French Retailer & Distributor Micromania Says “Wii U Is About To Become An Industrial Accident”

French distributor and retailer Micromania says that if Nintendo doesn’t start to revive Wii U with games then the Wii U is about to become an industrial accident. Pierre Cuilleret, CEO and founder of Micromania, says that the company did see a rise in sales of Nintendo products during the Christmas period, but this was mainly for the Nintendo 3DS, rather than the Wii U.

“If [Nintendo] doesn’t revive its console with games, the Wii U is about to become an industrial accident”

91 thoughts on “French Retailer & Distributor Micromania Says “Wii U Is About To Become An Industrial Accident””

  1. This must be French business jargon or something, I can’t understand what he means. “Industrial accident”?? So the Wii U is going to make people collect workers’ compensation? I’d think the original Wii would be more likely to throw your back out…

  2. You know maybe they should have just kept quiet, a retailer saying things like this can be deadly for business relationships, If i were Nintendo, I would not sell this “Micromania” anymore shipments of the 3DS, THEN they will cry like the Frenchies they are

    1. Why, Nintendo is depending on these retailers, it’s not the other way around. Retailers can keep going without Nintendo but Nintendo can’t keep goinhlg without retailers. It’s Nintendo who would have to cry if they were to lose a retailer in an important European country. It’s not their fault Nintendo fails to show consumers the appeal of the WiiU and why people should choose it over other consoles, is it ?

  3. My original guess to this story was that since it started off “bad” and the good games come, it would be a complete accident that it succeeded? I don’t know, I guess I’m just tired.

  4. Super Mario 3d World, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8, The legend of Zelda, X, Bayyneta 2, yarn yoshi, and Super Smash bros That french distributor is an idiot.

  5. I’m french and this retailer is like the media.I think he was paid by microsoft and sony.He never put the wii u store like he put the PS4 STORE.When we can see a wii u game in demonstration he doesn’t work with an HD TV.SHAME ON THEM.

    1. Sony is a friendly rival to Nintendo who actually wants Nintendo to succeed.

      They wouldn’t do this.

      And Coorperate Vice President of Microsoft Studios actually complemented both Sony and Nintendo, thus implying a friendly rivalry between the three even if they all have different philosophies.

    2. Yea, because it must be someone else’s fault whenever Nintendo isn’t doing well !! Nintendo is perfection !!!! Nintendo never fails, unless their rivals pay to make them fail !!!!! /sarcasm
      Seriously, how pathetic are you ?

  6. Is it really up to us fans to worry about the business part of Nintendo? Or just to enjoy the great games we get from them. Cmon now everyone just stfu and wait to see what’s gonna happen, whether Nintendo sinks or float is not depending on the MNN comment section.
    Just buy the games if u like them if not keep it moving, I seriously don’t get the TROLLS OR FANBOYS on this site….

    1. Well, it is up to us, in some respect. If the WiiU doesn’t sell, 3rd party developers won’t be interested in developing games for it due to the small install base. And that means, WiiU owners will be missing out on good games, unless they buy another console. So yes, it is up to us to worry about it in a way.

  7. I love my 3DS and I bought a WiiU at Christmas !
    Bring back to the store !!!
    Really a lame console …
    Hes right !!! Im French too :-)
    Now Im wondering if ill keep my 3DS or if ill buy a PS4 …
    Nintendo really deceiving me these days !!!

    1. I assume your American (usually is)
      if you think it’s ok to write off a statement because of the country they are from. It is absolutely shameful how many people here are dismissive purely on the basis of country of origin, this is pretty much the most simple minded , cave man attitude you could have in the modern world, it’s embarrassing.
      France Is the largest market in the eu for Nintendo products. This is a big deal to some.

      1. But not me. I personally don’t like French people and guess what… I’m allowed to! It’s called an opinion so go try to be educated somewhere else. Next time you think you have a brilliant thought, just don’t. Because you are the problem and disagreements and dislikes are what makes us unique. I’m not a lemming and I’m not changing my stance on anything for anyone. No need to reply I won’t read it. Cave man attitude? That’s a joke and it’s a term that ignorant people, that want everyone to be completely the same, use to intimidate other people that have differing opinions from their own. Guess what? I’m not afraid and my opinion stands, I’m not asking you to dislike the French, but I personally don’t like them and they don’t like me… That doesn’t bother me at all.

        1. ” Cave man attitude? That’s a joke and it’s a term that ignorant people, that want everyone to be completely the same, use to intimidate other people that have differing opinions from their own. Guess what? I’m not afraid and my opinion stands, I’m not asking you to dislike the French, but I personally don’t like them and they don’t like me… That doesn’t bother me at all.”

          Ignorant people…

          Ironic coming from an ignorant one like yourself disliking every french person…

          Go back to your cave Xbot and stay there until the cave collapses on you…

  8. Holy shet man… the Wii U is not THAT bad! Come on, its sales are low, so what? Its still a good console with good games!

      1. He is an analyst, not a fortune teller, it is his job to make -predictions- about new products based on the hardware, price and other factors. And from what it looked like at the very beginning, nobody could have predicted the huge success of the 3DS, nobody. It is true that it didn’t look very well for the 3DS at the start and nobody could have predicted the super quick price drop.
        There is a difference between objective + professional predictions and subjective predictions driven by fanboy-ish thinking, by the way.

        1. I’ve predicted more accurate futures than he ever did so he is nothing more than an Xbot wanting our empire to fall…

  9. I luv how everone wanna be a analyst now a days. & the worst kind at that. Everone have they own preferences & what holds the wii u back is not the lack of games but it come down to a few elements media/third party/advertising it’s not the wii u is the worst console in fact if third party useto it to it full potential instead of just writing it off becuz it’s a not sony or Microsoft the games would be more interesting for the fact it adds more to gameplay. Another problem is the media seems to degrade nintendo any way they can instead of explaining the possibility of the gamepad they rather degrade it instead of grace it. Then nintendo hurts itself becuz bad tvs adds they been doing better recently but have a long way to go to put u on the map

    the later. Consoles.

  10. Does no one pay attention to what Nintendo is “going” to release? They act like Mario Kart and Smash Bros has not been announced….. two of the most popular franchises in Nintendo’s repertoire.

    1. There are many stores exclusive to one country (ie, are not found anywhere else).

      This retailer’s one of them.

      Some for my country include Pick ‘n Pay, Shoprite, Checkers, Game (not to be confused with the UK store), should I continue?

      1. Yes.. Continue. Then think to yourself, do they ACTUALLY know what they’re talking about? Or are they on the bash Wii U bandwagon. Anyway.. Yes! Continue!

  11. You guys are funny. You act like two games coming out this year are going to make everyone buy a wii u. Hyrule warriors doesn’t look good and no one over 11 wants to play donkey kong. 3d world didn’t make anyone buy a wii u. Neither did pikimin 3 or wonderful 101. Nintendo only has two good games coming out. Wii u is dead

    1. Well, Super Mario 3D Land and Mario made a bunch more people buy the 3DS, causing a 125% increase from Q3 to Q4, selling 15 million and worldwide. Pokemon X and Y also helped tremendously. Guess what? Two games. I believe Mariokart 8 and Smash 4 will cause a HUGE increase in Wii U sales. And so will Hyrule Warriors and Tropical Freeze. Besides, I’m 15, and I can’t wait to play Tropical Freeze. 3D World helped a lot. You just don’t want to accept it. Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101 are fun, but they didn’t help. But everything else will.

  12. Couldnt agree more…wii u sales arent even close to xbox one and ps4 sales and its been out over a year longer. Just another failed console for nintendo. Better off sticking with handhelds.

      1. Yea wow, a console that’s been out for more than a year sold slightly more than 2 consoles that have been out for less than 2 months, what an achievement.

    1. Uh Wii didn’t fail and it sold more than 360 and PS3 because it was something that was never done before. Wii U has given us something that’s never been done before.

      What exactly about X1 and PS4 is even new? All they have done is update the controller a bit and put in slightly more powerful hardware – wow, I am sold……

      I think MS and Sony even said themselves that they went with the cheapest for the console.

      1. “All they have done is update the controller a bit and put in slightly more powerful hardware” Uh…Yes. You seem to have described a next generation of console perfectly, that’s what people expect and want them to be? What you want big new gimmicks every time like the Wii? That’s not what it’s about. Gaming does not get better with gimmicks, it gets better with graphics. People who don’t know how to build a PC or enjoy the exclusives buy a console because the games are already optimized on it, job done. What do you think PC gamers do? They buy a new graphics card. Have you ever heard a PC gamer complain that there wasn’t enough new things when they buy a graphics card?

        1. I think my statement was a little ambiguous. When I said about the hardware, it’s not much better, they’ve gone back to notebook technology, that’s why more cores are needed, and Wii U needs less. PowerPC is newer, so technically it’s better. To be honest, X1 and PS4 are just gaming PCs, they’re not really gaming consoles.

          Wii was not a gimmick and neither is Wii U. Why do you think Wii U is tri-core and X1/PS4 is twin quad core? There is a reason for it. Why was Wii single core, and 360 and PS3 multicore? There was a reason for it.

          I won’t go any further as I’ve done the reading.

          Also the controllers aren’t evolved in any way for X1/PS4, they’ve just had a re-design, a 5 year old can do that. The GamePad is something that’s never been done before.

          Why oh why are people blind to the same stuff every year?

          1. if sony and micro last gen had dual core and there systems were overheating left and right do you honestly think there gonna get it right with a 8core this time. have fun buying bricks lmfao

        2. xbox360 = failed last gen with a 60% hardware failure rate
          sony ps3 = failed last gen with a 40% hardware failure rate.
          seams to me you fagboys love buying faulty systems over and over because your fucking stupid,lacking common sense.
          now this gen save your money lemmings so you could keep repurchase them faulty products. its funny how people talk shit about nintendo but there product last and work right out the box. xboxone failed again 70% of xboxones have faulty drive and overheat. and as for sony the failed to with 40% of there console having hdmi problems and overheating issues.
          seam the best route to go this gen is nintendo free online game service unlike sony and microsoft who charge like $60 to go online. did i forget to mention that nintendo products work and keeps working for years and decades cant say the same about sony or micro. know what i say fuck ps4! fuck xboxone! there selling you dumb fucks washed up old desktop gaming rigs with a glitched out os and you love it lmfao. and to all you spell checkers out ther suck my dick

  13. The same can be said for 3DS, but look how that turned out – No.1 best selling handseld.

    Sheesh, people need to stop giving Nintendo such a hard time.

  14. They’re saying this as if they want Nintendo to rush their games and release as many “hits” as possible.

    We all know that rushing game development tends to make the game crappier than what it was originally designed.

    1. Yeah that’s very true, makes you wonder how many people actually considered that fact. It’s no wonder so many PS4/X1 games look “good” but the gameplay is awful.

      Take Ryse for example. Visually it was impressive, but gameplay wise it was pretty bad, and the critics hammered it down as well. Gameplay over visuals.

      On the contrary Darksiders 2 for Wii U visually wasn’t as pretty good, but wasn’t eye-candy, but the game play was there and that’s what made it really good – I got quite hooked to it.

  15. I believe the Wii U’s predicament is increasingly less about it having no games and more about a lack of public understanding. Families (and retailers<.<) still don't know what a Wii U is, and what few gamers (outside of die-hard Nintendo fans) cared about Wii U at launch haven't cared enough to know about it's games since the time when it didn't "have games". So far, much to the contrast of it's predecessor, Wii U hasn't been in the right place at the right time.

    So, what is Nintendo to do? ADVERTISE! Advertise, advertise, advertise! I don't often watch tv anymore, but when I do, I rarely see a Nintendo commercial! It shouldn't be exclusively family fun, either, if Nintendo still holds to the Wii U philosophy of E3 2011. We need a long montage of diverse games on Wii U, family-oriented and 'core', physical and download-only, existing and coming! We're really getting there with games, now let's let the world see them!

    1. But even with all the sales now, you’d think that more and more people would be aware of it, even without any advertising. I didn’t even need to know what it was, because I had known about it for ages. It was only a day that I decided to get mine on launch day.

      What I don’t get is why people hate it so much. There is nothing wrong with the hardware. People say it’s crap, yet they actually fail to back the claims up.

      I personally think it’s amazing.

      1. Yes, on paper, significantly more people should know by now, but we still see stupid retailer mistakes left-and-right, and even if the family demographic does know what Wii U is, they don’t have a need. That demographic isn’t here to play. It’s here to exercise, and occasionally have a family pastime. They don’t feel a need for anything new, much less a $300 “upgrade” to a stronger piece of hardware with an unrelated (to them, that is) tablet. They need to see kick-ass software that will move them to buy a new system.

        As for you, you’re clearly in the relative minority of people (with me) who are actually following Nintendo’s activities. Of course YOU bought a Wii U. I did too, and I enjoy it for what it is, but the majority doesn’t sympathize with our point of view.

  16. The truth here is that Nintendo had infact released garbage in the past and they’ve also given us gold, but 3rd party developers do not make a system because last I recalled the GameCube had great 3rd party support, lowest price tag and the best processor of the bunch and it sold the worst because people just didn’t want “tiny discs” if there was any logic to what makes a Nintendo succeed with the public I’ll eat my hat

    1. They didn’t want tiny discs? Then why did Sony’s PSP have UMD which was small discs (and I know the it was a handheld) but that just proves what you said slightly pointless? Sony might as well done memory cards?

  17. I have to say I came to this site for gaming news originally, but it seems to be constantly full of (opinionated) business news. Unless Nintendo is literally discontinuing the Wii U tomorrow, I don’t see how any of this information is relevant to gamers. It’s just troll bait to get people fighting and get more views, it’s pretty shameless and if this trend continues I’ll likely go elsewhere.

    Now of course you can’t just report good news all the time, but the thing is this site never reports the good side because it doesn’t make for much of a comment section or views. There were periods over the holiday season where the sales were fantastic but this was not reported.

    Plus I cannot believe I have been on this site since the 3DS came out and you published Pachters articles then, they were horrifically wrong, but you post them again now because you lack the journalistic talent to get page views any other way than provoking flame wars in the comment section. Any 12 year old with an internet connection can write this crap how about you honestly put some effort into the site for once.

  18. Micromania is the most disastrous game retailer, or even specialized retailer I have ever come across.

    They can talk about the Wii U’s success when they have at least its launch titles on their shelves.

  19. So much butthurtery. Pierre Cuilleret would be glad to see that.
    He is partly right guys, stop your denial, it’s ridiculous.

  20. Only problem with Wii U right now is that there isn’t much to play. Struggling to play NSMBU after 3D World was a huge mistake when you lose fun and unique characters for bland ones. Nintendo needs to supervise its lazy developers and make sure they add all the good stuff, especially the characters when boring games like Mario Tennis Open could’ve had our Nintendo Character of the year, Rosalina, in it but noooooooooo. There’s no meaning around it but the fact that they were too lazy to add her and instead added a yellow blob. No offense Luma.

    1. in my opinion Nintendo should of had Super Mario 3D World at the launch of the Wii U. i still see a storm of great first party titles coming this year. i think 3d world is a master piece.

  21. I don’t like Micromania but I have to say the guy is right. Furthermore What he does not tell is how his company promote the Wii U in their shops (he does fuck all). France is more a nintendo’s market than UK and even there Nintendo fail cause they failed to get their software on time. It has to be say that france did not get the reduce price UK had.Hence why it does not sales well. And to be honest micromania is over price anyway

  22. When you follow information about a celebrity, company or idea that you like. You have to read ALL the information. Even the negative stuff.

    Even if most of the stuff “is” negative.

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