Affordable Space Adventures Launches Next Week On The Wii U eShop

KnapNok Games has announced that Affordable Space Adventures will be available April 9th on Wii U via the Nintendo eShop for $19.99. The game is a stealth puzzle spaceship simulator in which you can control your craft solo or in a crew of up to three players. In co-op mode, players must coordinate as a crew controlling the spaceship together; one will take the role of engineer, while another will be the pilot.

Nintendo Minute Hosts Birthday Party With Mario Party 10 And Lamarr Wilson

Nintendo Minute celebrates Kit’s birthday in the latest episode, in which hosts Kit and Krysta are joined by Mike, Kate and Internet personality Lamarr Wilson as they unbox amiibo and play through a session of the new Bowser Party mode in the recently-released Mario Party 10 game for Wii U. Bowser Party allows one player to play as Bowser, while up to four others are placed on Team Mario. Members of Team Mario must then travel together around the board as Bowser tries to wreak havoc and steal their hearts.

Super Booty Diver Coming To Wii U This Summer

Xavier Orion Games has announced that its upcoming underwater adventure, Super Booty Diver, will launch this summer in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U. Equipped with a harpoon and a limited amount of air, players will be able to explore underwater worlds and hunt for booty while avoiding the perils of the water. The game includes more than 50 levels, 2D pixel art and an NES-style chiptune soundtrack. It also includes support for the off-TV play feature via the Wii U GamePad.

Toki Tori 1 Still Heading To Nintendo 3DS

Two Tribes has revealed that it still plans on bringing Toki Tori 1 to Nintendo 3DS. The developer is working with Engine Software on the forthcoming hand-held port of the puzzle game. To progress through Toki Tori, players must pick up each egg in a level using a set number of tools, and they will have to look and plan ahead carefully while using items such as the Telewarp, Freeze-o-Matic and InstantRock. Two Tribes recently confirmed that Toki Tori 2 won’t be released on 3DS.

Themes Based On Metroid And Kid Icarus Hit The Nintendo 3DS Theme Shop

Nintendo has released additional Nintendo 3DS themes based on NES classics Metroid and Kid Icarus. The new themes are now available in the handheld’s Theme Shop. 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS users can customize their system by applying themes to their HOME Menu background, icons and folders. The Theme Shop also includes special themes based on other classics such as Mario and The Legend of Zelda series that come with music, sound effects and animations.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Website Updated With New Screenshots And Artwork

xenoblade_chronicles_3d_artworkMonolith Soft has updated the official website for its upcoming Wii U game, Xenoblade Chronicles X, with a slew of new screenshots and artwork. Exclusive to New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D will launch on April 2nd in Europe and April 10th in North America. The upcoming remake invites players to explore vast landscapes and beat down foes in battles that blend real-time action with RPG strategy. It introduces a new model viewer, which allows you to look over animated models of both enemies and allies. For more on Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, be sure to check out our review.

New Action-Puzzler Pazuru Revealed For Nintendo 3DS

Game designer Jay van Hutten and developer Moragami have teamed up to work on Pazuru for Nintendo 3DS. The game is described as an easy-to-learn but hard-to-master action-puzzler. It revolves around a ninja named Pazuru, who is challenged to use his acrobatic skills to twist, bounce and toggle his way to collect all of his lost stars in as few actions as possible. Pazuru will launch on March 26th in Europe via the Nintendo eShop, with a North American release to follow.