Kirby And The Rainbow Curse Animations To Have Lowered FPS For The Claymation Look?

NeoGAF member Exterminieren says that he heard on the 8-4 E3 podcast that the Nintendo PR team at E3 had said that they had lowered the framerate on Kirby And The Rainbow Curse in an effort to make the game have an Aardman Animation style. This supposedly gives the impression of a choppier claymation look. “On the 8-4 E3 […]


Yoshi’s Woolly World To Be More Challenging Than Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Nintendo has assured that Yoshi’s Woolly World will be more challenging than Kirby’s Epic Yarn - the game in which it’s impossible to lose a life. Although both platformers share a strikingly similar art style, they don’t have the same difficulty level. The forthcoming Yoshi title, for example, will allow players to die from enemies or falling into pits. Yoshi’s Woolly […]