Capcom Developers Show How Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Takes Advantage Of New Nintendo 3DS

Wondering how the New Nintendo 3DS improves the experience of playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate? Then be sure to check out the video above. One of the integral features in the ability to use the C-Stick, but if you’re not quite ready to bite on a New Nintendo 3DS just yet, you can get away with using the Circle Pad Pro. You’ve also got the Super Stable 3D which improves the 3D viewing angle when the action gets too fast and frantic. The game launches on February 13th alongside the New Nintendo 3DS and Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

Persona News Livestream Happening On February 4th

Here’s some great news for Persona fans as Atlus has announced that there will be a Persona news livestream taking place on February 4th. The company says there will be a slew of new announcements for the franchise. It’s going to be a marathon stream which will last for over 30 hours, featuring content that will “spare no expense at conveying the charms of the Persona.” The stream will begin at 11:00pm EST on Tuesday night.

Shin Megami Tensei IV On Sale In Europe £11.69 Until January 29th

Want to land yourself a fanatic JRPG for a cheap price? Well look no further than Shin Megami Tensei IV which is on sale on the European Nintendo 3DS eShop. You can grab the critically acclaimed role-playing title for just £11.69. The game is only on sale until January 29th, so you haven’t got too much time to decide.

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Best Buy Has Begun Cancelling Majora’s Mask New Nintendo 3DS Orders And Giving Out $50 Gift Card For Inconvenience

A number of you have contacted me to say that Best Buy have canceled your New Nintendo 3DS Majora’s Mask edition consoles. The issue is is that it’s affecting those who only pre-ordered one system. As compensation the retailer has started to issue a $50 gift card as a way of saying sorry. It’s not clear why, but I’d assume they took too many pre-orders and don’t have the stock to fulfill them.

We’re sorry but there is an issue with your pre-order. The popularity of Nintendo 3DS XL Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Limited Edition Gold/Black exceeded the quantities made available to Best Buy. As a result, we are unable to fulfill all of the pre-orders received. We regret that your particular order has been canceled and we know that this is disappointing. We want to make it up to you by offering a $50 discount that may be used towards the purchase of one of these alternate options, or other products on

Thanks to all those who sent this in.

Gamestop Is Apparently Reopening Majora’s Mask New Nintendo 3DS In-Store Preorders

Good news for those of you still anxiously waiting to get the limited edition New Nintendo 3DS Majora’s Mask edition. US retailer GameStop has apparently reopened in store pre-orders for the system. If you’re lucky enough you may be able to get one, but you’ll have to be quick. The console is in high demand.

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Nintendo Was The Number One Video Games Publisher In Japan During 2014

It probably won’t come as too big a surprise to many, but Famitsu has revealed that Nintendo was the number one video games publisher in Japan during 2014. You can check out the best-selling video games in Japan during 2014 below, but note that these figures do not include digital downloads. Bundles are included.

01. [3DS] Yo-kai Watch 2: Ganso / Honke <RPG> (Level 5) {2014.07.10} (¥4.937) – 3.050.178
02. [3DS] Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire <RPG> (Pokemon Co.) {2014.11.21} (¥4.937) – 2.464.850
03. [3DS] Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate # <ACT> (Capcom) {2014.10.11} (¥6.264) – 2.381.177
04. [3DS] Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS <FTG> (Nintendo) {2014.09.13} (¥5.616) – 2.066.022
05. [3DS] Yo-kai Watch 2: Shin Uchi <RPG> (Level 5) {2014.12.13} (¥4.968) – 2.007.327
06. [3DS] Yo-kai Watch <RPG> (Level 5) {2013.07.11} (¥4.800) – 994.346 / 1.280.799
07. [WIU] Mario Kart 8 # <RCE> (Nintendo) {2014.05.29} (¥6.156) – 842.053
08. [3DS] Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Iru to Ruka no Fushigi na Fushigi na Kagi # <RPG> (Square Enix) {2014.02.06} (¥5.490) – 748.139
09. [3DS] Kirby Triple Deluxe <ACT> (Nintendo) {2014.01.11} (¥4.800) – 687.957
10. [WIU] Super Smash Bros. for Wii U # <FTG> (Nintendo) {2014.12.06} (¥7.776) – 478.366

Top 5 Publisher

1. Nintendo – 8.380.000
2. Level 5 – 6.210.000
3. Bandai Namco – 4.810.000
4. Capcom – 3.440.000
5. Pokemon Co. – 3.020.000

Other info

Software sales were 87,3% compared to last year.
Hardware sales were 93,5% compared to last year.
Overall sales were 91,0% compared to last year.
The market declined another year.

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Nintendo Was The Number One Publisher In France During 2014

France loves Nintendo. That’s what we can gather from the sales data handily provided by French publication Le Figaro. Nintendo beat the likes of EA and Ubisoft to become the number one video game publisher in the country. It’s not just video games that are selling well, it’s also Amiibo. You can can check out all the juicy sales data below.

  • Nintendo was #1 publisher with almost 4.5m games sold in 2014, second year in a row. EA and Ubisoft are #2 and #3
  • In the Top 20 for 2014, 8 games are from Nintendo
  • Pokémon OR/AS was their #1 games with over 476k sold.
  • Tomodachi Life is at 439k on Dec. 31st, over 450k right now (quite popular with children and young girls)
  • Smash Bros. 3DS is at 279k (good word of mouth)
  • Wii U is at over 510k, #2 behind PS4 but still better than XB1 (roughly 430k iirc). That’s below their expectation (~550k by the end of 2014).
  • Smash Bros + Wii U bundle accounted for 1/3 of Nintendo’s total HW sales during the last 2 weeks of the year.
  • Wii U is +40% YoY.
  • 240k Wii U sold in 2014
  • Mario Kart 8 sold 346k
  • amiibo at 200k
  • 20k amiibo sold last week. Right now, most people buying them do so for collecting. So this year, they’re gonna emphasize the use in games.
  • MM3D N3DS already out of stock
  • Betting big on MH, which usually sells 100k/game.

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