Nintendo Minute Unbox Splatoon For AMAZE-INK MAY

In the latest Nintendo Minute, Kit and Krysta unbox the Splatoon game and amiibo to get a closer look at them for you. Watch the video right up until the end because they have a special giveaway happening where you can win the game, amiibo three pack, awesome squid hat and pins. All you have to do is tweet them with the instructions at the end of the video!

Smash Bros. Player Is So Good There’s A Bounty On Him

Gonzalo “Zero” Barrios has come first in every Super Smash Bros. for Wii U tournament he’s been in, that’s 34 consecutive wins since November 2014 in the 1v1 category. The founder of Community Effort Orlando has offered a bounty on Zero’s head, $250 for the person that takes away his title, a hefty incentive! But then Chris Brown, owner of offered to match that $250 if they got involved, making it $500 for whoever can take Zero out. CEO 2015 tournament will be taking place June 26th-28th, so we’ll have to wait and see if anyone claims the bounty.

Check Out These Mario And Zelda References In Splatoon

The game hasn’t even come out yet, but GameXplain has uncovered a couple of cool little easter eggs in the Urchin Underpass map of Splatoon. On one wall there is a piece of art of an 8-bit Blooper from Mario, and on the other wall an 8-bit Octorok from The Legend of Zelda series– both fit with the octopus/squid themes of Splatoon. There is also another reference to Mario in the clothing, the Black Pipe Tee features warp pipes and coins from Mario. Take a look at the video to see them in-game, a pretty neat nod to the popular Nintendo games.

The Latest Japan Sales Are The Worst Since 2001

We knew the Media Create sales earlier this week were pretty bad, but it turns out they’re the worst sales since 2001. The week from May 11th-May 17th saw a total of 235,000 games sold in Japan at retail, this is a 60% drop from the previous week and a 61.93% drop from the same week the previous year. Ouch! Media Create offer many reasons for this– the biggest being that it is the week following Golden Week so people aren’t spending as much, and there’s a total lack of new titles released with just remasters instead. Even Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Edition, although it is on top for Nintendo sales, still has only sold 232,683 in total which is 59.19% of its initial shipment. Hopefully this is just a lull in video game sales and things will eventually pick back up!

UK: Wii U Zelda Wind Waker Bundle + Mario & Sonic: 2014 Winter Games, FIFA 13, Metroid: Other M, Quiz Party + £20 Argos Gift Vouchers £199.99

If you’ve yet to pick up a Wii U then you might be interested in this new deal from UK retailer, Argos. The retail chain is stocking The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Wii U 32GB Premium package along with Mario & Sonic: 2014 Winter Games, FIFA 13, Metroid: Other M, Quiz Party and a £20 Argos Gift Voucher for £199.99. Now would be the perfect time to get one with Splatoon just around the corner.

Thanks, Khalidmr93

Turns Out That Project Van Listing At Target Was Actually Just Guitar Hero Live


One of the readers from My Nintendo News who works at US retail chain Target has contacted to me to say that Project Van is actually Guitar Hero for Wii U. The reader did a little bit of digging on Target’s systems and discovered that it isn’t anything particularly exciting, just Activision’s Guitar Hero Live. Well, I guess that’s one rumour over and done with.

Hey I work at target and looked into project van. It would seem that it’s actually the name for the new guitar hero game. Or at least the name for the pre order card. It happens from time to time where the previous order card doesn’t match the card. Pokémon omega ruby was called Pokémon beta on our shelf. What makes it odd tho is the ps4 and Xbox one versions are marked properly. Just a heads up. It’s not a new game just guitar hero.

Thanks, Ducklett

Here’s Lots Of Off-Screen Disney Infinity 3.0 Footage For You To Check Out

Disney Infinity 3.0 is coming out later this year and FamilyGamerTV have lots of off-screen beta footage of gameplay for you to see and decide whether you fancy it or not. The video embedded above shows the toy box speedway, which shows the different types of races you can have and how they work. The videos below show different aspects of the Toy Box Hub and the Star Wars elements of the game. What do you think of the Disney Infinity 3.0 gameplay?