Take A Look at Nintendo’s Upcoming Digital Offers For Late April

Nintendo has released some information about digital offers you can find in the eShop until the end of the month. You can check them out in the handy bullet point list below. Which offers will you be taking the plunge with this month?

  • Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 – Available now
    The new DLC pack gives you three new characters, eight new tracks and four new vehicles. Pack 2 is available for $7.99 or, alternatively, snatch them both at $11.99.
  • Mewtwo DLC for Super Smash Bros – Available from April 28th
    Everyone will soon be able to play with Mewtwo in Super Smash Bros for $3.99 for either the Nintendo 3DS or Wii U, or for both at $4.99.
  • amiibo tap: Nintendo’s Greatest Bits – Available from April 30th
    Download this game from the eShop and tap any of your amiibo to your Wii U gamepad to unlock playable 3-minute scenes from a SNES or NES game – a fun way to use your amiibo and relive the classics.
  • Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition – Demo available from April 30th: Download the demo from the eShop and get a feel for the puzzle game through Mushroom Kingdom, in order to be ready for its release on May 22nd. Plus, any progress recorded in the demo can be transferred to the full game when purchased.


Xenoblade Chronicles X Video Showcase Details Western Location Names, Plus Dolls Renamed To Skells

Nintendo of America’s Xenoblade Chronicles X video showcase – which was streamed live earlier – revealed some new footage and a few localisation changes today. Though it didn’t unveil a western release date, nor confirm the speculated May 31 release date, it granted fans the opportunity to learn more about the vast world of Mira and its locations.

With five areas in the upcoming action RPG for Wii U, there is plenty to explore. And while you’ll find your feet in New Los Angeles, fans will be able to get a feel for the first area named Primordia with its lush greenery. Other continents include the luminous plant-filled area of Noctilum, the giant desert Oblivia, the dry twilight area of Sylvalum and the harsh volcanic land of Cauldros.

But while Xenoblade Chronicles X will feature mech suits known as Dolls in Japan, Nintendo and Monolith Soft has renamed these handy exoskeleton suits to Skells in the western version.  If you missed any of the footage shown during the showcase, make sure you view the embedded video above. Xenoblade Chronicles X is due for release in North America and Europe at some point in 2015.

Natsume Say Nintendo Are Moving On From SNES Games For Wii U Virtual Console

You might have noticed it yourself, seeing less and less SNES games being released on the Wii U Virtual Console, and now Natsume have said that “Nintendo’s interests have moved onto other classic systems.” This was revealed in a Q&A on the Natsume Community Manager’s official tumblr, after being asked: “Will the two Pocky & Rocky SNES games ever be re-released on the Virtual Console?”

The Q&A also offered some insight into how the titles are brought to Virtual Console. They told us that Nintendo actually do most of the work, after they discuss with the publisher which title would be best to bring to Virtual Console. What console do you think will be Nintendo’s next focus? I, for one, am sad to see the SNES titles go!

How does the virtual console porting process work? What are all the steps needed to put a game (Like HM2 GBC for example) on VC?

The titles for Virtual Console are handled by Nintendo. The publisher and Nintendo discuss which classic titles would be a good fit and have the best potential to sell. Once a title is agreed upon, Nintendo and the publisher work together to bring that title to the designated system, with Nintendo doing the bulk of the work.

Will the two Pocky & Rocky SNES games ever be re-released on the Virtual Console?

At this point, it’s unlikely we’ll see any other Natsume SNES games coming to the Virtual Console, as Nintendo’s interest has moved onto other classic systems.  

Here’s An Overload Of Amiibo Tap Footage

YouTuber NintenDaan has been hard at work capturing footage from the intriguing Amiibo Tap which has just launched in Japan. Amiibo Tap allows you to scan in your amiibo figures onto the Wii U GamePad to unlock a variety of gameplay highlights from select Nintendo Entertainment System and Super NES games. You can check out an overview above and Metroid gameplay and Kirby Super Star gameplay, below. We found out yesterday that the application will be launching in Europe on April 30th.

Project CARS 2 May Already Be Confirmed

project_cars_2_confirmed_ian_bell_slightly_mad_studios_wmd_forumRumour has it Project CARS 2 is already in the works, even though the first Project CARS isn’t even out yet. Project CARS is a new racing game developed by Slightly Mad Studios, with a pretty unique development process. People could buy “Tool Packs” that allowed them certain amounts of access to the development depending on how much they bought, contributing to fundraising of the project. The release date for Project CARS on the Wii U is sometime later this year, while for other consoles it’s early May.

Well before the release, Ian Bell, Head of Studio, has updated their forum revealing plans to set up Project CARS 2 which were leaked, as you need special access to the forum. Although, I wouldn’t say this is “confirmed” as much as the studios setting out their intentions assuming Project CARS 1 is successful. Maybe they’re getting ahead of themselves a bit.

A very short update for now as I’m jet-lagged to hell and back but the good news is that we will be continuing the WMD setup for pCARS2.We will open new forum sections when the game (pCARS1) ships to support the new users and you WMD experts will all have access and we’d greatly appreciate your assistance advising new users.

I’ll be implementing a new non-profit return form of WMD for pCARS2 (to avoid the FSA hassle) and will set a purchase time limit of 2-3 months for those who want to take part. Following this, involvement will be closed. The tiers won’t have the higher cost options that we currently have (probably capped at 100 pounds with excellent benefits) and those who want to approach me personally to invest in the new game can do so providing it’s at or above 50k.

I planned to release the above information with a new web page explaining the details of each purchase tier but we’re insanely busy and haven’t found the time. I’m aware though that I promised an update so here it is.

In short, we want to continue and extend the community involvement in the pCARS brand which has proven to be so very effective and we want to ensure this great community lives on and thrives into the future.


New Super Smash Bros Update Fixes Mewtwo Bugs

If you played with Mewtwo after the launch of the character in Super Smash Bros last week, you may have noticed some glitches and bugs playing with the character online, and on various other modes. Nintendo Japan said they were working to fix the the problem and now they have! The new update 1.0.7 went live today and fixes all the bugs, allowing you to play with Mewtwo safely without any problems, for both 3DS and Wii U. The 3DS update is 1700 blocks, and the Wii U update will take up 21MB of space.