Here’s An Interesting Project Combining YouTube And Splatoon With Multiple Cameras

YouTube is testing out camera-changing tech on the popular video streaming service. The company recently teamed up with Nintendo and some prominent YouTubers to demo the super colourful action packed, Splatoon. YouTube’s new multicam functionality allows viewers to swap angles from player to player and even team to team at any point during the match, all in sync. I’m not sure how well this will work embedded so you might want to watch the video on YouTube.

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AMAZE-INK MAY For Splatoon Comes To An End On Nintendo Minute

AMAZE-INK MAY has come to an end on Nintendo Minute. The final video released as part of the month-long promotional period for Splatoon focuses on the newly-released shooter’s online component. Players can challenge others online in four-on-four turf wars, and unleash squid powers to ink their way to victory. Every splat of ink you spray gives you a chance to transform into a squid and hide, climb walls or travel at super speed. Splatoon is available now in stores and on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U.

Is Animal Crossing For Wii U Coming Soon?

Engadget has recently published an interview with Hisashi Nogami on the release of Splatoon during which he talks about a number of subjects. Interestingly, Nogami is asked at the end of the interview when we will see Animal Crossing on the Wii U. Nogami responds by saying that it is difficult for him to answer that question at this moment in time. I think it’s safe to say we should hear some news next month at the Nintendo E3 Digital Event.

So my very last question then is: When are we going to see Animal Crossing on Wii U?

Hisashi Nogami: Well, that’s difficult for me to answer at the moment! Yup. That’s pretty much all we can say.

What I will say is that you may have seen an announcement recently about an Animal Crossing product coming out on the 3DS… I can tack that on to the end of my response.

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New Super Nintendo Game Funded For Wii U eShop Release


Everyone, say hello to Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death! It’s the latest Super Nintendo game, due to come out in early 2016! Yes, that’s right, on SUPER NINTENDO!

The adventure/puzzle game is comprised of ten stages and contains a classic 16-bit glow that will be sure to delight traditionalists. The best part? The game plugs right into your Super Nintendo console — it comes in a legit Super Nintendo cartridge, and ships with a box and manual straight out of 1993. Niche, yes, but totally brilliant too!

If you’re unfortunate enough to lack a working Super Nintendo in your home, breathe a sigh of relief and know that the game is also to be released on the Wii U eShop, funded by a Kickstarter. I don’t know about you, but I find that the Super Nintendo is the pinnacle of gaming, so this game is right up my alley!

Splatoon Takes Over Adrenaline Alley Skatepark

To help promote Splatoon in the United Kingdom, Nintendo UK decided to splat Adrenaline Alley in Corby. As you can see from the video posted below, the skatepark was transformed by some talented artists. Adrenaline Alley will also have 4 Wii U pods and copies of Splatoon to get people playing Splatoon over the summer period. The video features one of the UK’s best girl skateboarders Lois Pendlebury, Tom Bailey and Sam Pulley who are part of the Pixels crew and finally Salar Kooshiki who is an up and coming skater. The skate park is to remain transformed for the entire summer, so if you have a chance make sure you get yourself down there.

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Here’s The Welcome To LEGO Jurassic World Game Trailer

One game that could shape up to be rather promising this year is the latest game in the immensely popular LEGO series. The latest entry is based on the forthcoming Jurassic World movie which is due to be released this June. Warner Bros has given us a sneak peek at what the actual park and the attractions that you’ll be able to participate in look like remodelled in LEGO. Be sure to give it a watch.