Nintendo Minute Unboxes Fire Emblem Fates Plus Giveaway

If you’re a fan of the Fire Emblem franchise then you’re going to want to watch the latest episode of Nintendo Minute. The hosts, Kit & Krysta, have gotten their hands on Fire Emblem Fates and have produced a lavish unboxing video. But that’s not all, as there’s a special competition running which gives fans the chance to win the Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition bundles. Check out the latest Nintendo Minute video, below.

The Legend of Legacy Is Out Now in Europe

NIS America have announced that The Legend of Legacy is now available in Europe along with a brand new character trailer.

“We are very happy to share that The Legend of Legacy is now available in Europe! Developed by a core group of legendary developers, this classic turn-based RPG makes it way to Nintendo 3DS today as both a physical and digital release.”

“In The Legend of Legacy, seven adventurers — Liber, Meurs, Owen, Bianca, Garnet, Eloise, and Filmia — arrive on the mysterious island of Avalon to pursue their own agenda as explorers. They team up with two of the other adventurers to achieve  their objectives — be it exploring the island for treasure, looking for the “god” on the island, or recovering  lost memories. But things change when they discover a singing stone that causes the party to see phantasms of Avalon’s forgotten history.”

Here’s the character trailer featuring Owen, Eloise and Filmia:


Source: NIS America PR


Video: New Bravely Second Trailer – Introducing Yew Geneolgia

A new Bravely Second: End Layer trailer has been uploaded to the Nintendo UK YouTube channel, introducing the captain of the Crystalguard’s Three Cavaliers – Yew Geneolgia.

The clip shows snippets of Yew’s dialogue, revealing his nervous side as he goes it alone to storm the Skyhold. Check out the trailer below:

Bravely Second: End Layer is due for release on February 26 for Europe and April 15 for North America.


How ‘Skinship’ Works In Fire Emblem Fates English Release

One thing that Fire Emblem fans were a little miffed about was the reported removal of the petting mini game in Fire Emblem: Fates. Despite previous reports the “skinship” encounters in Fire Emblem Fates have not been removed for the English version. They’ve just been changed and adjusted. You can see how they work in the video embedded, below.

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Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Badges Are Now Available In Nintendo Badge Arcade

Zelda fans will be happy to know that Nintendo Badge Arcade now features badges from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD. Like all badges, they can be used to customize your Nintendo 3DS HOME Menu. Some can even be used as an icon to start up a program such as the handheld’s camera, music and Nintendo eShop applications. Nintendo Badge Arcade can be downloaded for free via the eShop.


More eShop Maintenance Happening On Monday

If there weren’t already enough reasons to love Mondays, here’s another: Nintendo has announced that their console-based shopping networks will be undergoing maintenance. As always, this affects both the Wii U and 3DS eShop, as well as the Wii Shopping Channel, and DSi Shop–all of which will be unavailable for a few hours. You can see the times for your area below.

  • 12 PM – 4 PM PT
  • 3 PM – 7 PM ET
  • 8 PM  – 12 AM GMT
  • 9 PM – 1 AM CET


Nintendo President Outlines His Strategy

Tatsumi Kimishima has outlined his strategy as president of Nintendo and says that young staff including developers are the key to the company’s future success. He also said that he wants the developers to be better known and public-facing. Kimishima says My Nintendo will also be vital to Nintendo’s success and the company wants to create a connection with its large customer base. He also clarified that the Quality of Life initiative is currently on the back burner.

Kimishima: Yes, when I became President, I said that it was my role to continue the strategy established under the prior management. From this point, we need young people to come in as a new generation and give lots of new ideas. It’s important to create an organization in which they can thrive. To do so, we’ve established a system in which many people with potential can play active roles. It may be hard to see from outside the company, but our organization has changed greatly. We also want more game developers to become known, so we’ll be sending more out to be public-facing. As for strategy, our hardware/software game business is central, but we’re integrating smart device activities into our actual business, and will derive synergies between them. My Nintendo is an important part of that. We want to create connections with customers by having them become My Nintendo members. Also, although QOL wasn’t asked about we’re not at the stage for the sleep and fatigue [sensor] to become a product, so it won’t be released (as a product) by March. We do, however, think that we can do something in the area of QOL, so we will continue to consider expanding into this field.

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