me was the Wii U. The graphics is not like a ps4 or One (but look at mario 3d world guys), but the interaction and interactivity is way better on Wii U. I prefer to keep my X360 and have a Wii U than have a XOne for exemple.

        1. Graphics are not like and PS4?…..and you’re basing that on what exactly?

          I haven’t seen anything PS4 can do that Wii U cannot.

          1. Everything actually. The Wii U looks amazing, but the PS4 pretty much steam rolls over it on it’s way to pound out the XBox One.

            1. You didnt really reply to his question. He said ”I haven’t seen anything PS4 can do that Wii U cannot.” Which means, He hasn’t seen anything the PS4 can do that the Wii U cannot, not what the ps4 has done better than the Wii U. At the End of the Day, Wii U and ps4 have the same basic features, the ps4 is just more focused on the more that attract M-Rated gamers and trying-to-look-cool 9-16 year olds.

              1. Alright, the PS4 has more features, and abilities then the Wii U does. Where’s the Wii U party chat? What about Call of Duty’s clan service, and season pass? Battlefield 4?

                I couldn’t even make a lobby for Injustice to play with my friends, and here I am sitting with a Ultimate Edition on the PS4 that allows me to do just that.

                The account is integrated with past history, and linked with my PS3, and Vita. That’s something Nintendo just added for the two systems, and it’s nothing in comparison to every other device on the planet.

            2. Well no not everything. Power doesn’t mean a lot when it comes to gaming.

              There is just as much power in the GPGPU of Wii U as there is PS4. Consider that there is more memory onboard the GPGPU and CPU of Wii U than there is just normal RAM. The eDRAM in the GPGPU of Wii U has a theoretical bandwidth of at least 1000Gbp/s, combine that to the GPGPU in itself, the performance is on par to be honest.

              I can only think there is more latency in PS4 than Wii U. There is a reason why there is X hardware in the consoles and the reason for them.

  3. Agree 100%, and only fanboys will damage control and disagree but it’s true. Most of the games were 3rd party and the 1st parties were nothing new or special and didn’t scream “I NEED A WII U FOR THIS” however, next years line up is looking pretty good so far and will probably convince me to pick up a Wii U assuming it doesn’t get discontinued

    1. there was only one game that i screamed “i love to have a wii u” and it was The Wonderful 101, sadly for monetary problems i can’t afford it at the moment, but i’m buying it ASAP

  4. There are good games. You just have to look for them. And sure there aren’t many first party titles out yet, but just wait until 2014. I don’t give a damn what people think about the Wii U. It will succeed. Just you watch!

  5. This whole opinion thing about Wii U is a disappointment and the Wii U and the Wii U will succeed is really mixed. None of us know what will happen in 2014 because it’s incredibly mixed and unpredictable. Most people would presume that Mario kart is the start of the Wii U sales rising. I can agree on that but it might still have the 2013 drought in 2014

  6. If anyone read the whole article, Kotaku saw the Wii U more as a missed opportunity rather than an outright failure. No need to go mad, everyone!

    1. In other words, “Even if you are right, you still can’t talk bad about the things I like!!! and if you do, I will call you a homosexual, because I’m a hardcore Christian and there is nothing worse than being gay…”

      That sum it up? -_-

      1. Stop stereotyping against Christians.

        True Christians would never try to dis anyone who they think is in the wrong, including the gays, as Christianity is supposed to be based upon loving others in addition to Jesus (and dissing others who you think is in the wrong is NOT showing love).

        Believe me, I’m a Christian myself.

    1. I disagree. I’ve been following kotaku quite a long time and I can say confidently they have tendency to favor nintendo and sony but slightly against microsoft.

      And if you read the entire article they also listed vita and xbone kinect as disappointments… fair enough I say

  7. Agree with Kotaku. If you into baby games the Wii U is for you. The variety in games that Nintendo used to had when Yamauchi was in charge is gone. Now Nintendo has become the baby games company with Mr. Iwata in charge. They only appeal to casuals and babies. Gone are the days when Nintendo had a bunch of 2nd party studios that developed other types of games for the ones who aren’t interested in the baby games that Nintendo outputs year by year. The brilliants in charge at Nintendo decided to sell all their 2nd party studios years ago and never replaced them or created new ones. They had Rare, Silicon Knights, Left Field, excellent relationship with Factor 5, etc. Games like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Conker, Jet Force Gemini, Star Wars games from Factor 5, Eternal Darkness, etc, etc, etc. Now the one studio they have left, Retro, is put to work on another baby game. Gone is the 3rd party support that Nintendo used to have. It is a fact that the Gamecube had more 3rd party support during it’s first year than what the Wii U did during it’s first year. Only babies are happy with what Nintendo outputs nowadays.

      1. He didn’t compare markets. He compared two systems and the games/support they had. Your lack of reading comprehension does a great job of conveying your education level to me. Insulting people instead of debating pretty much means you have nothing to counter his opinion.

    1. I think it’s pretty funny that some random guy is making fun of an entire group of people by calling them “babies.” What is this?- first grade?

      Seriously?! A baby can’t even hold the Wii U gampad, they can’t grasp the concept of a videogame, follow the story or contemplate what’s going on.

      It takes a certain skill level and hard core background to be worthy of calling yourself a Nintendo gamer.

      Try working on your insults next time. They are a little “outdated” and “unoriginal” to say the least.

      1. Have you ever seen babies try to play a video game? It’s the same kind of gibberish seen when a monkey smashes at a keyboard. I remember watching my little siblings try to play Super Mario Sunshine by erratically throwing the analog stick every which way.

      2. He didn’t call anyone a baby. He said the games are baby games. And either way, don’t be so literal about it. He obviously doesn’t literally mean babies for crying out loud. And while I personally don’t think the games he is referring to are baby games, I agree with everything else he wrote. I enjoy some of the games on the Wii U, but Nintendo really dropped the ball in a lot of areas with the Wii U. And your lame little hardcore Nintendo gamer comment is just sad. I love Nintendo, but they are not perfect. And being a Nintendo fan, or any system for that matter, does not automatically make you a hardcore gamer.

  8. Yeah, where are those amazing, must have exclusives Nintendo? I haven’t seen much of interest for the Wii U, and most of what’s been announced is uninspired rehashes. It’s difficult to expand when you’re simply doing the same thing you’ve done before.

    1. Nintendo did plan to release the must have games but after it sold so poorly they did a uturn and just played it safe releasing rehash games that sold well on previous systems in just HD,ie Super Mario World and Windwaker HD!!!
      Everyone knows that the new Mario game should have been a brand new 2D game or Super Mario Galaxy 3!!
      Yes Super Mario 3D World was reviewed so well but consumers were not interested as the name was to similar to the 3DS game…..which really is just what it is but in HD!!

      1. This is all wrong. You can’t just cancel a game and turn it into something completely different within 6 months, games take around 2-3 years to develop. Most of these games were probably in development before the Wii U was even announced.

        1. LMFAO Pikmin 3 was supposed to be a lAUNCH TITLE….but was delayed and released 10 months later!!!
          Nintendo NEVER should have released Skyword Sword a game that ONLY sold 3 million on a 96 Million selling console and wasted 3 years of Nintendo resources that SHOULD have been used on getting AAA games ready for Wii U launch!!

          1. Okay, that’s not surprising, but again, there’s a difference between delaying a currently developed game and cancelling a game and replacing it with another as you suggested. The latter takes much, much longer.

      1. I’m hoping E3 2014 will be the day that this changes. Miyamoto’s IP, Zelda U, and Metroid U could potentially fix the problem of no interesting games. Add to that other big hardcore games like Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros, and X and the Wii U will finally have a solid lineup worth buying.

  9. I’m not surprised, the Wii u was pretty much dead and silent this year. Nothing new or amazing, but I’m disappointed in Nintendo since they had a year of a head start yet didn’t made any progress, just a little.

  10. This is 100% correct!!The Wii U NEVER should have been launched last November.The big first party games were never ready and Nintendo thought they could release a year early and survive off 3rd party drivel till the big games arrived.
    But when Ubisoft did a uturn with Rayman Legends and Pikmin 3 etc got delayed for 8-10 months the Wii U was seriously screwed!!
    The Wii U should have been released this October and launched with Super Mario World, Pikmin 3, Monster Hunter,Wonderful 101 etc and it would have sold like hot cakes.
    Then after 6 months it would have got Mario Kart and Smash Bros, and in its first year new Zelda and new Miyamoto IP to help it!!
    The fact that it will now take over 18 Months for Mario Kart and Smash Bros to arrive and and nearly 2 years for Zelda is a complete joke.
    Nintendo treat their fans like cack, they did the same with the 3DS used the success of the DS and thought every fan would just rush out and by one even with a stupid rice tag.
    Again what they did with the launch of the Wii U!!
    After 2014 what does the Wii U really have?Nintendo need to ditch and start again.

  11. I feel the Xbox and Playstation fans very dissapointed too with their consoles, because they were expecting the holy grial of consoles, and the three consoles are just an upgrade of their predecessors (as the way they are meant to be). Excuse my english.

    1. Creating a new console to do the same things the last ones did is fairly pointless, though. I don’t think now was the right time for a new console generation, the hardware hasn’t improved enough to the point where they can do neat things the previous generation couldn’t. They should’ve waited a year or two so they can do things like virtual reality or 4K, those are upgrades that are more worth buying a new console for.

      1. it would have taken more than a year or 2 for 4K do be possible on a 400$ console

        currently even the highest end PCs (talking single GPU, obviously a console with dual high end GPUs would be ludicrous) have a lot of difficulities with 4K rendering and that will most likely still be the case next year in spite of 20nm coming up.. 20-25% expected increase (TSMC is estimating even less) in performance won’t be enough just yet

        the year after that high end PCs might be able to reliably render in 4K at decent framerates
        but not a 400-500$ console

        1. you just have to compare it to last gen

          it took more than 7 years for consoles to move from 720p to 1080p (and even now not all games are running in 1080p)

          granted those consoles back then were using high end hardware

          for comparisons sake make it 5 years if you like, at that time the high end hardware in those consoles was starting to look mediocre at best, similar to what’s sitting in the PS4 and xbox one now

          720p to 1080p is twice the resolution

          1080p to 4K is quadruple the resolution

          unless you price those consoles at close to a thousand dollars in addition to heavy subsidies there’s just no way a console able to handle 4K reliably will happen within 2 years.. make that another 6-7 years and maybe then we’re talking

          1. Fair enough, I guess. But if there was nothing that they could feasibly do better, there’s not much point in having new consoles in the first place. Guess this just proves that they need to stop putting so much emphasis on graphics.

  12. “And now, with the more-powerful PS4 and Xbox One”

    Well, the less powerful Wii that won last gen would like a word with you.

    Anyway, right now it’s a hype to have those two BECAUSE THEY JUST CAME OUT!

    Next year when NIntendo has better games, it will go up.

    Anyway, funny how he says the console has now must have games but not enough to own the console? Contradictory much?

    And I’m going to stop coming to this website, I just noticed this guy posted 4 anti-Nintendo and bad Nintendo news in less than 12 hours!

    This website should be renamed mybadnintendonews.com, seriously, only negative shit, over and over, to make us Nintendo fans angry, this website is nothing more than a flamewar started and a troll bait.

    Good bye, mytrollnintendonews.com!

  13. “Nintendo has always had a tricky challenge on its hands with the Wii U”

    You Don’t say, ofcourse it’s a tricky challenge when you (as media) never gave the console a chance. Nintendo did some things wrong, no doubts about that. But much of the shortcomings of sales can be because you as a media where sabotaging the console day one while ignoring the shortcomings of Nintendo’s competition.

    The Wii u is my favorite console for now, and I’m also a owner of Ps2, Ps3, Pc and something called Yakima. I have also played alot of Gamecube even thought I never owned one.

    Have owned Ps1 and NES (Rest in peace).

  14. Wii U has more games than XBOX ONE and PS4 combined. Their exclusives didn’t get great reviews and have nothing but shooters and sports. I’d rather go shoot some paint balls or go to the park and shoot some hoops.

    Wii U may have been a disappointment in 2012, but not 2013. PS4, no games and the Kinnect is always watching you. Plus the GamePad is much more innovative than an analog stick.

    Note:Sony and Microsoft just copy Nintendo because they have no originality.

  15. There are partly right, partly wrong.
    Wii U is indeed a disappointment. There are not much very interesting Nintendo games yet and the console’s specs are insignificant compared to the PS4, Xbone One and the upcoming Steambox specs.
    Though, PS4 and Xbox One still have nothing noticeable coming next year when Wii U has MK8, Smash and Bayonetta 2, and we can expect other announcements. The gamers, at least the ones I know, are thinking more and more about buying a Wii U, in addition or not to their PS4.
    Unfortunately, there are still ignorant consumers who play games who won’t even think about buying one, and at the end, they will be the ones who’ll make the difference…

    1. Your reasoning to this?

      “the console’s specs are insignificant compared to the PS4, Xbone One and the upcoming Steambox specs.”

        1. I will have a huge grin when Wii U will wipe the smirks off people’s faces when they see just what Wii U can really do.

          And yeah you cannot exactly compare a video game console to a PC. Nice pointing that one out Kehool.

  16. In my view it’s also been the 3rd parties just looking at Wii U and thinking “This thing cannot power anything”.

    In my eyes that just shows the real developers. If you wanted to get something to run on it, then you would develop for. it. I blame EA for the damage they did but not doing anything for it.

    As for Ubisoft into saying they won’t do anything until it’s install based increased. Now that was stupid as the games were still being developed, so how they thought sales could increase just like that is beyond me.

    In my opinion, Wii U is definitely the better console. The gamepad allows for things that were not possible before. I look at X1 and PS4 and think “What can this do that last gen couldn’t?” Nothing is the answer to that. The games to me look like PS3 and 360 games pushed to their limit. There is nothing about them that’s ground-breaking. Then again they thought sticking powerful hardware into them was going to help, however I don’t think they’re as powerful as people think. Sticking a notebook CPU into the bonnet of the consoles – nice try MS and Sony.

    Also the amount of people giving Nintendo this and that hasn’t helped has it, and all these flame wars. Next year will be the year for 2014, whether you like Wii U or not.

    If developers actually spent some time learning the console and not looking at the clock speeds, they would be aware that the console is more capable than thought – and this has been proved more than once.

    Then again a single core of X1 and PS4 is not quicker than the speed of a single Intel Atom @1.6Ghz. And we all know that a single core of Wii U’s CPU is twice the strength of x86-64.

    Too much hype and no evidence to back such ridiculous statements up..

  17. I completely disagree that PS4 and Xbone will hurt the Wii U. If anything, the PS3 and Xbox 360 were hurting it real hard before. People were still living in the last gen, not ready to upgrade. Now we’re in this generation of gaming, and with the PS4 and Xbone proving to be total let-downs of gaming consoles, this is where Nintendo can step in.

  18. Nintendo needed games and they didn’t have any, if Nintendo corrects the problem by bringing out great games for Wii U, they will turn the fortunes of Wii U around.

      1. He didn’t even mention the Sony and Microsoft! Stop being so shallow in your thinking. Saying that PS4 and X Box One don’t have any games doesn’t change the fact that the Wii U lineup has been pretty lackluster at times. Your comment shows you are a fanboy. Nintendo screwed up a lot with the U. They can turn it around, but facts is facts. Pointing out the flaws in something else to make what you like look better is just idiotic. My system sucks, but not as much as those two! Yeah, that’s how to get people to like your system.

  19. If they say so. A friend of mine who works for Microsoft (Does Internet Explorer stuff) has always been an Xbox Guy, we met on Xbox 360 and have been friends for years now. He has a 3DS, but he was just going to get an Xbox One…well yesterday he was in a ToysRus and got a Wii U. Point is I never thought he would get it. But Wii U has more must haves out now and in 2014 then the other systems. Xbox One has Halo 5 and Titan Fall in 2014 and that’s it. PS4…well honestly I cant think of any exclusive….Uncharted 4 whenever it comes out?

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