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Club Nintendo US Isn’t Taking Orders For Physical Rewards Until May 13th

Nintendo has confirmed via the Club Nintendo website that they won’t be taking anymore orders for physical rewards until May 13th.  The company says that while physical rewards won’t be available, there’s still a collection of great digital games that you can download instantly.

“Orders for physical rewards are currently closed while we update our systems. But there’s good news: We’ll be accepting orders again starting May 13. We’ve also got great digital games that you can download instantly, so check ‘em out.”

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Here’s Some Shovel Knight Offscreen Footage From PAX East 2014

Youtube user ThirdRateMinion managed to record some footage from the long-awaited Shovel Knight at this year’s PAX East event. The video showcases a new level, so it’s certainly worth a watch. Shovel Knight still doesn’t have a release date and the official Twitter account tweeted, “The game is practically done every day. Due to the uncertain nature, I can’t set a day to know when the specific day is.”


New Miiverse Update Stops Users From Posting To Others In Quick Succession

Nintendo has rolled out a new Miiverse update today and Marty is on hand to divulge the details in the community forum. For those who often access Miiverse on the go from smartphones or the internet, you’ll be pleased to hear there’s now an option to access posts only from verified users. To enable the feature just select “posts from verified users” icon at the top of the community screen and an update will never pass you by again.

The second feature, as Marty explains, is an update to the community search function, allowing you to search for communities by software title. It will affect all versions of Miiverse and, subsequently, means users can no longer post numerous comments in a short space of time on someone else’s post.

According to the update, Miiverse users will have to wait for up to three minutes before being able to post again. However, this only affects other people’s posts, since you can post as many times as you like on your own. Of course, the update will be put to great use in terms of moderation, but it may break up the conversational flow for other users. What do you think to the new update? Let us know in the comments below.

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Capcom Looking To Reveal Resident Evil 7 At E3?

 Sankei financial newspaper is reporting that there’s a possibility that Capcom may reveal the next entry to the Resident Evil franchise at E3 in June. Whether it’s insider information, or just a rumour that the paper has picked up on, remains to be seen. However, it seems reasonably likely that we will see some sort of Resident Evil title at E3 as Resident Evil 6 launched back in 2012.

And then there’s the matter of E3. Set for June, the publisher plans to show off a major game of some sort for the PS4. Fans are getting increasingly hyped up for the event, as they take it to mean that a new Resident Evil game is on the horizon.

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Ubisoft’s Next Just Dance Title Could Be Named “Just Dance Now”

Ubisoft has reportedly registered various domain names for its next Just Dance title. Spotted by eagle-eyed reporters, Just Dance Now could be the next rhythm-boogie title to hit console platforms. On March 20, Ubisoft Entertainment Sweden AB registered the domain title, as well as .org, .fr and .de, but a quick visit to any of these sites will leave you hanging at a Ubisoft 404 error page. Last year, Ubisoft unveiled Just Dance 2014 at E3, so it’s likely we’ll hear official confirmation from this year’s event in June.


Mario Kart 8 Demo Coming To The Wii U eShop?

A recently-surfaced rumor has suggested that a Mario Kart 8 demo will be available for Wii U owners. The unconfirmed demo will apparently launch in the Nintendo eShop and is said to contain more than three tracks. Nintendo has yet to announce whether it will release a demo of the upcoming racing title via its online marketplace. Mario Kart 8 is also rumored to feature a Grand Prix mode that supports up to four players. The full game arrives May 30 in stores and in the eShop.


Nintendo Says Super Nintendo Remix Depends On Fan Support

NES Remix director Koichi Hayashida was asked by IGN whether he had thought about bringing a Super Nintendo Remix to the Wii U. Hayashida says that he would love to embark on that project, but says it’s really dependant on the fans. He was also asked by the publication as to whether he had considered including non-Nintendo games like Mega Man, Castlevania, and Contra. Here’s his response.

 “Well personally I’m a fan of those games, and I like them a lot,” Hayashida said. “If there’s a big enough outpouring of support for these titles, it’s something I’d like to take a look at.”

Well, personally, I have a large desire to explore that very idea,” he explained. “But it really harkens back to the answer I just gave. Does the marketplace want it or need it?”


The Under Performing GameCube Sold Double The Amount Of Units Wii U Has In The Same Time Frame

Nintendo World Report has put together an interesting feature comparing Nintendo home console sales from their second March on the market. It makes dismissal reading for the Wii U which saw the under performing GameCube sell double the amount of units that Wii U has during the same time frame.

Sales from the Wii U, Wii, and GameCube from their second March on the market:

  • Wii U (March 2014) – 70,000
  • Wii (March 2008) – 721,000
  • GameCube (March 2003) – 165,000

Taking it a step further, here’s where each of those three systems were at sales-wise overall at those same points:

  • Wii U – Between 5 and 6 million units worldwide as of March 2014
  • Wii – About 25 million units worldwide as of March 2008
  • GameCube – About 9.5 million units worldwide as of March 2003 (Update from NWR: We originally had 14.5 million units for GameCube but we were mistaken. Thanks to all who pointed out the correction.)