Iwata Says “Wii U Is Not Over Yet” More Unannounced Titles To Be Announced

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata says that the Wii U isn’t going anywhere yet despite only managing to shift 9.2 million units since launch in 2012. Iwata told Japanese news publication Sankei that there are many more unannounced titles in development for the platform. So yeah, the Wii U isn’t going anywhere. Hopefully we will see some of these unannounced games at E3 in Los Angeles this June.

“Wii U is not over yet. I want to continue to build on playing on people’s high expectations [for the system].”

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New Details Revealed For Xenoblade Chronicles X In Latest Famitsu Issue

A whole host of new details have been unveiled for upcoming Wii U game Xenoblade Chronicles X in the latest issue of Famitsu. The Japanese magazine has dedicated 10 pages to the RPG’s vast world, including tidbits such as the ability to customize your player avatar extensively with varying options for skin colour, hair style, eye colour, and so on. According to translations, the game will also include avatar voice styles from famous voice actors, though these will be announced on the official website at a later date.

Xenoblade Chronicles X will also feature approximately 90 different songs, the introduction of several different “unions” to join when taking on new quests with characters, as well as a new healing system named “Soul Voice”, which abandons the need for healers. And given it’s an open world game, the scope players will have in the world is unparalleled since the map is five times larger than Xenoblade Chronicles Wii. In fact, Famitsu also mentions director Tetsuya Takahashi logged over 300 hours within the game. Below you’ll find a summary of the newest details expected in Xenoblade Chronicles X.

  • There are supposedly 8 unions your player avatar can join. You can join any within the game and can change union depending on what your goal is. They include (loosely translated as): Path Finder, Colepedian, Interceptor, Land Bank, Avalance, Arms, Testament, Companion.
  • Player Avatars have many different options to customize, including hair colour and style, eye colour, gender, race, and so on.
  • The Wii U GamePad will display the map, as well as show character and quest locations. It also gives you the ability to touch tap a previously visited location and warp to it.
  • Online functionality, some passive options
  •  Battles are faster-paced
  • 4-player party is an option, AI controls other three.
  • Introduces a new healing system called Soul Voice, no healers needed.
  • 90 different songs in-game.
  • New characters include Nagi and Guin.


Wii U Has Now Sold 9.2 Million Units Worldwide Since 2012 Launch

The Wii U’s life-to-date sales now stand at 9.2 million units worldwide following Nintendo’s Q3 financial results report today. Over the holiday season, the console – which has never had the easiest of runs – sold 1.91 million units during the three months between October and December 2014. It’s also a significant boost on last year’s figures, too, which saw 2.41 million units sold between April 1 to December 31 2013, while the same nine-month period during 2014 saw 3.03 million units sold.

These figures, however, are still a long way off the competitive path with Sony and Microsoft, the former announcing double the Wii U’s sales for the PlayStation 4 at the beginning of January. Yet with Nintendo revising the Wii U’s software sales and increasing the estimated projection figure to 25 million units for the financial year, there’s a very good chance the console will break the 10 million unit sold barrier in the months to come.

Earlier today, Nintendo also announced Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros for Wii U were its most successful titles on the console. The flagship racing title has sold 4.77 million units worldwide since release, while the fan-favourite brawler came in with 3.39 million units globally. You can view a full rundown of the company’s Q3 results in our report, here.

Nintendo Reports A Profit In Q3 Financial Results As Wii U Sales Remain Steady

Nintendo has published its earnings for the third quarter of the financial year today and has reported a positive boost in profit. In the nine months between April 1 and December 31, the company saw a substantial boost in its operating income – otherwise known as the nuts and bolts of the business – and reached 31.6 billion Yen ($267.4 million / €245.6 million / £176.3 million), a healthy profit in comparison to Q2’s earnings which saw losses of 215 million Yen.

Due to a continuously weakened Yen, Nintendo’s overall net profit during these nine months escalated, particularly in comparison to its 14.3 billion Yen profit during Q2 earnings, and recorded 59.5 billion Yen ($503.7 million / €444 million / £332.1 million). Here, the gaming giant has essentially quadrupled its net profit earnings within the three months from October to December 2014.

In terms of hardware sales for the Wii U, the console remains steady and on target to reach its estimated sales projection of 3.6 million units this financial year. Though the console hasn’t had the easiest of runs, the Wii U currently stands at 3.03 million units – with 1.91 million units sold between October 1 and December 31. According to the report most of the console’s sales came from North America and European regions, while the Japanese gaming market floundered heavily. Life-to-date figures for the Wii U now reach 9.2 million units.

Sales for the 3DS, however, are not as light and breezy. In Nintendo’s second quarterly report, the handheld console had decreased in sales despite its “extremely strong” records for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. Between April 1 and December 31, the 3DS sold 7.08 million units, over half of which came from sales over the holiday season. Nintendo, in light of this hardware decrease, has revised the original 12 million unit forecast down to 9 million units for the 2014 – 15 financial year.

Going forward then, Nintendo has increased the software sales for Wii U by 5 million units, projecting 25 million units as of today. Currently software sales stand at 20.59 million units and are sustained largely by big-hitting titles such as Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros for Wii U. On the other hand, software sales for the 3DS total 53.04 million units over nine months. The company’s estimated sales projection for software, much like its hardware, has been revised from 67 to 61 million units.

Let us know your thoughts on Nintendo’s Q3 financial report in the comments below. And providing you’ve had enough time to digest the information above, you can also view a snippet of Nintendo’s report below.

During the nine months ended December 31, 2014, for “Nintendo 3DS,” “New Nintendo 3DS/New Nintendo 3DS XL,” launched as the newest members of the “Nintendo 3DS” family in Japan in October, got off to a good start and continued to sell well. However, as sales of the “Nintendo 3DS” hardware in the United States and in Europe, where “New Nintendo 3DS/New Nintendo 3DS XL” were yet to be launched, did not grow sufficiently, the global sales of the “Nintendo 3DS” family hardware were 7.08 million units.

As for the “Nintendo 3DS” software, “Pokémon Omega Ruby/Pokémon Alpha Sapphire” and “Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS” enjoyed robust sales with 9.35 million units and 6.19 million units sold respectively, while titles such as “Tomodachi Life,” “Mario Kart 7” and “Pokémon X/Pokémon Y” showed steady sales. There were also a number of hit titles from third-party publishers in the Japanese market. As a result, the global sales of the “Nintendo 3DS” software were 53.04 million units.

With respect to “Wii U,” Nintendo released two big titles, “Mario Kart 8”and “Super Smash Bros. for Wii U,” which enable family members and friends to have fun together in their living rooms. These titles sold 4.77 million units and 3.39 million units globally, and the global sales of the “Wii U” hardware and software reached 3.03 million and 20.59 million units respectively.

Analysts Say amiibo Sales Have Been ‘Somewhat Disappointing’

Some analysts have brought up concerns that Nintendo may not have a strong lineup of Wii U games for the current year and beyond, following last year’s releases of blockbusters like Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Mario Kart 8. Analysts are also saying that sales of amiibo have been “somewhat disappointing,” despite Nintendo selling more than two million figures in under two months in the U.S. alone.

Splatoon Will Be At Apex 2015

Nintendo of America has confirmed that Splatoon will be playable at this year’s Apex event. The company invites attendees to get some quality hands-on time with the demo which was featured during E3 last year. Guess this is the surprise game we were all waiting for.

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Mutant Mudds Super Challenge Announced For 3DS And Wii U

Mutant Mudds developer Renegade Kid has revealed a brand new game in the series will be arriving for 3DS and Wii U later this year. The news was shared via the Mutant Mudds official Twitter account, while Renegade Kid’s director and co-founder Jools Watsham dished out some details of the new platform title.

Mutant Mudds Super Challenge is set to live up to its name and will feature 40 of the most difficult levels players will ever encounter. Designed for those who mastered the original game in the series, Super Challenge is an extra “stepping stone” for fans and does not replace Mutant Mudds 2, which is still in development for the 3DS. The first details of the hard-as-nails platformer will be in the latest issue of Nintendo Force.