Nintendo Subsidiary 1-UP Studio Launches Its New Website


Nintendo subsidiary 1-UP Studio has launched its new website. Formerly known as Brownie Brown, the folks at 1-UP Studios were involved in the development of a number of games on Nintendo platforms, including Mother 3, Fantasy Life, Super Mario 3D Land and A Kappa’s Trail. To go to the Nintendo-owned development studio’s new website, click here.

Nintendo Funded Studio Brownie Brown Is Changing Its Name And Restructuring


Brownie Brown Inc, the Japanese Nintendo-funded and owned video game development studio, has announced on its site that it is changing its name, and restructuring. The studio which has recently helped out on development of two Level-5 titles, Professor Layton and the Last Specter and Fantasy Life, will now be called 1-UP Studio. Details about the restructure have yet to be announced.