Palutena Amiibo Will Be Available For North American Fans On Amazon Shortly

Amazon will open orders for their timed Palutena amiibo sale very soon. North American amiibo collectors will shortly be able to purchase Kid Icarus’ Goddess of Light exclusively from the online retailer at 2pm PT or 5pm ET. So make sure you get your details at the ready and are logged into your account to secure your order. With many amiibo still hotly sought after across a number of regions, Palutena – although “ample” in quantity – is guaranteed to sell quickly, with Amazon stating the following below. You can purchase Palutena at the link here, when the event goes live.

Purchases are limited to 1 per customer, and 1-Click Ordering will be disabled for this item. Please make sure you’ve updated your credit card and shipping information to help you move quickly through the checkout process.

We have ample quantities of this amiibo, but we still expect to sell out. Please act quickly at 2:00 p.m. PT on Friday for your best chance at buying Palutena. Demand is expected to be very high, and there’s no guarantee that she will remain in stock for long.

Earlier today, the Nintendo UK store updated its amiibo selection and added the likes of Shulk, Rosalina and Luma and Meta Knight back into their stocked ranks. Though the above mentioned have long since sold out, a number of characters are still available for purchase, including Palutena.

Nintendo’s Miiverse Redesign Will Arrive On July 29

Nintendo will unleash its new Miiverse hub next week. According to an official post by Nintendo’s Erika, the redesign will arrive for all of the social network’s users on Wednesday, July 29. If you’ve got any last well wishes or drawings tucked up your sleeve, perhaps post them to your activity feed as a reminder to all of your followers and friends. As of next week, users will no longer be able to post in their activity feeds and are only able to view them as part of light-hearted nostalgia.

As we detailed in a previous post, all Miiverse users will now be under a comment and posting restriction, only allowing up to a combined 30 in one day. Given the considerable backlash from fans, Erika stated the company’s reasons earlier this week as to why such restrictions were put in place for the community, and said:

“Over time, some people have started using Miiverse for other things, such as long chats that are not strictly game-related. These posts would prevent others from enjoying their favourite communities to the fullest. In order to keep Miiverse game-centred for you, we decided to redesign Miiverse, which includes introducing the posting limitation.”

It’s clear Nintendo want to freshen Miiverse with the redesign, offering up a new play journal which allows users to directly open Miiverse and log their thoughts while playing a game. But the sheer amount of complaints tells a different story among fans.

Nintendo UK Store Has Restocked Its Amiibo Selection, Includes Jigglypuff, Ness & Charizard

amiibo_selectionThe official Nintendo UK Store has restocked its amiibo selection and includes the likes of Jigglypuff, Ness and Charizard. Announced via the Amiibo UK Facebook page a mere few hours ago, all of the amiibo in the above image were available on the Nintendo UK store. The rarer amiibo, such as Rosalina and Luma, Meta Knight and Shulk, vanished at the drop of a hat to eagle-eyed fans. But fortunately for those without hawkish senses, many of the previously out of stock amiibo are now available to purchase here at the standard RRP price, £10.99.

As always, if you’re hoping for a specific amiibo, make sure you purchase yours quickly to avoid disappointment. Remember that each amiibo is only one per customer and can only be delivered to a residency inside the UK. Did you manage to grab an elusive Rosalina and Luma, or perhaps another figure? Let us know in the comments below.


FreakZone Games Announces Sequel To Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures

FreakZone Games has announced a sequel to Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures. During an appearance at SGC 2015, which is taking place at the Embassy Suites Dallas-Frisco Hotel and Convention Center from today until July 19, the indie developer revealed to the fans attending and later via Twitter that Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures 2 is on its way.

While the Cheltenham-based developer has yet to unveil which platforms the game will be arriving on, the first title was released on both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U eShops. Were you a fan of the first retro-styled NES platformer? Let us know if you purchased the game in the comment section below.

GameSpot’s The Point Uploads Touching Feature Video To Honour Satoru Iwata’s Life

With Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata’s passing earlier this week, there has been an incredible outpouring of respect from friends, his colleagues, industry journalists and gaming fans across the world. Following Iwata’s funeral today – of which up to 4,000 people attended – and in honour of the former CEO, GameSpot’s video feature The Point has dedicated its weekly segment to exploring the life of Nintendo’s respected game designer and leader.

In the touching ten minute video, GameSpot’s Danny O’Dwyer takes fans from Iwata’s original game coding roots, his journey with Hal Laboratory’s Kirby, Super Smash Bros and Game Freak’s Pokemon series, and finally to his position at the helm of Nintendo. O’Dwyer manages to weave Iwata’s life together effortlessly in a wonderful tribute to Satoru Iwata. You can view the feature over at GameSpot, here, and we’ll make sure to embed the video above when it’s live on YouTube.

Nintendo UK Streaming On Twitch From Hyper Japan

Nintendo UK is currently streaming a fair few games on its Twitch channel as part of this year’s Hyper Japan. The event – which celebrates Japanese culture, entertainment, cosplay and the Arts – is taking place at the 02 Arena in London this weekend and will see thousands of Brits and fellow tourists pass through its doors until Sunday, July 12.

As part of the annual event, Nintendo UK are exhibiting many games shown from this year’s E3 in Los Angeles, including Super Mario Maker and Star Fox to name but a few. So if you’ve not managed to pop by and visit Hyper Japan in London this year, you can view Nintendo UK’s Twitch channel and see some of the upcoming Wii U and 3DS games in play all weekend. Soon the team will be streaming some Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, though some photos of the event can be viewed on the company’s Instagram page, here.

Nintendo of Europe Announces Splatoon’s Next Splatfest For July 18

Nintendo of Europe has announced its next Splatfest will take place next Saturday. Following the success of the first event, which asked Splatoon fans if they preferred Pop or Rock music, the latter team winning, Nintendo of Europe are now asking fellow squidlings if they prefer eating or sleeping. It’s a tough choice to make, though we’re betting teams will be skewed in favour of one option once again.

Splatfest will take place for European Wii U owners on July 18 at 7pm CEST / 6pm BST until July 19 at 7pm CEST / 6pm BST. So make sure you fire up Splatoon and pick a team within Inkopolis Plaza before the event takes place. Nintendo of America announced its next Splatfest will also take place at a similar time, kicking off on July 17. US Splatoon fans must choose between delightful Water Slides and exciting Rollercoasters. Let us know which team you’ll be opting for in the comment section below.

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