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Nintendo America Announces NES-Styled 3DS XL Edition, Launches October 10

nes_3ds_xlNintendo together with GameStop have announced a new NES-Styled 3DS XL Edition today. The special edition will be sold exclusively at GameStop and will launch across North American stores on October 10. The hardware is modeled after Nintendo’s iconic NES controller and the box looks like an NES system – it will retail at a suggested price of $199.99.

The NES 3DS XL Edition marks the second team-up with GameStop retail stores, as earlier today a new Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth 3DS XL Edition was revealed at this year’s GameStop Expo, which will launch alongside the game on November 25.


Persona Q: Shadow Of The Labyrinth 3DS XL Revealed For North America

persona_q_3dsA new Persona Q 3DS XL bundle has been announced for North America and is exclusive to GameStop stores. The new edition – which will not come packaged with the game – was revealed during this year’s GameStop Expo, which is taking place at the Anaheim Convention Centre in California. The special Persona Q 3DS XL Edition will launch November 25, with pricing set at $199.99 RRP, and joins the previously announced Wild Cards Premium Edition from Atlus. Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth will release November 25 for North America, while it will arrive November 28 for those in Europe.


Sherlock Holmes And Iris Watson Confirmed For The Great Ace Attorney, Targets Spring 2015 Japan Release

iris_watson_ace_attorneySherlock Holmes and Watson – the superb and well-loved detective duo – will appear in the next Ace Attorney game. According to Famitsu magazine scans, yesterday’s rumoured Holmes and Watson will work side by side in The Great Ace Attorney: The Adventures of Ryunosuke Naruhodou. It’s currently unknown how large a part the duo will play in the 3DS spin-off title, however recent translations have confirmed a few details.

Described in Famitsu, Holmes is “The most famous detective in the world. His unparalleled observation and deductive skills see not only the ‘truth’ but sometimes go beyond the truth and become a ‘rampage of logic.’ He resides in London.” While Iris Watson – an 8-year-old girl with incredible intelligence – lives with Holmes and “holds a medical Ph.D. at the age of 8, and wrote the novel series, ‘The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.'”

Additional information is due to be shown during the Tokyo Game Show, so we may get a clearer indication then as to what role Holmes and Watson will play in the title. The Great Ace Attorney: The Adventures of Ryunosuke Naruhodou is due to be released Spring, 2015, for Japan. Make sure to check out the gallery below for the full-sized scans.


Sakurai Teases Smash Bros Demo For Western Audiences, Plus Demo Footage

A Super Smash Bros. demo for the Nintendo 3DS hit the Japanese eShop earlier today, but the game’s director has since teased fans that the demo may yet come to the west. In his daily Miiverse post, Masahiro Sakurai shared details on the upcoming brawler’s demo, including the fixed rules on the Battlefield stage.

Further down his post, the director mentions that those “outside of Japan” should “stay tuned for more news about the demo”. Given the October 3 release date for Europe and North America, there’s still plenty of time to squeeze in a demo for fans. Plus, if you wish to view the demo in all its glory, you can check out Tilmen from Nintendomination’s footage in the video embedded above. Here’s what Sakurai said on Miiverse:

Users in Japan, you can now download the demo for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS! You can pick among 5 fighters with which to play. The stage is Battlefield, and the rules are fixed. There will be a few items and assist trophies available too. You can battle via local wireless, so have fun battling with your friends. For users outside of Japan, stay tuned for more news about the demo for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.


The only mode available on the demo version is Smash, but I also left open a feature called Tips. Just remember to tap that button. You’ll figure the rest out once you do.


New Miiverse Update Improves Post-Filtering Function, Plus Other Minor Changes

A new Miiverse update has been rolled out today – and, as always, Marty is on hand to give us all the necessary details. Changes have been made to the post-filtering function on both Wii U and 3DS versions of Nintendo’s social network. Users will now find two tabs displaying player posts and popular posts – selecting the player posts will filter into the following categories, with the screenshot posts a new addition in today’s update:

  • All posts (no filtering)
  • Player posts
  • Screenshot Posts
  • Posts with a tag (Question, Impressions, Accomplishment, and so on)

Miiverse users will also find that a reminder function has now been added to the “saved posts” area on the Nintendo 3DS version. A notification will pop up in your saved posts list saying, “There are posts in the Saved Posts list, which you can check here.” Selecting this will enable users to post such saved posts directly to their activity feed.

And finally, the web version of Miiverse has changed slightly, coming into line with the Wii U and 3DS versions. Users will now find a profile settings option, as well as a larger displayed version of their designated favourite post.


Square Enix Momentarily Halts Dragon Quest X 3DS Shipments Due To Server Overload

Square Enix has temporarily halted new shipments of Dragon Quest X for the 3DS due to in-game difficulties with streaming. The massively multiplayer online RPG was released last week in Japan, but a huge influx of players has since seen the 3DS version plagued with a multitude of server issues. Given it’s one of the first 3DS titles to use a cloud streaming service, the high demand of users has caused considerable problems, with many unable to log onto the game at peak times.

With the first shipment reportedly sold out within the game’s debut week, halting new shipments will allow Square Enix to focus on the current consumers, rather than trying to tackle additional problems in the servers with many more users. The publisher has also stated that those who have played a number of hours within the game will be reimbursed with free game time, so as to allow fair usage when the servers are operating smoothly.


Feast Your Eyes On A New, Creepy Fatal Frame Japanese Trailer

Nintendo of Japan has uploaded a brand new overview trailer for Fatal Frame: The Black-Haired Shrine Maiden. Currently exclusive to Japan, the survival horror game’s four-and-a-half minute trailer introduces players to the main characters, the trickster ghosts, and the Wii U GamePad camera feature. We don’t want to spoil the creepy atmosphere, so make sure you check out the video embedded above.

Aside from the trailer, Nintendo has also begun advertising the upcoming horror game by releasing two new TV commercials, showcasing the GamePad’s features. Both advertisements are similar and can be found in Nintendo’s playlist, here. Fatal Frame will arrive for the Nintendo Wii U on September 27 for Japan. It’s not yet known whether the game will be released for western audiences.