GameStop Apparently Having Mario Kart 8 Demos On May 17 And 18 Plus Poster Giveaways

Jorgejjvr, a member of the IGN message boards and a reader of My Nintendo News, has revealed that GameStop will soon be having Mario Kart 8 Wii U demo stations that will be playable from May 17th till May 18th. The store will also apparently be handing out Mario Kart 8 posters to those that pre-order the game. So if you want to play the gorgeous Mario Kart 8 before its May 30th release date it sounds like a trip to you local GameStop could be a good idea.

“I just got back from gamestop from paying mk 8 in full and buying a stylus that I needed. When I was paying for my things the guy at gamestop who I’m pretty good friends with told me that a Nintendo guy passed by not too long ago to set up Mario Kart 8 on their Wii U demo station but it won’t be unlocked until a later time, he didn’t know exactly when so he checked his email, and on it it said that it will be on May 17 and 18. And that they will also be handing posters for those that go and have it pre ordered. I asked him how anyone was supposed to know about this, how would I have known this unless I had shown up, and he said he also has flyers that he will be putting outside the store soon to advertise the event. This is awesome, and great on Nintendo’s side, I’m so there! I’ll get the practice needed to be ahead of you guys for the tourney haha :D but of course now that I’ve told you, you guys will probably go and play it too lol -.-“

Thanks, Jorge

80 thoughts on “GameStop Apparently Having Mario Kart 8 Demos On May 17 And 18 Plus Poster Giveaways”

  1. Why only for two days? May as well have them at least until the 30th of May when the game launches, if not longer.

    1. no kidding man. I’m tron whether I should go for the poster or the $10 gas card. Maybe I could sell the poster for more than $10. Probably go with the gas card, it might end up being a mario kart gas card.

        1. A Mario Kart 8 themed gas card… I’d buy that. If it’s just a regular gas card, I’ll pass.

  2. So should I preorder from Gamestop or Target? Is Target offering anything special? I kind of want that Mario Kart 8 poster!!!! So I might preorder it this upcoming weekend at Gamestop when I go to try out the demo.

    1. Do GameStop or Best Buy. Best Buy is offering $10 (for gasoline) but GameStop has a poster… Really just depends on your preference.

      1. I was thinking about doing the gas card at Best Buy, but the store is just so far out of my way, I’d waste $10 of gas just to drive down and back :/

        I thought about doing Target as well ( I think I remember if you preorder at Target you can get a keychain) and then Gamestop is doing the poster. I think I want to do the poster, because I like to collect those now.

      2. Well then I already preordered at best buy but I want the poster too so probably I’ll preorder at GameStop so I can get the poster and the gasoline and give to other copy to my sister ;)

  3. lolololol wii shit u exposed weak u last gen nintendont lololol

    Just kidding. I hope the MK8 demo is also in Wal Mart.

      1. Jajajaja it’s really fun to see this kind of guys doing this kind of stupid actions. I don’t really like those games thank u ! Save it to yourself !!!!

      2. Your best counter-attacks are those pathetic boring “games”?…

        Only fake borig casuals buys that crap…


            1. The minute I have the money and time to get it I will, unfortunately I’m busy with far less important things like university, helping my family and my countless of physical/psychological problems…

            2. And maybe you should evolve your brain a little bit and read carefully…

              This site is about NINTENDO, not Wii U only…

              And I have played the Wii U several times aswell so I can judge it how much I want…

            3. Anonymous, you’re effectively defending sasori. You should be telling that little punk that he should buy an Xbox One since he’s talking about how superior it is to a Wii U on a Nintendo site. Least Quadraxis is staying on a Nintendo site talking trash about other consoles. He’ll get a Wii U when he can.

      3. Look here, kiddo. Oh forget it. You’re either too stupid or too ignorant to even listen, anyway.

    1. Was wondering that too. Pre ordered it like a week ago and got no bonuses. Maybe they’ll give you one when you go to pick it up assuming they haven’t ran out already.

  4. Already going to Best Buy to preorder because of the gas card. Hopefully Club Nintendo offers the poster later.

        1. No and don’t care to, either. Why watch a video that is most likely from a Wii U hating crybaby that’s mad he can’t play Nintendo games without having to buy a Nintendo system? Yes, yes! We get it already! You guys LOVE Nintendo’s 1st party titles but don’t want to fork up the extra money to buy the consoles they put their games on. And just because you own a Wii U doesn’t make you an exception. After all, you’re just mad your parents bought you the Wii U instead of getting you the Xbox 360.

    1. Next gen is right you pay to win and the game is unplayable without a download patch thats “Real” next gen

      You seem to be trying to be someone your not so that ur accepted among some group. You feel like you can’t like anything nintendo, so you start stuff to make yourself be one with group, please dude, stop with this, this act is getting old

      1. am myself. not really trying to act like anyone. mostly you nintendrones act like miyamoto and reggie is your god.

        1. tsk tsk, you think anyone who likes a nintendo product is a drone. If they like metroid more then COD you take action by saying their opinion is stupid. I really can sense u are acting like confused being trying to find where he belongs. I don’t attack ps fans or Xbox fans, if they like GOW over zelda, or halo over metroid thats just their preference. I want everyone in this industry to do good even microsoft and sony. I can understand if idots make stupid memes about you, but you really kept pushing people until they get tired of it. U don’t have to like nintendo, I don’t mind that, not everyone is going to like them. However, you keep bashing when there is nothing to start. I dunno dude, I’ve tried to be nice andknda warn you about your actions, but things can get worse if you push the wrong person

          1. when did i say liking nintendo games is being drone. nope never said that neither did i ever have that kind of thought process.
            “I’ve tried to be nice andknda warn you about your actions, but things can get worse if you push the wrong person” my actions…… i read, comment and sometimes submit acticles and news to the website…. simple as that. i dont even troll, i mention the facts and reality..

            1. You never said it, though you give that presents. If a fan finds mario kart 8 nice looking don’t attack them then, just let them like it if they bash other games then let them its not going to effect you. “my actions…… i read, comment and sometimes submit acticles and news to the website…. simple as that. i dont even troll, i mention the facts and reality..” Your on this site posting your videos that have no back to them, spaming them across the site when honestly nobody cares, ur on the internet people will find F up ways to get to you, you don’t just comment, u bash on articles that are most of times neutral. I can admit when something is really messed up I will call out nintendo . Dude in the end u need to admit u have issues too, but in human nature u most likely will not, but thats part of human progression

            2. So you are a Troll then because zero of your videos make any logical sense. It’s just you and your dirty ass camera talking shit about Nintendo yet you claimed that the Wii was amazing… a last gen console and you even play it.. Now THAT’S fact and reality kiddo

            3. Facts & reality. *chuckles* Fact: almost everything you say is opinions. Fact: Wii U, Xbox One, & Playstation 4 are all current gen because gen is time passed, not power. Fact: you’re a troll so you won’t even listen to this comment as you’ll just go & spread more of your “facts & reality.”

        2. Lol sad but true I like Nintendo but I don’t worship them I am not like those types of Nintendo fans that like everything Nintendo

  5. i like everything nintendo i like what they do …….. is that wrong of course its not , u stick to your lame company and leave us alone seriously sasori u really need to get life stop coming to this website if u hate nintendo so much go to the people who love your favorite console not bothering us and calling us nintendrones just because we love a console that’s not your favorite its irrelevant GTFO!

    1. Well even those he is one of the most pathetic Xbotsin existence, he is atleast not trolling nonsense…

      I mean he still stics with gaming trolling and not trolling in general…

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