Zelda Wii U World Will Change And Be Affected By What You Choose To Do

We are only getting dribs and drabs of information related to the forthcoming Zelda game on the Wii U so whenever we get some new information it’s always exciting. Legendary video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto has spoken briefly about the game and says that as you play, the world will change and be affected by what you choose to do. This news is bound to excite Zelda fans.

One of the main things we wanted to do was go back to the open-world concept of the original “Zelda” games and design with that in mind. That’s really the direction the team is going in. This time, we’ve brought back Link’s horse, Epona, and his bow and arrow, but what we’ve decided is really fun is being able to freely walk around in this world and choose what you want to do and how you want to explore. I can’t talk much about it, but one of the things we’re working on right now is that, as you play, the world will change and be affected by what you choose to do.

Shantae And The Pirate’s Curse Wii U Launches On Christmas Day In The US

WayForward has finally confirmed that Shantae and the Pirates Curse for the Wii U will be launching on Christmas Day in the United States and will only set you back $20. Clearly a lot of you will be visiting the Wii U eShop on Christmas Day and giving the game a spin. Hopefully it lives up to expectations.

• HD character portraits by Mega Man developer IntiCreates
• Off-TV play
• Classic Controller Pro and Wii U Pro Controller support
• Unlockable Pirate-Mode
• Multiple endings
• Epic original soundtrack by Jake “Virt” Kaufman

Here’s Some Software Sales Information From Nintendo France

We already know that the Wii U is currently the second best-selling console in France, but how about software sales for Nintendo platforms in the country? Well, thankfully Nintendo deputy general manager Philippe Lavoue is at hand to dish out some healthy figures. Here’s the information he shared with Le Figaro.

  1. He talks about amiibo, which are quite successful (though he doesn’t give any number other than the 200k target for this year). All figures are quite popular, though some are harder to find (Kirby and Wii Fit Trainer)
  2. Smash Bros. for 3DS sold 220k since launch. Special bundle with 3DS XL + game back in stores this week.
  3. Smash Bros. Wii U : still 200k target, though could get higher with christmas. They also confirm the Smash Bros + Basic Wii U bundle.
  4. Wii U sold 490k (vs 340k in May). Still expecting 550k by the end of the year, and the Smash Bros. bundle should help.
  5. Tomodachi Life sold over 400k units in France, and over 1m in Europe (200k in Germany). Only 10k of the 2DS + TL bundle left in France.
  6. Pokémon OR/AS : over 400k units sold in 3 weeks. Expecting 500/540k by the end of the year.
  7. Disney Magical World : all units for launch have been sold (50k), and there’s already been new stocks sent to retailers. Surprised by this.
  8. NSMB2 becoming hard to find, as it’s been selling roughly 14K/week in the past few weeks.
  9. Animal Crossing : New Leaf selling ~15k/week at the moment.

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Here’s This Week’s Nintendo Downloads For The United States

Wondering which games you can get your hands on this week from the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U eShop? Well wonder no more as here’s the goodies that are available. Leading the pack is Mega Man Zero for the Game Boy Colour on the Wii U Virtual Console. Those looking ahead will be pleased to know that Duck Hunt for the NES will be available to download on Christmas Day. As if you won’t have enough to play. Anyway, here’s the games for this week in the US.

  • Virtual Console on Wii U
    • Natsume Championship Wrestling – Choose between 12 wrestlers, each equipped with dynamic moves, and jump into the ring for some fierce competition. Play solo, or compete with up to four players in exhibition, tag-team or round-robin matches.
    • Mega Man Zero – In this Game Boy Advance classic, after waking from a deep slumber, play as Zero in a fight for survival. Jump, climb and dash through an unstable world that struggles to keep peace between humans and Reploids. Upgrade weapons and collect helpful Cyber-Elves to conquer the destructive forces headed your way.

Nintendo eShop Sales:

  • NintendoeShop on Wii U and Nintendo3DS
    • Celebrate a Mega Anniversary with a Big Sale!– The Nintendo eShop is celebrating Mega Man’s anniversary by offering up to 50 percent off select Mega Man games until 8:59 a.m. PT on Dec. 22. Let the Mega Man anniversary Sale begin!
    • Art of Balance, Nano Assault Neo and many more games from Shin’en on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS are on sale until 8:59 a.m. PT on Jan. 14.
    • SteamWorld Dig is 50 percent off on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS until 8:59 a.m. PT on Jan. 1.
  • NintendoeShop on Wii U
    • Little Inferno is more than 50 percent off (reduced from $9.99 to $4.99) until 8:59 a.m. PT on Jan. 1 in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U.
  • NintendoeShop on Nintendo3DS
    • 1001 Spikes, VVVVVV and other fun games from Nicalis are on sale starting at 9 a.m. PT on Dec. 19 until 8:59 a.m. PT on Jan. 5 in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS.
  • More NintendoeShop Discounts
    • Check Out Deals on Other Great Games! – Head to the Nintendo eShop on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS and look under “Price Drops” to find out more about these great deals. Visit www.nintendo.com/eshop/offers for more information.

Coming soon:

  • Duck Hunt (Virtual Console on Wii U) – Grab your Wii Remote controller! It’s duck season and your trusty hunting dog is ready to scour the open fields. Test your sharp-shooting skills as your targets take flight in this legendary NES classic. Be quick to knock them out of the skies, or your canine companion won’t hesitate to make you the laughing stock of hunters. Need a change in scenery? Best your score against clay pigeon targets instead. Duck Hunt will be available on Dec. 25.

Also new this week:

GAME Is Selling Captain Toad In The UK Early

Reports are coming in Via Twitter that UK retailer GAME is selling Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker early. Consumers that purchased the game online have been told it has been shipped and apparently the game will be available to purchase in stores throughout the United Kingdom on Monday. Great news for those of you who are in the UK.

Miyamoto Briefly Talks About Star Fox On Wii U

More Star Fox Wii U details were divulged during the recent interview iJustine did with the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto. It’s been confirmed that the Wii U GamePad will feature a cockpit view while the television screen will display the traditional third person view. Mr Miyamoto also revealed that his favourite character in Star Fox is the one and only, Fox McCloud.

  • Reconfirms that it will be out before Zelda.
  • Miyamoto says that he is working on and playing the new Star Fox every day and jokes that his hands hurt as a result.
    IMO this is this is pretty big news since this confirms that he (and Nintendo for that matter as opposed to an outside company) are working on it directly.
  • Describes the basic gameplay: Cinematic (3rd person) view on the big screen, cockpit view on the gamepad. You are meant to split between the two while you are playing.
    This sounds like the behind closed doors E3 2014 demo.
  • In response to a His favorite Star Fox character is fox (he jokes that his eyebrows make him look like a Fox).
  • Re-tells the anecdote about the shrine near him (with Torii gates that inspired the gameplay on the first Star Fox) that has a fox as the patron spirit.
  • He confirms that it will have Amiibo support.
    It is implied that it will be something on the level of the minor support in Mario Kart (this is partly my speculation).

Miyamoto Confirms There Will Be Plenty To Do In Zelda Wii U Overworld

Mr Miyamoto has been busy lately catching up with popular YouTubers and answering their questions. iJustine managed to get some Zelda Wii U information from Shigeru Miyamoto who clarified that there will be plenty to do in the game’s overworld. You’ll have so much to do that you’ll forget what your main mission is, though I’m sure you’ll get back on track eventually.

You showed the Zelda trailer and that’s such a huge world. How is that going to be for you guys to approach as far as gameplay and story, because it’s such a huge world.
With Zelda games, what we’ve always done is try to make them where you enter this big world of Hyrule and there’s a lot to explore and discover, but because of the hardware limitations, what we’ve had to do is segment off each area and piece those segments together in a way that make them feel like a big world. Now, with the hardware capabilities of Wii U, we first started by saying if we can take an entire world the size of the world from Twilight Princess, and make that the size of one of the areas in the game.

Do you see that as a game where people will go to complete a certain mission and they end up doing fifty things along the way?
Yeah, there may even be times where you forget what your goal is, because you are doing other things on the side. There may be times where you go in to one big one long dungeon, or you’re headed for a dungeon and doing other things on the side. What we’re trying to do is design it in a way where you don’t have to play it for a super long time, but more matched to today’s lifestyle where you can think for a little bit, and say “maybe I just want to play for a little bit today and do this one thing.” and get that thing done, then take a break.


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