Target Gives Official Statement On Rosalina Amiibo

Understandably it seems that many are confused regarding Rosalina & Luma pre-orders at Target. The retailer had them in stock one minute and promptly sold out leaving many frustrated. The company has now confirmed that both Target stores and will be selling the units on February 1st 2015.

“Rosalina Amiibo pre-orders were available on and based on guest demand, sold out quickly. Target stores and will begin to sell actual units on February 1, 2015.”

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Toys R Us: Lucario Amiibo Pre-orders Are Not Being Cancelled

Toys R Us have thankfully confirmed to Joystiq that the Lucario cancellation emails were part of a technical error that plagued the company’s system. So there you have it. If you pre-ordered Lucario with Toys R Us your pre-order should be absolutely fine.

“We apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused pertaining to customers’ amiibo pre-orders. Please know that we are working on an email communication to all customers effected, which will provide instructions on how we plan to fulfill their order.”

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Nintendo Goes To War And Says Nintendo Platforms Have The Best Games Available

Nintendo of America has declared war on the other console manufactures by producing the infographic which you can see above. The company says there are more great games on Nintendo platforms than anywhere else and has stats and figures to prove it. Thankfully it’s all done in a nice way, but it does prove a point that the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS are home to some great games.

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New Themes Are On The US Nintendo 3DS Theme Shop

Well, those Nintendo 3DS themes you’ve been waiting for have arrived in the US. There’s an assortment of themes including a lovely blue Super Mario theme and also the Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D theme. Each theme is available on the Nintendo 3DS Theme Shop for $1.99. Which theme are you going to purchase?

  • Super Mario: Blue
  • A Merry Mario Holiday
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf: Jingle’s Toy Day
  • Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D

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Nintendo UK Highlights 10 Most Confusing Gaming Terms For UK Parents

A recent study conducted by Nintendo UK, in conjunction with Netmums, the UK’s fastest-growing online parenting organisation, has shown that 63 per cent of children across the UK consider themselves fluent in the language of video gaming, compared to just 11 per cent of parents surveyed. However 42 per cent of parents surveyed have never tried to learn any gaming terms, with some stating they feel too old to start or claim it simply isn’t important for them and they leave it to their kids to understand.

Although the study showed that over half (57 per cent) of UK parents still enjoy playing video games with their children, almost one in five (17 per cent) UK parents admitted to avoiding playing video games with their children solely due to their lack of gaming knowledge.

The below list shows the 10 most confusing gaming terms for UK parents surveyed, who recognised the terms but were unable to define them:

  • MMORPG – Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game – 53%
  • Twitch – Live streaming video platform / community – 50%
  • Blue-Shelled – Suddenly being knocked out of first place when you’re about to win (Mario Kart reference) – 50%
  • (J)RPG – (Japanese) Role-Playing Game – 43%
  • UGC – User-Generated Content – 39%
  • Backward Compatible – A newer gaming console that supports games or software designed for older models of hardware – 34%
  • Camping – Staying in one spot on a map in a game to gain an advantage- 33%
  • NPC – Non-Playable Characters – 32%
  • FTW – For The Win – 30%
  • FPS – First Person Shooter – 28%

Netmums worked with Nintendo to analyse the data from the research that was conducted through surveying over 1,700 parents across the UK.

On the back of this recent finding, Nintendo has now developed a gaming terminology guide that parents can view on The research stated that 57 per cent of UK parents would find a gaming terminology guide useful and think it could be an extremely helpful resource to have to hand. The terminology guide is addressing this need and helping parents become savvier with gaming terms and maybe even impress their children with their gaming knowledge.

Siobhan Freegard, Co-Founder Netmums states that ““Gaming terminology can make parents feel extremely alienated and perhaps a little scared about what their children are doing on line. It’s great to have this reference tool, which is live on, to break down those barriers and help all the family get involved in the fun.”

Shelly Pearce, Marketing and PR Director at Nintendo, notes “Nintendo realises that not everyone is tech-savvy, however we are keen to make gaming as inclusive as possible. Along with the help of Netmums, we have looked to address this via the introduction of our gaming terminology guide. This will hopefully ensure that the whole family feels confident gaming together and can focus on having fun!”

New Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Trailer Gives Tips On Mirage Spots, Secret Bases, And More

The Pokémon Company International just released a new trailer with tips and tricks on how Trainers can complete some of the game’s side quests and strengthen their team even further. The video features:

  • How StreetPass can help Trainers encounter up to 10 Mirage Spots a day
  • Where certain Mega Stones are hidden throughout the Hoenn region
  • How to receive partner Pokémon like Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott
  • Fun mini games that help Trainers build up their own Secret Bases while discovering others

Those Toys R Us Amiibo Cancellations Apparently Due To Delays And Constrained Supply

A number of you contacted me to say that Toys R Us were cancelling your Amiibo pre-orders and purchases. It was initially presumed that this was due to a technical error that had cancelled a number of Wave 2, 3. and Lucario Amiibo pre-orders. Now it’s being reported that those who managed to contact Toys R Us customer service were actually being told that the company had received notice by Nintendo of a product delay and that Amiibo were being cancelled as a result until they had a clear indication of how much stock they were going to get in. There’s now speculation that Wave 3 may be held back until beyond February to ensure that there’s enough Amiibo figures to go round.

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