Rumour: Resident Evil 7 Could Be Coming This Fall

Someone at respected analytic research firm Super Data could have let the cat out of the bag and announced Resident Evil 7 a little early. The company mentioned that a new iteration of the popular survival horror genre will be coming out during the end of the year along with the previously announced Halo 5 Guardians. Let’s hope Capcom decides to release the game on the Wii U as well as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We shall have to wait until E3 to find out.

We anticipate this month’s downturn to level off during the coming few months, following a regular seasonal pattern but expect to see an upswing as the next editions of several major franchises like Halo and Resident Evil come out in the 2015 fall season.

Analyst Says He Remains Hopeful That Wii U Will Be Competitive Against Xbox One And PlayStation 4

Lewis Ward, an industry analyst with research firm IDC, said that a year ago he would have said that their wasn’t much of a future for the Wii U, but he now feels that the console has a fighting chance against the PlayStation 4 and Wii U. Ward says that the Wii U will never be the top selling console, but it can remain competitive.

“I don’t blame Nintendo for going back to the well. If you go back to the Wii, there were some Mario games released in the first couple years that were still selling significant volumes at the end of the Wii’s life cycle.”

“I don’t think there’s any opportunity for the Wii U to come back and be the top-selling” console, Ward said. But is it at least competitive against the Xbox and PlayStation? “If you asked me a year ago, I would have said no shot, but I do think that you see signs of hope.”

Open-World Western Game A Cowboy’s Tale Coming To Wii U

UCraft studio Nexis Games has revealed that it is developing A Cowboy’s Tale for several platforms, including Wii U. Set in a Western town called Montana Valley, the open-world game follows the revenge story of a man who loses everything after his family is murdered. It is planned for release in 2016.

”The town of Montana Valley was a seeming peaceful place at first glance but unbeknown to many it was a common hideout for some of the most notorious criminals in the West. Montana Valley was composed of corrupt government officials who allowed Outlaws to pay refuge for safe haven within the city’s walls.”

Harmonix Explains Why Rock Band 4 Is Skipping The Wii U

Rock Band 4 was officially announced today and it’s coming to both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Many fans were left wondering why it was skipping the Wii U as the franchise had plenty of fans on the Wii. Thankfully, Harmonix has explained on their official forums why it’s not coming to the console. Harmonix believe the biggest Rock Band audience is on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 so they’re only developing it for those platforms.

Q: Why not Wii / Wii U / PC?
A: Due to shifting production priorities and capabilities of the studio, we don’t currently have plans to release RB4 on the Wii / Wii U / PC simultaneously with Xbox One and PS4. While we genuinely appreciate the support of Wii Rock band users over the years, and the increased interest from PC gamers, the truth is that we had to prioritize opportunities on other platforms with historically larger RB audiences

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Tantalus Is Also Porting A Wii U Game To Xbox One, PlayStation 4 And PC

We’ve just heard that Tantalus, the developer tasked with porting over Mass Effect 3 and Deus Ex, to the Wii U is bringing another AAA title to the Wii U, but we’ve also learned that they are porting across a Wii U title to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It’s anyones guess as to what that title could be, but a safe bet would possibly be ZombiU. This is pure speculation and it could be another title entirely, though I’m not sure which one.

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Dead Mage Reveals Shadow Blade: Reload For Wii U

Dead Mage has revealed that it’s bringing Shadow Blade: Reload to Wii U. The action-platforming side-scroller features a campaign where players will venture through seven chapters and follow a comic book-style story. It also contains a challenge mode that puts your ninja skills to the test. In addition, the game includes a level editor that lets users create their own levels and share them with their friends.

Nielsen Study Shows Wii U Owners Bought The Console For The Fun-Factor


A recent survey conducted by Nielsen takes a look at the reasoning behind peoples buying habits for the current generation of consoles. Those studied say that they purchased the PlayStation 4 for the higher resolution of games, while those who purchased an Xbox One bought it because they love the Xbox brand. Interestingly those who purchased a Wii U did it purely because of the fun-factor of the console as well as the fact that it’s a more suitable console for younger gamers. You can check out the reasonings in the chart above.

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