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Sakurai Sounds Like He’s Absolutely Exhausted By Super Smash Bros Development

We can all guess just how complex it is to develop Super Smash Bros on two separate platforms and it sounds as though it has taken a toll on Sakurai’s life. Writing in his weekly Famitsu column, Sakurai says that development of Super Smash Bros has destroyed his private life as he’s had to put so many hours into fine tuning the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U version so it’s a quality product. Here’s what he had to say.

“As a result, I work from mornings to late nights, even on weekends and holidays. I hardly have any free time, let alone time to play other games.”

“Towards the end, there were instances where I would work for 40 hours straight and then take 4 hours off to go home and sleep.”

“I’m not young anymore so I can’t push myself like I did then, but I feel that the busyness due to the sheer amount of features [in the games] was much greater this time around. My routine was trying to complete my daily work every day while doing my best to maintain my health day after day.”

“I’ve passed my limit long ago.” Sakurai wrote. Even after the Wii U version of the game comes out, Sakurai still has follow-up work to do. “I wish I had time to think about what I want to do from here, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to be the case.”

“I believe I should be thankful that I am given such funds to be able to use such iconic characters and content that represent Japanese games with such freedom, and have multitudes of people across the world play with them. I’m not depressed and I continue to remain healthy and positive, but developing Smash Bros. is beyond hard.”


Splatoon, Yoshi’s Woolly World, Mario Maker, Project Guard, Coming To US First Half Of 2015

Nintendo has outlined its release schedule for next year. While none of the big games have been tied down with a precise date, the Kyoto based company says that Wii U titles Splatoon, Mario Maker, Yoshi’s Woolly World and Project Guard will be coming to the United States and Europe during the first half of 2015. The company also revealed that Code Name STEAM and Fossil Fighters Frontier will be coming 2015 for the Nintendo 3DS.


You Will Be Able To Pre-Download Games On Your Wii U And Nintendo 3DS To Play At Launch

Fed up queuing up for a game to be the first to play it? Well Nintendo has announced that you’ll be able to pre-download games on your Wii U and Nintendo 3DS so you can play them as soon as the game officially launches. You are already able to do this on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so it’s great to hear Nintendo is joining the party. The first game to make use of this feature on Wii U will be Super Smash Bros. Nintendo 3DS titles won’t be ready till next year.

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UCraft Takes To Kickstarter

Nexis Games Studio has announced that they’ve taken to Kickstarter to gain some funding for the ambitious title UCraft. The company says it needs help creating the art, music, design and engineering to give consumers a great project when the game launches next year. The Kickstarter launches later today and the page is here.

“Nearly 8 months ago Nexis Games Studio began work on UCraft and ever since then it has been our goal to deliver the best experience possible and to be as forth coming as possible with our beloved gaming community. As many of you know Video Game design can be a very expensive venture especially with a games like UCraft, The Dance of the Damned and Ride. Right now I am a one man studio and not only am I responsible for all financial expenses but I also handle all of the Programming, Art, Game Design, Music Engineering, Social Media, Trailers and Paperwork.”

“That said Nexis Games is preparing our first KickStarter campaign for UCraft because we need your help to make this game great. UCraft deserves nothing but the best in Art, Music, Design and engineering and with your support we can make it happen! By supporting this KickStarter you ensure that UCraft will be great and something that we as Nintendo Lovers can be proud to call our own.”

“As an added benefit those who purchase a Digital Copy of UCraft through our KickStarter will receive access to an exclusive texture pack that will only be available to Backers. As always we thank you for your support and we look forward to supporting the Wii U for many years to come!”


7.29 Million Wii U Consoles Have Been Sold Worldwide Since Launch In 2012

During Nintendo’s Quarter Two Earnings Report the company revealed that 7.29 million Wii U consoles have been sold worldwide since the console launched in 2012. However, with the recent Xbox One price cut it’s thought that Microsoft’s latest console will soon overtake the Wii U. Microsoft announced that the Xbox One sold 5 million units back in August. Sony has revealed that its PlayStation 4 has sold 10 million units worldwide.

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Nintendo UK Online Store Offering Mario Kart 8 Wii U Mega Bundle For £299.99

Nintendo UK has revealed a brand new Mario Kart 8 bundle is now in stock at the official online store. The new mega bundle features the Mario Kart 8 premium Wii U bundle, which comes with 32GB of storage and a physical disc of the popular racing title, a red Mario wheel for all your in-game anti-gravity thrills, a Mario Wii remote, and a Mario decal for your GamePad. But if you still can’t get enough of the red-capped plumber, you can always dress up for the occasion with a Mario hat, while leaping into play with Cat Mario and friends in Super Mario 3D World.

Exclusive to the Nintendo UK online store, this ultimate Mario Kart 8 bundle can be purchased for £299.99. With big savings on an impressive deal, it’s perfect for the upcoming Christmas season. You can take a look at the bundle, here.