EA’s Peter Moore Says Don’t Trust Anonymous Sources, Nintendo Is A Great Partner

Peter Moore, the Chief Operating Officer of Electronic Arts, has taken to Twitter to speak out about the article published by CVG. The article had a quote from an anonymous source at the company who said that “Nintendo was dead to us very quickly” after the Wii U. However, CVG still stands by their article and says that the source was a representative from EA.

Don’t trust “anonymous sources”. Nintendo’s a great partner. They never have been, and never will be, ‘dead’ to EA…

82 thoughts on “EA’s Peter Moore Says Don’t Trust Anonymous Sources, Nintendo Is A Great Partner”

          1. Yeah.. You keep believing that, Nintendrone. That ‘Origin’ thing was never proven to be true or false so just get it out of that head of yours.

            1. What do you mean? It was said by some person on the internet, of course it’s true! I don’t think there has ever been a single event, where someone said something false on the internet!

      1. Well, hopefully this isn’t just ‘executive’ talk, I could really use madden 15 and battlefield 5 on the Wii u/3ds versions…

      2. Actually wiiu’s closed online garden is where the relationship went south. EA tried getting Nintendo to play ball with Origin. nintendo said nah.

          1. This^ No one knows for sure why EA and Nintendo have such an awry relationship. I personally think it’s Wii U’s poor sales, but that’s just my opinion.

  1. I wouldn’t say that your relationship with Nintendo even exists…but no publisher is ignorant and stupid enough to just shit on a console.


    if you want it to do well and have your money from it the HELP SUPPORT IT! but no……….at least ones like ubiosft or platinum ect KNOW that.

  3. To be honest I didn’t expect anything better or worse coming from EA.

    So many people saying so many things. It’s very hard to tell who likes Nintendo and who doesn’t….it’s ridiculous.

  4. EA are actually a really good company and people give them waaaay too much hatred. They produce so many high quality games for multiple platforms that sell excessively well. Said no one ever

    1. Considering they are the company running for the worst video game company going for the third time. Shut your bloody idiot and pathetic mouth Pinwheel. You’re a complete disgrace to gaming.

      1. …considering i was being sarcastic and i made that VERY obvious you’re the one that needs to shut your fucking mouth and hang yourself

        1. i am most certainly not a disgrace to gaming. i am in fact a paragon to gaming I’ll have you know. My opinions are flawless and should be taken literally by everyone, whether they be satirical or not. Everyone should be gullible enough to believe everything i say.

              1. It’s called “Poe’s law”: People would confuse the real thing for a parody and a parody for the real thing.

                Heck, I can even tell you’re being sarcastic there, but it’s more difficult for written speech to convey sarcasticism than verbal speech since we don’t have tones of voices, here.

    2. No, EA WERE a really good company, and not even that long ago. Dead Space 1 and 2? Mass Effect trilogy? Battlefield BC2? Hooooly shiiiit, those a DAMN good games, up with the best of the generation.

      But over the past 2-3 years, they’ve just abandoned what made them great, releasing FULL, WORKING and ORIGINAL games, that are all awesome, and different, and fun. Now it’s just “profit at the expense of quality”.

    1. Exactly what I am thinking….just makes no sense.

      Surely if they;re such a “great partner” then why cancel so many games that I could be playing right now???

  5. If EA really did care, then why on earth have they done practically nothing for Wii U? Don’t give me the old “low install base” bullshit, because this guy is saying the compete opposite, which might I add don’t believe.

    If EA did care, then they would not have stopped stuff like Crysis going onto the console, something Crytek said ran on the console really well.

    1. They did (Madden, FIFA, NFS, Mass Effect) and nobody got them on the Wii U (please no, “they were late or crappy,” excuses). So now they stopped. Yeah, it was stupid for them to expect a lot of people to buy games at launch when the system had a low install base; but then again, third and even some second and first party games have been doing terrible numbers on the Wii U since then.

      If I had a say in EA, I would have stuck with the system at least through 2-3 years, like Ubisoft is currently doing. However, if the games kept doing abysmal numbers on the system, then I would pull the plug on supporting it.

      1. Well ME3 was definately late and ME trilogy was comin to other platforms for same price, so ME3 not doing good on WiiU wasnt suprise.

  6. IRONY: Yes yes we know that EA loves Nintendo and consider it a great partner and it’s obvious from the number of the games released by EA for the WiiU

      1. Pretty much, atleast we didn’t miss anything good :) Dead space isn’t an FPS, it’s similar to Resident evil. Survival horror FTW!

        1. It would never happen but I would love to see a Wii U exclusive Dead Space that takes advantage of the game pad and have it developed by visceral and retro

  7. I say.. Screw EA. And screw their games!
    Unless they bring the other Mass Effect games to Wii U. But other than that screw them!

    Unless of course they bring Battlefield to Wii U…day one purchase. But aside from that..SCREW THEM!!

  8. Between an idiot who thought that Sim City Online was awesome just because it sold well, and an idiot who didn’t want his name known, I’ve got NO clue WHO TO BELIEVE. DERP!

  9. EA hates Nintendo since the 90’s, I should admire this retractation attempt but they are still giving total freedom for its employees to say shit about Nintendo, like that senior engineer that call the Wii U “crap” on Twitter.

  10. I’ll believe they think Nintendo is a great partner WHEN THEY ACTUALLY MAKE GAMES FOR A NINTENDO PLATFORM!

    seriously… how can you know if a company is a great partner if you don’t work with them?

  11. If Nintendo is such a great partner to EA, then maybe they could release some fucking games on the Wii U once in a while.

  12. I’ll only believe them if they actually put effort on the games they release for Wii U.

    (the previous Dragon Age games, i.g. before the launch of Inquisition, would fit like a glove)

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