Here’s the Best-Selling Games For August 2015 In Japan

Famitsu has detailed which video games sold the most in Japan during the month of August. You will notice that eight of the games in the top ten are actually for Nintendo platforms, which is good news indeed for the Kyoto based company. It’s Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer which has proved to be the best-seller for the month of August selling an impressive 995,943 physical, 42,908 digital. Anyway, here’s the best-selling video games for the month of August in Japan.

1. [3DS] Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer 1,038,851 (995,943 physical, 42,908 digital)
2. [3DS] Dragon Quest VIII – 645,710 (615,651 physical, 30,059 digital)
3. [3DS] Yo-kai Watch Busters – 344,758 (329,394 physical, 15,364 digital)
4. [WIU] Splatoon – 177,295 (153,041 physical, 24,254 digital)
5. [3DS] Super Robot Wars BX – 118,778 (110,879 physical, 7,899 digital)
6. [3DS] Rhythm Heaven: The Best Plus – 96,906 (92,846 physical, 4,060 digital)
7. [PSV] Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition – 49,365 (42,291 physical, 7,074 digital)
8. [PSV] IA/VT Colorful – 45,536 (42,653 physical, 2,883 digital)
9. [WIU] Mario Kart 8 – 41,477 (40,126 physical, 1,351 digital)
10. [3DS] Cube Creator 3D – 39,358 (N/A physical, 39,358 digital)
11. [3DS] Battle Cats – 37,893 (N/A physical, 37,893 digital)
12. [3DS] Fire Emblem If – 36,947 (32,781 physical, 4,166 digital)
13. [PS3] Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi – 33,514 (32,890 physical, 624 digital)
14. [PS4] Dragon’s Dogma Online – 32,894 (32,894 physical, N/A digital)
15. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf – 30,381 (25,313 physical, 5,068 digital)
16. [PSV] Luminous Arc Infinity – 28,895 (26,293 physical, 2,602 digital)
17. [3DS] Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire – 27,044 (26,642 physical, 402 digital)
18. [WIU] Yoshi’s Woolly World – 26,386 (25,951 physical, 435 digital)
19. [PSV] Taiko no Tatsujin V Version – 24,772 (23,075 physical, 1,697 digital)
20. [3DS] Cho Tousouchuu Atsumare Saikyou no Tousousya Tachi – 24,159 (23,453 physical, 706 digital)
21. [3DS] The Great Ace Attorney – 21,132 (16,781 physical, 4,351 digital)
22. [PS4] Until Dawn – 19,834 (17,852 physical, 1,982 digital)
23. [3DS] Monster Hunter 4G (Best Price!) – 18,912 (16,968 physical, 1,944 digital)
24. [PSV] Date A Live: Twin Edition – 18,269 (17,084 physical, 1,185 digital)
25. [PS4] Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi – 16,901 (15,445 physical, 1,456 digital)
26. [3DS] Super Smash Bros. for 3DS – 16,660 (15,812 physical, 848 digital)
27. [PS4] Batman: Arkham Knight – 16,653 (14,878 physical, 1,775 digital)
28. [3DS] Ultimate NES Remix – 15,974 (14,195 physical, 1,779 digital)
29. [PSV] Ray Gigant – 15,019 (13,472 physical, 1,547 digital)
30. [3DS] Girls Mode 3 – 14,258 (13,351 physical, 907 digital)

Note that these sales are based on data between July 29 and August 30.

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Phil Spencer: Console Wars Are “Unhealthy For Our Industry”

GameSpot has recently published an interesting interview with the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer. During the insightful interview Mr. Spencer acknowledged that the long running console wars on the internet are ultimately bad for the video game industry and even goes as far as to say that they are really unhealthy.

“I’ve said before, the one thing that I probably find a little distasteful in the discourse around games is the divisiveness that people try to build between platforms. It becomes more about what piece of plastic I own than what games I’m playing. It becomes more about somebody else failing than the things I love succeeding. I don’t think that’s a good place for our industry. I know that’s not everybody, and it’s easy to find the pockets of that vitriol and kind of think that that is gaming, but I’m not going to embrace that. I’m going to actively push against that. People sometimes will make fun of me that I mentioned Sony or I mentioned Nintendo. It’s not to placate anybody or make them think I’m some kind of good guy. My job isn’t really to keep you from buying something else. My job is to make you proud of what we offer, and to give you an enjoyable experience with the product we have. That’s 100% of what I’m focused on.”

“The things that are keeping me up at night are really all about that, and it’s the great thing about this industry, as I’ve said many times, is you do earn every customer. There’s nothing that I own that makes you have to go buy Halo. You’re going to buy Halo 5 because you love it, or you’re not because you don’t. That’s just a fantastic part of the industry that we’re in, and I fully embrace that. I’m trying to keep our organization and, hopefully, our fans, out of that type of stuff, because I think that’s just incredibly unhealthy for our industry.”


NPD: Mobile Most Popular Platform For Gaming For Children Aged 2-17

The NPD Group has revealed the unsurprising news that smartphone and tablets are the most popular gaming platform for children aged 2-17 in the United States. The NPD Group’s recent report titled Kids and Gaming 2015 mentioned that 63 percent of kids said they play games on a mobile device. As we already know Nintendo has teamed up with DeNA to produce Nintendo branded IP for smartphones. We also know that the Pokemon Company has a brand new Pokemon title in development exclusively for smartphones titled, Pokemon Go. The first of Nintendo’s mobile and tablet games will be coming later this year.

  • 63 percent of kids said they play games on a mobile device.
  • 45 percent of kids use a home PC for gaming, a drop of 22 points since 2013.
  • The decline is most prominent among children ages 2 to 5.
  • Video game consoles are also losing ground — used by 60 percent of kids surveyed compared with 67 percent in 2013.
  • Around 41 percent of the kids surveyed by NPD said they spend more time playing games on mobile devices than they did a year ago, with the average amount of time per week growing to six hours.
  • The amount of money kids spent on digital games over the past three months climbed by $5 to $13.


Here’s Gametrailers Top 10 Anticipated Games Of Fall 2015

There’s a number of high-profile releases this holiday season so Gametrailers have taken it upon themselves to rank the ones they are looking forward to the most. You will notice there are a couple of Nintendo titles included in the list with  The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes for Nintendo 3DS sitting at number ten and Xenoblade Chronicles X at number nine. Here’s the games they are looking forward to this Christmas.

10 – The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes
9 – Xenoblade Chronicles X
8 – Halo 5: Guardians
7 – Yakuza 5
6 – SOMA
5 – Rise of the Tomb Raider
4 – Just Cause 3
3 – Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void
2 – Fallout 4
1 – Star Wars: Battlefront

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GameStop Won’t Sell Console Bundles That Include Digital Game Codes

It was only a matter of time, but popular US retailer GameStop has confirmed during its earnings report conference call that it will no longer stock console bundles that include digital download game codes. As I’m sure the majority of you are aware most bundles theses days are digital and it’s a rare occurrence when the bundle has a physical disc complete with box. The company will only stock physical game bundles whether that’s from console manufacturers or creating their own third-party bundles.


Check Out The Top 20 Best-Selling Video Games Of 1st Half Of 2015 In Europe

Wondering which video games have sold the most during the 1st half of 2015? Well, we now know thanks to GamesMarkt magazine. There’s been a number of big releases this year for various formats, so it is good to see some Nintendo titles such as Super Smash Bros and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D appear in the charts. You will also see that Nintendo is listed as the second biggest publisher in Europe during the very same time period.


Top 10 Publisher
Software Market Share – Value

01 (01) Electronic Arts – 15,05% (18,58%)
02 (03) Nintendo – 12,57% (12,32%)
03 (06) Take-Two Interactive – 10,79% (5,77%)
04 (10) Bandai Namco Entertainment – 9,52% (3,18%)
05 (07) Warner Bros. Interactive – 9,35% (5,26%)
06 (02) Ubisoft – 8,67% (15,07%)
07 (04) Activision Blizzard – 8,19% (9,76%)
08 (05) Sony Computer Entertainment – 7,62% (7,54%)
09 (09) Microsoft – 3,08% (3,59%)
10 (__) Bethesda Softworks – 2,50%


Video: Here’s The Outstanding Voice Cast For LEGO Dimensions

LEGO Dimensions will be with us soon and the team has revealed the phenomenal voice cast that will feature in the Toys to Life based game. There’s a number of familiar actors and actresses including Chris Pratt, Tara Strong, Michael J. Fox and Peter Capaldi. The new title from the LEGO Company fuses together 14 fan-favourite universes from film, television and video games.

  • Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd who played Marty McFly and Doc Brown, respectively, in the Back to the Future films have rerecorded and reprised their roles in LEGO Dimensions.
  • From The LEGO Movie, Chris Pratt returns as Emmet, Elizabeth Banks as Wyldstyle, Alison Brie as UniKitty and Charlie Day as Benny, among other actors from the film.
  • Chris Pratt is Owen Grady and Irrfan Khan is Simon Masrani from Jurassic World, along with other members of the film’s original cast.
  • Peter Capaldi is the Twelfth Doctor, Jenna Coleman is Clara Oswald, Michelle Gomez is Missy from Doctor Who, and many other original actors from the long running British science fiction television series have also returned to voice their characters in the game as well.
  • From the world of DC Comics, Troy Baker is Batman and Tara Strong is Harley Quinn.
  • Stephen Merchant is Wheatley and Ellen McLain is GLaDOS from the Portal video game series.
  • And as part of the original LEGO Dimensions story, Joel McHale is X-PO, the game’s robot guide, and Gary Oldman is Lord Vortech, the evil mastermind who seeks to control the LEGO Multiverse.
  • LEGO Dimensions will include many other famous voice actors in addition to those featured in the video. Members of the original cast of Ghostbusters, The Lord of the Rings, The Simpsons and Scooby-Doo will also be reprising their roles for the game!