Mighty No. 9: Work-In-Progress Gameplay Footage

Comcept has provided some brand new footage of the Kickstarter backed project, Mighty No. 9. The company makes it clear that this is early footage of the game, but it looks as though it’s shaping up rather nicely. The game is due for release in spring 2015 on all platforms including the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS.

Thanks, dekuplushdoll

54 thoughts on “Mighty No. 9: Work-In-Progress Gameplay Footage”

      1. If anyone can do it, he can. I’m counting on this being the new megaman for this generation.
        Also, Hugs! Happy Friday!

          1. Maybe it’ll have plenty of content. Or they could just be fine tuning everything to ensure us a quality product.

  1. Hey it’s Mega……….oh nevermind. It’s just some copy and paste trash because the creator is to pathetic to come up with something original, but instead does the same thing with a new character. Mighty no.9 will not replace Mega Man nor will he become a icon like how Mega Man has become.

    1. Mighty No. 9 is like a spiritual successor. Capcom isn’t doing anything with Megaman either you know.

      1. The Dark Knight trilogy is the best Batman ever. And how first of all? Reboots are the same character just different actors and stories. This game isn’t the same character. Star trek to me is more like a spiritual sucessor since they actaully had the actors who’ve played them in the past show up as the same characters but older. More like a different universe.

    2. And do you expect Crapcom to bring Megaman back? Not even if its Crapcom’s last dying breath of hope.

      This is Inafune’s way of bring the Megaman vibe back with a new but familiar franchise so you should be thanking him for doing this for you jerkoff.

  2. look alright, I may even buy it. If the game managed to make money I would like to see a 3D version like Mario 64 type of visual.

    Also can I just add that I love rockman and might No 9 even if they look very similar it seems for me that mighty No 9 has his own perso and hope he will progress the way the creator of rockman intended to in the first place.

    That will be ironic is if they plan to have a spin-off and do a game like mighty No 9 legend.. LOL

    BTW I read somewhere the creator came on board later in the development.

  3. Looks amazing. I’ll treat this as the new megaman since capcom obviously doesn’t intend to make a new game with it. Capcom should make more battle network games tho I loved those

        1. Because Inafune needed money, resources and team to make it happen. His current studio is small and there’s many Kickstarter goal features he wants to put in so of course it’ll take a while.

  4. Oh sure you report on this but you won’t report on Hover Revolt of Gamers’ kickstarter ending & that it reached the WiiU goal.

    1. Why should we care about a Mirror’s Edge wannab…………… Oh nevermind. That’s a dumb thing to ask since we just got news on a Mega man wannabe. Well even though it looks like Hover has no story whatsoever, it still looks better than this hunk of trash called Mighty no.9

        1. ƪ(•̃͡ε•̃͡)∫ƪ(•̃͡ε•̃͡)∫ƪ(•̃͡ε•̃͡)∫
          So much money for a Megaman wannabe game.
          That total means nothing.

          1. That means something sir, it means even though its a VC game or download only, its one that will soar. If you had a brain, you would think that 4,000,000 in one to three months and surpasses their original goals big time flying off the chats would mean a lot. But I see you don’t have a brain so I’ll leave you to your stupidity.

            1. ∩(︶▽︶)∩ no need to be rude.
              I think I’m just bitter that Shantae did raise as much money as it & that MyNintendoNews didn’t report on Hover reaching the WiiU goal.

          2. This is Inafune saving your fanboy ass from crying over Crapcom killing Megaman. Maybe instead of criticizing or hating Inafune for doing you idiots a fabor, go complain to Crapcim and get on your knees begging them to revive Megaman. Lets see how well that’ll end up jerkoff.

          1. Or is it…you gotta think man, Capcom did nothing to stop this project, on top of that, its most of the old team that created mega man in the first place including the creator and inafune, father of mega man. Its not just one guy from Capcom, its most of the old team that made mega man. By the way, Azure Volt striker is a new plot using the same elements of Mega man zero…so you gonna call that a fraud too?

  5. i wonder what capcom is thinking when looking at this ? do they even realize how much people want a new mega man game..

    1. Forget what Crapcom is thinking or planning to revive themselves. They shot and butchered themselves and the fans royally so there’s no going back for them. Reducing from one of the biggest 3rd party companies into a wimp mobile phone game studio has pretty much sealed their well deserved fate.

      If anyone can revive Megaman in a way, its Inafune with Mighty #9 or if he or Nintendo buys the IP from Crapcom.

  6. As long as Inafune isn’t beyond dumb enough to hand this Megaman life saver to the hands of Crapcom to butcher it all over again, then I’m good and looking forward to buy it.

  7. Even if this game ends up as challenging as Megaman, I’ll gladly accept that challenge. BRING IT ON!!!

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