Rumour: Grand Theft Auto V Was Prototyped For Wii U

We all wanted Grand Theft Auto V on Wii U, but sadly RockStar never delivered. Liam Robertson from Unseen64 says that the company did have a brief prototype up and running for the Wii U but scrapped it in the end. This was possibly due to the small user base that the console had at the time. Details are rather scarce as you would expect, but it’s interesting news none the less.

Nintendo Of America’s Facebook Page Says Splatoon Due Out ‘Summer 2015′

Update: Well, that was fast. Nintendo of America has changed the date in their Facebook status to May 2015.

This could be absolutely nothing, but the Nintendo of America Facebook page is currently stating that Splatoon is coming this summer. The European leaked listing has the game down for May 29th and the official strategy guide for the game on Amazon US has it down for May 31st. June is technically the start of summer, but May 29th is basically borderline on it. Let’s hope we get a Nintendo Direct soon to clear up any confusion regarding the release date for the highly anticipated game.

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The Japanese Will Be Getting Xenoblade Chronicles X And Bravely Second Soundtracks

Good news if you live in Japan as listings found on the VGMdb state that both Xenoblade Chronicles X and Bravely Second will be getting official soundtracks. The Xenoblade Chronicles X soundtrack will come on five CD’s on May 20th for 4,298 Yen. The soundtrack for Bravely Second will ship on two CD’s and will also be available to purchase on May 20th, but pricing has yet to be announced.

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Amazon Spain Lists Splatoon With May 29th Release Date

Remember that accidentally leaked Nintendo Europe release schedule? Well it might have been bang on the money as Amazon Spain is now listing Splatoon with a May 29th release date. The release schedule also mentioned that Yoshi’s Woolly World will be coming to Wii U this summer. Guess we shall have to wait for the next Nintendo Direct presentation to find out for sure.

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Overclocked Battle Sneak Peek In Xenoblade Chronicles X

Nintendo Japan has uploaded a brand new video showcasing the fast and frantic battle system that players will encounter when Xenoblade Chronicles X launches later this year. As you can see the battle system is a revised version of the one that appears in Xenoblade Chronicles 3D which we reviewed yesterday. All we need now is a release date for those of us who are here in the west as it’s shaping up to be something special.

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Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Coming To Wii U On April 2nd In US

The official Nintendo site mentions that Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures will be arriving on the Wii U, April 2nd. It has been a long wait, but it’s finally coming next month in the United States and will set you back $10. If you are not familiar with the zany 2D game then you can read more information about it below or alternatively watch the retro themed video embedded above.

Influenced by retro classics, Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures features the AVGN and friends as they blast their way through 10 levels of fun, fast paced 2D action based on the AVGN’s adventures in his online series. With multiple playable characters, power ups, cameos galore, tons of secrets and more, we’re making a game that all fans of video games will enjoy. If you’re a fan of old school difficulty, fart jokes, The Nerd and/or old school platformers chances are you’ll enjoy AVGN Adventures.  Some say “hard” we saying “rewarding!” Why? Because every check point you get, every boss you beat, every accomplishment is earned. You feel like like a stud. This is a game that allows you to brag to your friends if you beat it. Yes, this is the official The Angry Video Game Nerd game!

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Wii U Game Getting Cross-platform Multiplayer

Lucadian Chronicles, which was released on Wii U in December, will be getting cross-platform multiplayer with the soon to be released PC version. Yes, that’s right. You’ll be able to team up with your friends on the PC for multiplayer matchmaking on Wii U. This should mean that you are never short of opponents to play against in leagues and drafts.

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