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Rune Factory 4 Has Sold 200,000 Units In Japan

Marvelous AQL has announced a milestone mark for Rune Factory 4 and has sold 200,000 copies in Japan. The simulation game has also had equal success in North America where it faced numerous stock issues at retailers. But even uttering the name of the title in Europe is quite possibly a sore spot for fans following the game’s cancellation.

However, if you’re lucky enough to own a Japanese 3DS and haven’t yet purchased Rune Factory 4, it’s prime time to do so. With the milestone mark achieved Marvelous AQL are launching a two-week sale for the game, where it will be discounted to half price. Starting April 23 until May 7, Rune Factory 4 will be available to download in the Nintendo eShop for 2,685 yen compared to the usual 5,369 yen. Plus if you are fluent in Japanese, you can check out Marvelous’s video above in celebration of the achievement. 


Paper Mario-Inspired Game Upside-Down Dimensions May Come To Wii U

Upside-Down Dimensions has been announced by developer Hydra Interactive Entertainment for a number of platforms, with a possible release on Wii U. The title, which draws inspiration from games like Paper Mario and Pokemon, is an action RPG set in a paper world. It focuses on two characters, Ryuu and Keiko, who have been separated into different dimensions and must fight their way through a world in danger of being consumed by evil. Upside-Down Dimensions is slated for a 2015 launch.


Storm In A Teacup Confirms Next-Gen Visual Novel Nero For Wii U

Italian indie developer Storm in a Teacup has announced that its new project Nero is coming to the Nintendo eShop on Wii U. Described as a next-generation visual novel, the game is also in development for other platforms, but the Wii U version will contain elements that utilize the Wii U GamePad. For example, user interface icons will be laid out on the controller’s touch screen, rather than obstructing the player’s view on the main display.

“NERO is a wonderful journey in a world of incredible beauty where a kid is the key to all locks and the night is not as frightening as we all could think,” reads the game’s official description. “NERO is about love. NERO is about faith. NERO is about feelings. NERO is about questions that need answers.”


Retro City Rampage: DX Trailer Underlines First Update

Vblank Entertainment has released a new trailer for Retro City Rampage: DX. The one-minute video showcases the new content featured in the Nintendo 3DS title’s first update. Highlights of the new version are the inclusion of Parking Garages, Waypoints and a Jukebox. It was recently revealed that the game’s first month on 3DS exceeded the sales of the Xbox 360 version.


Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate Wii U Version Delayed For Europe

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has delayed the European Wii U version of Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate – Deluxe Edition. The 2.5D game has been pushed back to “later in April”, according to the publisher, though a reason has not been specified.

Warner Bros. European division appears to be hitting complications on a frequent basis as Scribblenauts Unlimited also suffered from a lengthy delay, releasing a year after the North American version. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate launched today in North America for the Wii U and can be purchased straight from the Nintendo eShop at $19.99.


Two Tribes Announce Permanent Price Drops On Games Trio For Europe, North America

Two Tribes has announced permanent price drops on a trio of games within both the European and North American eShops. From Thursday as part of this week’s Nintendo download, fans of the indie developer will be able to purchase Rush, EDGE and Toki Tori for the prior “Early Bird” price of £1.79/ €1.99/$1.99 instead of the usual £3.59/ €3.99/ $3.99 on the Wii U eShop. Additionally, gamers will be able to grab EDGE on the 3DS eShop for exactly the same price. Let us know if you’ll be purchasing any of the Two Tribes games in the comments below.


Open-World Platformer Twisted Fusion Announced For Wii U

Twisted Fusion has been announced for the Nintendo eShop on Wii U. Developed by one-man studio Leuvision, the title is an open-world action platformer that stars a girl named Cora, who uses dual water pistols as her primary weapons. The game features a day-and-night cycle and weather system, with altering environments based on the time and climate. For example, rain affects characters’ behaviors and larger enemies are seen at night. Twisted Fusion’s release is slated for Q4 2014.


Two Tribes Confirms Swords & Soldiers HD For Wii U eShop In April/May

Two Tribes have confirmed that Swords & Soldiers HD will be released on the Wii U eShop sometime during April/May. The developer says its just something to tide fans over until Swords & Soldiers 2 is released. The development studio says they have teamed up and upgraded it so it feels right at home on Wii U. Here’s how it makes use of the Wii U GamePad and HD capabilities of the system.

  • The classic Swords & Soldiers experience.
  • Playable with custom touch scheme on Gamepad.
  • Playable with Wii remote on TV.
  • Multiplayer mode combining GamePad and TV.
  • High res HD graphics compared to SD Wii release.
  • Expected release end of April / Early May.
  • Low TBA introduction price.
  • The ultimate BBQ sauce.

Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball Launches April 3rd In The Nintendo 3DS eShop

Rusty’s_Real_Deal_Baseball_screenshotNintendo has announced the release date for Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball. The sports title will be available April 3rd in the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS. The game stars a miserable doughnut-loving mutt named Rusty Slugger, and features a collection of baseball-themed minigames. Players will be able to share their high score achievements with other 3DS users via the StreetPass feature. Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball was originally announced during last month’s Nintendo Direct broadcast.


Sonic Lost World Zelda DLC Available To Download For Free Tomorrow, March 27

In its exclusive partnership with Nintendo, SEGA has revealed brand new DLC for Sonic Lost World. The DLC was hinted at back in December’s Nintendo Direct when Yoshi’s Island DLC was unveiled to fans, but now SEGA has unveiled the Hylian landscape in a special Legend of Zelda zone trailer.

The Legend of Zelda zone will be available for free exclusively on the Wii U version of the game, where it can be downloaded straight from the Nintendo eShop. Fans of both series will be excited to find the level can be openly explored with Sonic in a handsome Link costume, while rupees, heart containers and some enemies can be found within the zone as well. Plus, there’s no time limitations, allowing you to explore secret areas and a mini dungeon. Sonic Lost World: The Legend of Zelda zone DLC will be released tomorrow, March 27, exclusively on the Wii U eShop.