Code Name STEAM Will Apparently Get A Demo On eShop Via Download Code


I’m not sure about you, but I’m itching to try out Code Name: STEAM on the Nintendo 3DS. Thankfully it seems as though there’s going to be a playable demo for a select few. The codes are apparently being distributed by GameStop via some snazzy cards to certain customers. If you’ve managed to snag one then you’ll know that you can’t download the demo just yet, but hopefully you’ll be able to redeem it sometime soon.


Thanks, Kyle

Super Smash Bros Was Possibly Going To Get A Rhythm Heaven Character And Dr Mario Stage

Super Smash Bros fans have discovered that the latest edition to the series was originally going to have a Rhythm Heaven character included. It was also discovered that a stage based on the Dr Mario series was also planned. Of course these could come at a later date as additional downloadable content, but Super Smash Bros producer Masahiro Sakurai has stated that he has no plans for DLC.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley’s First DLC Pack Arriving January 27, Will Be Free To Download

Publisher Natsume has announced the first DLC pack for 3DS game Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley will be arriving January 27 for North America. And as a gift to fans, the publisher has revealed the first DLC pack, which features a number of new outfits and an additional hairstyle, will be free to download. Further DLC packs will be available in the coming months, with more information due soon. Fans will be able to access the new content from the eShop tomorrow. As for Europe, Natsume has yet to pin a specific release date for Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley, though it is scheduled for the first quarter of 2015.

Two More NES 3DS Home Menu Themes Arriving In Euro eShop Later This Week

Nintendo of Europe has offered a whole host of 3DS home menu themes over the past few months – and adding to the ever-growing list are two more NES backgrounds. NES Fire Mario and NES Balloon Fighter will be available from Friday, January 30, at the regular €1.99 / £1.79 in the Nintendo eShop and theme store. Both backgrounds join last week’s three NES themes including, Donkey Kong, Ice Climbers and Kid Icarus’ Pit. You can take a look at the new themes in the image above.

Zelda Majora’s Mask New Nintendo 3DS XL Bundle Available To Pre-Order Again On Nintendo UK Store

Update: It appears the bundle has sold out once again. 

The official Nintendo UK store has made available the New Nintendo 3DS XL Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D special edition once again on its website. For those avid Legend of Zelda fans who were unlucky the first time around, the luxurious golden New Nintendo 3DS XL – featuring Majora’s Mask on the front cover – can now be pre-ordered.

Along with a free charger, the console also comes with an exclusive Skull Kid figurine, as well as a pre-installed copy of Majora’s Mask 3D for £209.99. You can pop in your pre-order quickly by visiting the UK store’s website, here. Please remember that the Nintendo UK store only ships its physical products to residents in the UK.

Capcom Developers Show How Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Takes Advantage Of New Nintendo 3DS

Wondering how the New Nintendo 3DS improves the experience of playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate? Then be sure to check out the video above. One of the integral features in the ability to use the C-Stick, but if you’re not quite ready to bite on a New Nintendo 3DS just yet, you can get away with using the Circle Pad Pro. You’ve also got the Super Stable 3D which improves the 3D viewing angle when the action gets too fast and frantic. The game launches on February 13th alongside the New Nintendo 3DS and Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

Persona News Livestream Happening On February 4th

Here’s some great news for Persona fans as Atlus has announced that there will be a Persona news livestream taking place on February 4th. The company says there will be a slew of new announcements for the franchise. It’s going to be a marathon stream which will last for over 30 hours, featuring content that will “spare no expense at conveying the charms of the Persona.” The stream will begin at 11:00pm EST on Tuesday night.