The Splatoon Team Consists Of The Core Animal Crossing Team

Miyamoto has revealed that the developers behind Splatoon are taken from the core Animal Crossing team. Miyamoto says the developers are all very young and energetic and have allowed him to step back from the project and let their own creative juices flow.

“The team that’s designing Splatoon is actually taken from the core Animal Crossing team, so some of the younger staff within the Animal Crossing team, we pulled about 10 of them together and we decided to begin working on Splatoon with that small team.”

“We’ve also then added the director who did the StarFox 64 3D remake for Nintendo 3DS, and then one of the directors who worked on NintendoLand. They’re all very young team members for us, so they’re very energetic.They’ve been working on music and the design and everything for Splatoon.”

“It’s allowing me to not be heavily involved in the project — they’re able to work on their own. But the overall design is taking a very Nintendo approach, where it’s very gameplay-focused. We designed the gameplay and the features of the game first, and the characters themselves were born out of those features.”

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  1. Have they already said if the game will have a story mode and / or off line, or is that the game will be 100% online?

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  3. I’m going to spend COUNTLESS hours into this game!!!!! Oh and can someone please tell me is this an online only game? As in eshop exclusive? Because I hope not. This game would be perfect for sitting on my shelf. -v-

          1. I probably missed the nintendo treehouse splatoon segment but as far as I know there haven’t been any details about offline. It’s weird, for some reason I wanna try splatoon out. I don’t like playing as some stupid little girls but the game looks interesting enough for a shooter. I’ll probably buy it.

              1. Actually I think I saw male characters during the treehouse. If it’s competitive online I’ll give it a try. It looked really good from what I saw, but I guess I wanted something a little more adult.

            1. One of the Nintendo reps at the demo booth said so when asked, so I’ll take it as so. Could be wrong though, but I’m betting on that

  4. I wonder if there is going to be a single player campaign. It would have to to justify anything more than a $20 price point.


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  6. Awesome!!! Animal Crossing is an awesome and innovative franchise. I’m loving what they are bringing to the shooter genre.

    1. Exactly. I love these types of shooters, the kid friendly, non gory types. Games like this and Garden Warfare will hopefully be more common in the future! Not every one wants to dismember random people in the Internet

      1. I so agree… though. I am getting Devil’s Third as well :P

        But, I like “variety” in shooting games. That’s why I think Devil’s Third and Splatoon are the perfect combo.

      2. I don’t have problems with “gorefest” but it’s the rehashes of the same garbage that bores me…

        I guess some credit can be given to Titanfall about trying to get out of the borefest formula…

        1. Hey, how would you feel about helping contribute to an ED page I’m making about Sasori? I came onto the scene about halfway through his drama, so I need some people to add some content, including screenshots, memes, and accounts of his stupidity.

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          I’ll let you know once I finished as much of it as I can, but I need a bunch more content. Please, spread the word!

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              1. Exactly why we call it innovative…

                Because we bash shooters for lack of originality, and this actually looks CREATIVE for once.

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  10. guys why not just stop talking to sasori alltogether ? just completely phase him out?. even if he posts just ignore and just talk to the real gamers in here :/ i know you guys have made him the mascot of ridicule but by doing so alot more will follow his example! i for one just told him off once and that was it because i really don’t care anymore about people like him. talk about the games not the trolls as it should be :)

    also i think it’s awesome the people from ac got to do a new Ip :)

    anyways sorry for butting in guys and have a great day ^^

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    1. now now yrlu. don’t give that image in the head for us men in here. you might scare them “cutting balls off.. “shiver” ” ;-;

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    Because of sasorideidaraobi recent actions we are compelled to request a sanction be place against him.

    Together Wii Stand

        1. Apart from:
          1. Bashing Nintendo games
          2. Bringing your “OH BATTLEFAIL IS FOR FREE GAYZ!!” crap on here.
          3. Comparing the already better Wii U library to last gen consoles.
          4. Criticizing everyone on here
          5. Creating butthurt videos of your crappy computer screen
          6. Being a whiny bitch when Nintendo does show of Gears of Whores.

    1. i didn’t abuse anyone you fool, i was surprised that glados that pc elitest was a girl. i didn’t verbal abuse anyone neither did i verbal abuse any girl . i didn’t even insult glados you idiots. no wounder nobody talk to in real life.

      1. Kindly scroll up and reread your post. What you’ve wrote was really offensive to women. And just for being just, I “the fool,” did not ask for your account to be automatically be banned unlike the rest of this community.

      2. You called me “dipshit” multiple times, now only that earlier you said “Lol not your a guy”. Look who’s flip flopping now.

        1. I wouldn’t let him get to you, he’s only jealous because every guy and gal knows how to make PCs yet he can’t even make one decent PC and just has to go to the bin behind 7/11 to jerk off some old guy for it XD

      3. You called her and everyone else a retard, dear.

        Also, you do know hate can come in many forms and is classified as a abuse no matter what.

  13. Can you all stfu, I’m actually more annoyed by the people reacting. He may be childish but you guys are elevating it to a whole new level.

  14. It’s really sad that most of these posts are about trying to get a troll banned, instead of talking about a really creative take in shooter titles.

    Oh well, this does it for me. I’m walking away from MyNintendoNews. I expected to see a more game-dedicated place. But nope, everyone’s on a troll.

    1. its these people that respond to every comment i make. its ridiculous to point where its starts a war with just a comment i make.

  15. The comments section has turned into a complete war against Sasori. Honestly, this is just retarted. I am one step closer to leaving this website because of nonsense like this. You can never scroll down and read comments that are on topic. It’s always gotta be about which console is better, social rejects, Wii U is better, Xbox Done, blah blah. People here act like they don’t have common sense. Maybe I should have just stuck to Nintendo Life.

    1. I know what you mean, there’s alot of good people here but most of the comments are just fighting. I mostly come here because MMN usually has Nintendo news first. That’s basically the only reason I stick around here. I just wish we could just get along. I mean if someone loves Playstation, fine, if someone loves the Xbox, that’s okay too but not to the point of starting fights. I wish we could just shut up and talk about games, not trolling.


  17. Splatoon looks really neat, it’s a neat twist to the online shooter genre. I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for it.

  18. Sicr I think you should ban him. Your blog is turning into an uproar. I don’t think you want that…it looks unprofessional and by allowing him to continue on posting and leaking his videos can send a message, this blog supports his unethical message toward women.

    1. No one is going to care whether sicr supports sasori or not , its a blog and 9 times out of 10 ,people come on here to see the articles and that’s about it there are a select few who go into the comment section. This whole thing has turned into a drop it and leave it alone type of situation, so with that being said……DROP IT AND LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!

  19. wtf is wrong with you people. am done for good. everytime i make a comment you dipshits make stupid replys and rage comments like am a devil. i still dont believe some of you people are even adults do to your stupid and idiotic braviour. i just said i didn’t want a girl friend because i didn’t want to take any risk and a bunch of you idiots and girls came to attack me. you know what f#@k you retards. i didn’ty even insult glados and you idiots came after like i was puppet. all you nintendo puppets will never learn reality or life because all you do is buy nintendo games and attack people you dont like them. none of you act like the grown ups you claim your are, just a bunch of children that act stupid infront of society and real mature people. i say one word about the xbox one and you people go ape shit and call me an xbot while i dont even have the f#$king console. why should i give two s#@ts that you have a wife or husbands, kids, jobs or money.
    you know what am leaving this site. good bye. i can’t take it anymore. because i have negative opionions of the wii u, you people went this far.
    i will just get my xbox 360 and play destiny with my friends and anyone else. you people can keep crying all you want, defend nintendo and bash third party companies. non of you people will never learn. good day.

      1. i got ban that site because one of the mods was a diehard super smash bros fan. the gamefaqs admins destroyed my account because i was at -3 karma. am done with furoms at this point. not everyone can handle this kind of stress.

    1. “Negative thoughts about the Wii U”…

      But in the same sentences you bash Nintendo fans every time…

      Like someone else said, Karma…

    2. My god…. Spelling errors every were… so much damage control… someone get me a gun and some lub because it looks like it’s hunting time again ;)

    3. The fact that you type like a 15 year-old makes this post even more hilarious.
      Just leave, seriously. It’s for the better.

  20. One thing I’m curious about if there’s splitscreen multiplayer is how those not using the gamepad will be able to teleport to other players.

  21. I guess you warriors destroyed the Xbot completely…

    He said: “You drones will never learn anything”…

    Learn what?…

    To not enjoy games? Sorry we enjoy games that are not boring “adult” games that only kids play in reality…

    But yes I’ll probably buy this game someday…

    1. Hey commander, we should make a tribute to him for all the lulz he has given us. Everyone, let’s make Sasori an ED article! Who’s with me or am I asking too much?

      1. Why not…

        You go on ahead and make the first mark Admiral…

        And also a petition for all these “Commander haters” that takes Everything too seriously…

          1. Results are results, and if the individual is a gold mine for lulz, we extract everything til it’s dry.

  22. I can’t wait for this game to be honest, it was one of the many games that gave me a reason to to buy the Xbone just yet until Crackdown

  23. Everyone: An urgent message from a fellow troll troller: MAKE AN ACCOUNT WITH ENCYCLOPEDIA DRAMATICA. I am going to start an article there, and I need your guys’ support to land the finishing blow on this chauvinistic, juicy-lipped, anal-ripped butt-monkey.

    Support me, fellow troll trollers and nintendo fans! LEND ME YOUR POWER!!!

      1. Starting the article right now. Soon as my part is up (the intro, some memes, screenshots, and “early life”), I’ll let you know. Spread the word, so we can get this guy on ED for further lulz!

  24. I guess you guys have never heard of slander or defamation of character. If you take this too far and somthing happens to this kid, you won’t be any better than he is. Just keep that in mind.

  25. Do not let Sasori’s corruption get to you guys. You’re better than this. DO NOT GO DOWN TO HIS LEVEL. No need to beat an already downed enemy. His beaten, his done and I’m hoping this could be a form of eye opener for him and change. DON’T BE LIKE HIM. SHOW THAT YOU GUYS ARE FAR MORE BETTER THAN HIM WHEN IT COMES TO ONLINE ETIQUETTE.

  26. I don’t see the point of that #BanSasori thing, if he gets banned, he can open another email account and start over… it’s just my opinion. In other news, I really liked this game, it was unexpected, I hope they can make a great game out of it

  27. Holy Shit… I know that Sasori is a huge asshole, but I never thought he would go as far as calling Glados a girl, and disrespecting women in the process.

  28. Ah yes. Mostly young blood working on Splatoon. Awesome! Miyamoto is slowly working to retire from his lead developer position at Nintendo. I’m glad he’ll still be there as a consultant, though.

    Sasori got utterly decimated in this article’s comments. He even resorted to playing the poor little victim with some of the people that might not know him as well as some of us regulars do. He says how he is only stating his opinion but goes on to call everyone puppets or drones for buying Nintendo games. Or that we are retards or social degenerates. There is a way to express your opinion WITHOUT coming off as an immature asinine asshole. So sasori only has himself to blame. This is what happens when you push people on the internet too far, sasori. They join forces & gang up on you. They even get their friends to come here & join in like lamatsucubo did. But as always, you’ll run off to youtube, make a video, & play the victim card by telling everyone there how you’re getting ganged up on. But it’s too late now. You’ve already done irreparable damage to your reputation on here even if you did try to change your ways. Just make good on your “threat” that you’re done with this & stay away from this site’s comments. It’s better for everyone. And if the way you act on here is the same way you acted on IGN, I can understand why that site banned you. But if your history on this site is any indication, you’ll be back here on another article talking trash AGAIN in no time. And then this will all start all over again. So I repeat: stay away from this site’s comments if you can’t handle the heat of the very fire YOU started.

  29. “R.I.P. Sasori” Said no one ever

    Now there’s Icezemania and Aeolus left to deal with.

    Going back on topic, this game does look fantastic and I’ve been waiting for a title like this in years. Too bad they are too new to warrant a spot in Super Smash Bros.

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