Super Mario Maker Creator Speaks Out About Super Hard Levels

Nearly-impossible user-created levels are all the rage right now in Super Mario Maker and lead producer, Takeashi Tezuka has an opinion or two about it. Speaking with Edge Magazine, Tezuka-san noted:

There is a tendency for the courses people make to be a little harder than they think they are, the creator already knows the design, where they have placed their traps, and the best route to take. So it would generally be easier for them to play through than someone trying it for the first time. As a result, the course ends up being more difficult than the creator meant it to be.

However, this isn’t a negative against hard levels. Tezuka-san continued by saying:

I’ve been watching lots of different courses on YouTube, it was quite a surprise how much fun it was to watch the videos, without even playing myself. There are so many intriguing and inventive courses, like one which you couldn’t beat if you picked up a mushroom. It’s been a huge motivation for us developers to do better.

Even if we don’t see the same level of difficulty in future levels, chances are we may see some ideas inspired from user-created content. If you would like to try some difficult levels, take a swing at some of the suggested ones from earlier this week.



The Legend Of Legacy Receiving Major Gameplay Changes In Localization

If you are getting hyped for the localized version of The Legend of Legacy on Nintendo 3DS, Atlus hopes to reassure your purchase. The game, which released in Japan on January 22, 2015, is hitting North America in a couple of days with some major changes to gameplay. According to an Atlus representative on NeoGAF, these mostly include grinding in the New Game Plus mode:

So here’s the deal about the adjustments we made in bringing the game to the west. By and large, they mostly affect NG+.

In NG+, all the money and formations you designed now carry over. Any special weapons you created will also be available to purchase in the shop.

Drop rates for items and materials was increased across the board. Drop rate for rare items goes up in subsequent NG+. FICTITIOUS EXAMPLE TO ILLUSTRATE THIS POINT: The made-up drop rates for a rare item could be in the first 1st Game – 1%, in NG+ 5%, NG++ 8%, NG+++ 10% etc. Let me stress that these numbers are made up and I have no idea what they are for actual items.

Finally, the time it takes the trade ship to return is decreased substantially. The ship uses real-world time, and we’ve decreased the amount of time it takes to return.

Basically, the adjustments were to cut down on the amount of grinding in subsequent playthroughs, making NG+ a little more palatable for western audiences.

While many gameplay updates can be divisive among the fanbase, it seems like these are being made for the better. The Legend of Legacy will be available for Nintendo 3DS in North America on October 13, 2015 and in Europe early 2016. Are you looking forward to the title?

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Here Are The North American Splatfest Results

The 6th North American Splatfest is now over and the winning team has been announced. Out of the two teams based on different ways to travel, Team Cars have been crowned the winners with 252 points, whilst Team Planes finished with 248 points. Team Planes had the most popularity with 64 percent of the votes, but that goes to show that popularity doesn’t always win the Splatfest! Next up is the European Splatfest, which will take place next weekend. Which team did you pick?


You Can Only Get One Costume Through Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Via Local Multiplayer

Collectors amongst you might not be too pleased to learn that one of the costumes you will be able to collect in The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes will only be obtainable via local multiplayer mode. The Zelda themed spin-off title includes 30 costumes for you to collect. When playing local multiplayer, or alternatively download play, you can get an item called “proof of friendship”. 4Gamer says that you will get  one “proof” per friend’s system and an unspecified amount is needed in order to obtain the special costume.

4Gamer: I’ll change the subject a bit, but please tell me about a matter that is on my mind. You need items called “proof of friendship” in creating a special costume, but can you get those in single player?

Shikata: You get them only if you play together with other people locally or with Download Play.

Aonuma: Generally speaking, you’d want to play the multiplayer. This time everyone can play with just one copy of the game via Download Play as long as you have three systems. Playing noisily with other people is the greatest flavor of this Zelda and you’d want to experience it. I think it can be hard to gather people if you’re an adult, but I’d like people to try to come and play together in order to collect proofs of friendship.

4Gamer: To confirm: you don’t get proof of friendship when playing online?

Shikata: That’s true. You don’t get them when playing online.

4Gamer: It seems like it is good to have a reward for people who gather together and experience the local play.

Aonuma: Yes. Be sure to invite friends and play together.

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GameTrailers Top 10 NES Games Part 2

Popular video site GameTrailers have put together their list of definitive games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. You will be familiar with a number of the titles included in the list and if you haven’t already played them then now’s the perfect time to catch up. The top five is certainly very solid. You can catch the first part of the series, here.

10. Mike Tyson’s Punch Out
9. Ninja Gaiden
8. Mega Man 3
7. River City Ransom
6. Castlevania
5. Dragon Warrior IV
4. Super Mario Bros.
3. Mega Man 2
2. The Legend of Zelda
1. Super Mario Bros. 3

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US: Splatoon Available For $45 On Both Amazon And Best Buy

Still haven’t picked up Splatoon for the Wii U? Well, you might want to consider doing it now as both Best Buy and Amazon are selling the colourful shooter for $45. I’m not too sure how long the offer will be available for, so if you have had your eyes on the game now is the time to purchase.

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Japan: Yo-kai Watch Busters Moon Rabbit Team To Launch In December


The Yo-Kai Watch train shows no sign of slowing down in Japan as Level-5 have revealed a third version of Yo-kai Watch Busters, called “Tsukito-gumi.” The Yo-Kai Watch 2 spin-off was announced in the latest edition of Japanese publication CoroCoro. The game features USApyon as the main Yo-kai. It has been rumoured that those gamers who own Yo-kai Watch Busters: Aka Neko-dan / Shiro Inu-tai will be able to get a free update.

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