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Yahoo Claims “Pokemon Is Killing Nintendo Because It Is Selling Too Well”

An odd article has popped up online, thanks to Yahoo. The article states that the Pokemon franchise is killing Nintendo simply because it’s selling too well and enables the company to keep its head in the sand. The publication suggests that Nintendo needs to get with the  times and put its beloved franchises on smartphones and tablets as its missing out on billions of dollars in new revenue and depriving a generation from playing their much-loved games.

Here’s A Look At The Nintendo Day Celebrations In Canada

Nintendo Canada deemed November 21st as Nintendo Day and had a huge public event to celebrate the release of Super Smash Bros on the Wii U and Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire on the Nintendo 3DS. The countdown event saw a large number of attendees that were undoubtedly happy to get hands on with some of the latest and greatest Nintendo games. You can check out the fun-filled event in the video embedded above.

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EB Games Canada Claims Nintendo Won’t Be Making More GameCube Adapters At The Moment

We’ve already learned that the GameCube adapter for Super Smash Bros Wii U is in short supply in the United States and Canada, now EB Games Canada says that Nintendo Canada have stopped producing them for some unknown reason. You may have noticed that the GameCube adapters were back in stock on earlier today, but now they’re out of stock or available at a pretty price from a seller.

GameStop Is Now Cashing In On The Cubic Ninja 3DS Exploit By Dramatically Raising Price

Good ole GameStop is currently cashing in on the Cubic Ninja home-brew craze for the Nintendo 3DS. The 2011 game allows people to crack into the Nintendo 3DS and run both homebrew applications and emulators. GameStop were previously selling the game used for $5 but is now selling it for $39.99 used. This isn’t the first time they’ve raised prices on games that prove to be popular or in short supply. They passed of Xenoblade Chronicles as used and sold it for $89.99. Here’s what the retail chain previously told Polygon.

“As always, our pricing for these games is competitive and is based on current market value driven by supply and demand,” GameStop’s statement explained. “PowerUp Pro members always receive a 10 percent discount and earn PUR points on pre-owned purchases.”

Watch Dogs Wii U Fails To Impress Digital Foundry As Not Quite As Good As Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3

Those tech analysts over at Digital Foundry have put Watch Dogs on Wii U through its paces and the results aren’t exactly pretty. The game doesn’t appear to run as well as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game, let alone the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The publication says there’s a lot of frame rate drops, but visually it matches the PlayStation 3 version. Here’s their analysis.

“Put into perspective, the PS4 operates at 30fps throughout most of our tests, while the PS3 runs between 25-30fps during cut-scenes, but can drop lower during gameplay. However, Nintendo’s platform struggles to even achieve this level, with matching car chases towards the city holding at between 20-25fps on Wii U- dipping to the high teens when smashing through physics-based objects.”

“Remarkably, a 20fps refresh is often the standard for inner-city driving, making it exceptionally sluggish to control. The Wii U also takes the record for the lowest frame-rate dip during our stress test finale, with a sustained sub-20fps frame-rate once we take a rocket launcher to a pile-up of police cars (whereas PS3’s nadir is 20fps). This one test isn’t indicative the general run of play, but it serves to highlight just how much the Wii U’s processor is bottlenecked when faced with too many AI and physics-based simulations. Curiously, Nintendo’s platform runs with no frame-rate lock, meaning it can rise above 30fps. The near-constant playback at 20fps makes this a rare sight, but you can catch it if you glance upwards at points.”

“With a visual standard that matches the PS3’s in almost every area, the Wii U offers by no means the best way to play Watch Dogs. We’re spared the heavy tearing of Sony’s last-gen console but the v-synced playback on Nintendo’s console comes at a high cost. As is the trend for many of the ports to Nintendo’s platform, performance is a genuine issue. To an extent, having an off-TV play option for Watch Dogs is plus, in much the same way it is for most Wii U editions of last-gen games. However, it’s clear the touchscreen aspect of Nintendo’s controller is under-utilised. It’s been an extra six month wait for Wii U owners, but this hasn’t manifested in any kind of tangible boost, leaving us feeling somewhat disappointed.”