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Thomas Was Alone Takes The Leap To Wii U This November

London-based developer Curve Studios has announced that Thomas Was Alone will head to the Wii U next month. The endearing platform-puzzle game tells the tale of Thomas – an AI being shaped as a red rectangle – who must find his friends, and together find a way to escape the hazardous levels in each area. Featuring voice-over by the talented Danny Wallace, Thomas Was Alone was originally released on PC back in July 2012 and went onto considerable success, selling one million copies on various platforms.

Now, Curve Studios aims to release the successful indie game on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Wii U with an attractive £6.99 / $9.99 price tag. You can check out some gameplay for the charming title above. Thomas Was Alone will arrive in November for North America and Europe.


New Minecraft-Inspired ‘Stone Shire’ Planned For Wii U

A new title – which is heavily inspired by Minecraft – code-named Stone Shire could make its way onto the Wii U in the near future. Developed by two-man team Finger Gun Games, Stone Shire will lead its players straight into a voxel-based fantasy game with promises of many dwarves, elves, hobbits and goblins roaming the land. Players will be able to choose their class, from pointy ears to hardened feet, but you won’t be able to level your characters. Instead, you’ll seek just rewards from discovering new items, your individual creations, and world exploration.

Created in Unity, Stone Shire is planned for the Wii U, though Finger Gun Games may reach out to 3DS players if it garners enough success on the eShop. But the sandbox-style game will have to face off competition with the recently announced U Craft by Nexis Games, a straight up Minecraft clone. Various screenshots are available on the developer’s Facebook page, while the video embedded above shows some rough footage of the game. Let us know your thoughts on the fantasy-based Minecraft title in the comments below.


Grab The Wonderful 101 For $23 On Amazon And More Deals

Looking for some stellar Wii U titles that are not only great but also cheap? Well Amazon has you covered. You can get The Wonderful 101 from Platinum Games for $23 and also New Super Mario Bros U for a mere $31. Here’s the Wii U games currently on sale on Amazon.

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Kamiya Says Multiple Publishers Turned Down Bayonetta 2

Platinum Games producer Hideki Kamiya has reiterated to fans that a number of publishers turned down Bayonetta 2 and it was only Nintendo that stepped in to help. Kamiya took to Twitter to announce the information after receiving multiple requests to bring the game to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Here’s what he said.

“I think I have discussed this many times before but here goes… First of all, we [Platinum Games] are developers and receive support from publishers by making games that they request or suggest.”

“As for Bayonetta, we developed the game after signing a deal with SEGA. Later it was decided to also develop the sequel, so we started working on Bayonetta 2.”

“When development had progressed to a certain degree, in SEGA’s situation it turned into “This isn’t a good plan”, so development halted temporarily.”

“Without funding we didn’t have the possibility to continue development, but we wanted to get this partially developed Bayonetta 2 available to the public one way or another. So we offered it to various publishers, but as it is a big title, we couldn’t find a partner company. Finally, Bayonetta 2 was about to get terminated completely, when…”

“Nintendo came in and lent a hand and we were able to restart the development we so desired. Finally the game was released last week, so in five years, we were able to make Bayonetta 2 available to the public.”

“Knowing those circumstances, if someone is still angry for heading towards Nintendo, I wonder what’s the reason for that, wouldn’t you tell me in a way that is easy to understand?”

“As I have said earlier, if you want Bayonetta 2 on PS4 or Xbox One, how about trying to ask Nintendo… If Nintendo doesn’t say yes, it’s not going to happen… While you’re at it, try asking for Mario and Zelda too…”


Check Out Volga’s Relentless Destruction In New Hyrule Warriors’ Trailer

Koei Tecmo has uploaded a new character trailer for the fire-breathing villain Volga. As one of the main antagonists from the Dynasty Warriors and Zelda mash-up, Hyrule Warriors, he relies solely on vicious attacks to swallow up his enemies on the battlefield, sadly to the detriment of the Goron race in the above trailer. By using his magical ability to transform into a dragon, Volga has the advantage of blitzing enemies from within his own whirlwind of destruction.

As part of free DLC arriving in North America and Europe, Hyrule Warriors’ fans can download Cia, Volga, and Wizzro as playable characters on October 16. If you missed Cia’s character trailer yesterday, make sure you check it out, here. With two of the main antagonists receiving trailers, Wizzro should certainly be next in line.


Orbital Gate From Star Fox Assault Revealed As Exclusive Wii U Smash Bros Stage

A new Wii U-exclusive stage has been revealed today for Super Smash Bros. The game’s director Masahiro Sakurai unveiled the Orbital Gate stage in his daily Miiverse post, giving fans a few details on how the area will be used in the forthcoming brawler. The Orbital Gate, which made its first appearance in Star Fox: Assault for the Nintendo GameCube, was the main hub during the Aparoid Invasion. While missiles are flying in from the aparoids, Star Fox and his defense team ward off their enemies in a frenetic battle.

Given the stage’s first appearance in the Super Smash Bros franchise, Sakurai has taken the time to describe what players will see during the many battles on the stage. It’s not the first time we’ve seen a screenshot from Star Fox: Assault either, as the director teased an image of the Great Fox earlier this year. Here’s what he said over on Miiverse, along with the fantastic screenshots:


“This is the Orbital Gate stage. This is a Wii U version-exclusive stage reenacting Team Star Fox’s defense of the Orbital Gate from an Aparoid missile attack.”


“Missiles are launched towards the Orbital Gate! The force field shields the machinery for a while, and the missiles eventually get shot down by team Star Fox. Overall, this stage feels like a ride. It’s pretty hectic, so hold on tight!”


“The Arwings are passing through the gate! And the fighters hop on for a free ride!!”


Armikrog Launches Early 2015 On Wii U

Pencil Test Studios has revealed that it is planning to release Armikrog on Wii U in early 2015. In its latest Kickstarter update, the developer confirmed the Wii U version of the adventure title will contain exclusive features. The game is set to make its debut by the end of this year on PC, Mac and Linux platforms. Armikrog will be available on Wii U through the Nintendo eShop.

“A quick update to let you all know that we’re still knee-deep in clay, working towards getting the game done,” said Pencil Test Studios. “Things are moving quickly here, and while there’s still a lot to do, we’ve decided that we can all sleep AFTER the game is released. We’re still targeting the release of the PC, Mac and Linux versions for the end of this year–but we’ve also started to nail down our release schedule for the WiiU version as well (hoo-ray!). The WiiU will have some cool features specific to this platform that we’ll need some extra time to complete–so the official word is that Armikrog for the WiiU will be released in early 2015.”