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Remember Nintendo’s Wi-Fi Connection For Wii And DS Games Closes Today

Nintendo’s Wi-Fi connection will close today, May 20, for various Wii and DS games. So whether you’re looking to race for the last time against online players in Mario Kart Wii, or travel to your neighbour’s town in Animal Crossing: Wild World for the DS, you better act quickly. With less than four hours until the online service’s permanent closure, you can check out the list, here, to see all of the games affected.


Looks As Though Philips Is Suing Nintendo

It appears as though technology firm Philips has filed a complaint against Nintendo. The firm says that Nintendo has infringed on two Philips patents in the United States. Philips says that one of the patents has been infringed by Nintendo and that the company is aware of this but has failed to act. One of the patents states that the technology can be used for games and the second patent mentions a wireless device that can be controlled via a secondary device through motion input. Philips is apparently asking for compensation of up to three times the damages.

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EA To Close Online Services For Select Wii And DS Games By June 30

EA will permanently close online services for select Wii and DS games by the end of June, the publisher has announced. The news follows GameSpy’s closure at the end of this month after providing a number of older games with online multiplayer and matchmaking services. EA has issued an updated list of all games affected which use the GameSpy platform, and below you’ll find a list of all the Wii and DS online game services shutting down. Earlier this year, Nintendo said it would discontinue all online services for Wii and DS games on May 20.

Wii Online Services

  • Bejeweled 2
  • Dracula – Undead Awakening
  • FIFA Soccer 08
  • Green Day: Rock Band
  • MySims Party
  • MySims Sky Heroes
  • SimCity Creator
  • Sneezies
  • The Beatles: Rock Band

Nintendo DS Online Services

  • Dragon Sakura
  • FIFA Soccer 08
  • FIFA Soccer 09
  • FIFA Soccer 10
  • FIFA Street 3
  • Madden NFL 08
  • Madden NFL 09
  • MySims Racing
  • MySims Sky Heroes
  • Need For Speed: ProStreet
  • Need For Speed: Undercover
  • Skate It
  • Spore Creatures
  • Spore Hero Arena
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08

Nintendo Europe To Add Four Quality Wii Titles To Selects Line-Up

Nintendo of Europe has announced that it will be adding four new titles to its current Nintendo Selects range. Nintendo UK confirmed over on Twitter that the esteemed Super Mario Galaxy 2, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Mario Party 9, and the get-together icebreaker Wii Party will all feature in the fantastic catalogue.

The four games above will join such titles as Super Smash Bros. Brawl, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Mario Kart Wii in the Selects line-up. If you missed any of the aforementioned games, you’ll be able to purchase these at great value when they are added to the range on June 13.


Nintendo Issuing Game Reprints Without Wi-Fi Connection Logo

smash_brawl_no_wifiNintendo has begun issuing reprints of popular Wii games without the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection logo due to the online service’s worldwide closure on May 20. According to a snapshot of Super Smash Bros Brawl’s reprint for the Nintendo Wii, it no longer sports the NWC logo on the case and has an amended ESRB rating, which states that its online functionality is no longer rated by the board.

Although only one reprint has been confirmed, it’s possible Nintendo will be reprinting cases for those games that still guarantee sales. However, in the mean time the publisher has warned those who purchase games that its online service for Wii and DS games will close by placing stickers on such titles that use the service. The Wi-Fi connection will close permanently on May 20, perfectly placed for the upcoming Mario Kart 8 release.



Ubisoft’s Next Just Dance Title Could Be Named “Just Dance Now”

Ubisoft has reportedly registered various domain names for its next Just Dance title. Spotted by eagle-eyed reporters, Just Dance Now could be the next rhythm-boogie title to hit console platforms. On March 20, Ubisoft Entertainment Sweden AB registered the domain title, as well as .org, .fr and .de, but a quick visit to any of these sites will leave you hanging at a Ubisoft 404 error page. Last year, Ubisoft unveiled Just Dance 2014 at E3, so it’s likely we’ll hear official confirmation from this year’s event in June.


Nintendo Announces New Princess Peach Pink Wii Remote Plus

princess_peach_wiimoteNintendo of America has announced that Princess Peach will join Mario and Luigi with a new Wii Remote Plus entirely dedicated to her Royal heritage. Hopefully, the pink remote will find its way over to Europe soon, just as the red and green versions did. You can find all the details, including the controller’s price in the press release below:

Nintendo hereby announces a new Wii Remote Plus controller styled in the royal fashion of Princess Peach. The pink controller features many touches that pay homage to the Mushroom Kingdom’s most powerful heroine, who recently starred in the Super Mario 3D World game for the Wii U console. The new controller includes a crown design over the speaker, blue buttons that echo Peach’s royal jewellery and a golden-yellow plus pad that evokes her regal crown.

The new Peach Pink Wii Remote Plus will start appearing in stores in late April at a suggested retail price of $39.99. It joins other controllers themed to Nintendo characters, including the red Mario and green Luigi controllers. Wii Remote Plus includes Wii MotionPlus technology, and works with all Wii and Wii U games that call for Wii Remote controllers. Fans of Mario Kart 8 might want to pick up the new remote to control Peach when the game launches May 30.


Darth Maul-Focused Game Was Meant To Come To Nintendo Platforms

Game Informer has revealed that a Darth Maul-focussed game from Lucasarts was originally meant to come to the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and the Wii. Sadly the intriguing project was canceled back in 2011 and the game never saw the light of day. You can read some of the details surrounding the Star Wars title, below.

  • Being considered for Wii, 3DS, or Wii U
  • Main character was Darth Maul
  • Red Fly began handling prototype work in 2010 under the code name “Damage”
  • Project became a multiplatform release and shifted development to the Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC
  • This was “due largely to Nintendo not meeting financial demands to make it a first-party project”
  • Game would explore the origin story of Maul’s transformation into a Sith Lord
  • The game would center on stealth and action
  • George Lucas also stepped in at one point and changed the project’s direction
  • Changed things to make Darth Maul and Darth Talon face off against Darth Krayt and his Sith army
  • LucasArts also considered the possibility of purchasing Red Fly
  • In June 2011, LucasArts ceased its communications for unspecified reasons
  • They eventually sent out a letter stating that the game had been terminated
  • Red Fly Studios did manage to continue on despite Darth Maul’s cancellation 
  • This cancellation lead to Red Fly having to lay off about 70 percent of its staffers

Nintendo Ceases Wii Classic Controllers Production

nintendo_classic_controller_messageNintendo has apparently ceased production for the Wii Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro. According to Twitter user @kitroplious, a message from Nintendo popped up when purchasing the N64 version of Mario Golf on Club Nintendo. The Wii U owner said he was buying it to use on the current home console’s Wii mode.

Although Nintendo are no longer manufacturing the controllers, retailers will more than likely continue to hold stock for some time. Of course, the move to cease production could be a viable one from Nintendo, where the potential sales for the Wii U’s Pro Controller could increase in the long-run. Either way, if you’re looking to purchase a Wii Classic Controller or Classic Controller Pro, it’s a prime time to do so.