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7.29 Million Wii U Consoles Have Been Sold Worldwide Since Launch In 2012

During Nintendo’s Quarter Two Earnings Report the company revealed that 7.29 million Wii U consoles have been sold worldwide since the console launched in 2012. However, with the recent Xbox One price cut it’s thought that Microsoft’s latest console will soon overtake the Wii U. Microsoft announced that the Xbox One sold 5 million units back in August. Sony has revealed that its PlayStation 4 has sold 10 million units worldwide.

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Nintendo UK Online Store Offering Mario Kart 8 Wii U Mega Bundle For £299.99

Nintendo UK has revealed a brand new Mario Kart 8 bundle is now in stock at the official online store. The new mega bundle features the Mario Kart 8 premium Wii U bundle, which comes with 32GB of storage and a physical disc of the popular racing title, a red Mario wheel for all your in-game anti-gravity thrills, a Mario Wii remote, and a Mario decal for your GamePad. But if you still can’t get enough of the red-capped plumber, you can always dress up for the occasion with a Mario hat, while leaping into play with Cat Mario and friends in Super Mario 3D World.

Exclusive to the Nintendo UK online store, this ultimate Mario Kart 8 bundle can be purchased for £299.99. With big savings on an impressive deal, it’s perfect for the upcoming Christmas season. You can take a look at the bundle, here.


Hyrule Warriors Sales Exceed Expectations Outside Japan

Koei Tecmo has revealed that sales for Hyrule Warriors have exceeded expectations in North America and Europe. Although it hasn’t shared specifics such as figures, the Japanese publisher says it is surprised by the hack-and-slash title’s performance outside its home country. Earlier this month, Nintendo attributed the Wii U console’s recent increase in sales partially to the game. Hyrule Warriors is available in stores and on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U.


Super Smash Bros 3-Poster Set up On US Club Nintendo


Wondering what to spend your hard-earned coins on? Well Nintendo of America is now offering a Super Smash Bros themed three poster set for 700 coins. There’s the Villager from Animal Crossing, Palutena and Rosalina and Luma. You can check them out in the image above.

Surround yourself with “smashing” style with this Super Smash Bros. 3-poster set. Each gorgeous, full-color poster stars a Smash fighter in top form against three challengers.

Feast your eyes on Villager from Animal Crossing, Rosalina & Luma from Super Mario Galaxy, and Palutena from Kid Icarus: Uprising.

  • Paper size: 22″ x 28″
  • Ships in a poster tube
  • Features art inspired by the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U game.

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Excitebike Arena Announced For Mario Kart 8’s First DLC Pack

Nintendo has announced a new track for Mario Kart 8’s first DLC pack – which is scheduled for next month. The Excitebike Arena will feature a bunch of ramps for some serious air, along with boost pads and puddles of mud to send your chosen kart or bike into a spin. But watch out, as the location of ramps will change location in regular races, so take special care when driving around the arena. The new track joins the recently announced slick Master Cycle for Link which has some fantastic horse power, as well as the return of the B Dasher. Make sure you check out the video embedded above to see the Excitebike Arena in action.

The Mario Kart 8 DLC packs are available to purchase from the Nintendo eShop now, though the first pack will not be released until November, and the second later next year. Both packs contain new characters, vehicles and courses. As a reminder for fans, the Zelda x Mario Kart 8 pack will feature Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach and Link, four new vehicles and eight new courses.


Costume Quest 2 To Release On European eShop This Week

Just in the nick of time for Halloween, Costume Quest 2 has been confirmed for release this week on the European eShop. Earlier this year, developer Double Fine announced the devilish RPG would be landing on the Wii U eShop this October, but with only three days left of the month, it was getting scarily close to missing out on the spooky season. Have no fear though as Nintendo UK have confirmed it will arrive in Europe this Thursday, October 30, along with the new Animal Crossing themes for the 3DS and other downloadable games.

Check out the official PC launch trailer above for a better look at Costume Quest 2, where Wren and Reynold return with a bunch of friends in tow to help save Halloween from an evil dentist, hell-bent on taking out the all fun of the trick-or-treating event. Nintendo of America haven’t sent word on a release, but we should receive confirmation of its arrival in the eShop download newsletter later this week.


Miyamoto Says They Could Produce More Short Films Based On Iconic Nintendo Characters

Revered video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto sat down with Reuters to discuss the Pikmin short films that made their debut at the Tokyo International Film Festival . Miyamoto was quizzed by the news outlet as to whether he will create more short films which utilise iconic Nintendo characters. Miyamoto said there’s currently no plans, but there are various things the company could do in the future. Which Nintendo IP would you like to see in a short film?

Miyamoto said there were no plans now for further films based on Pikmin or other Nintendo characters but he left the door open, saying that “technically, there are various things we can do”.