Nintendo Wii: Wii Play Confirmed As Best Selling Game In The US


Pipping the mighty Gears of War 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV to the top of the US charts is certainly no easy feat, thankfully Nintendo’s very own Wii Play did just that.

NPD’s best selling games in 2008 showcased precisely what games Americans were spending their hard-earned cash on during 2008. The top 5 best-sellers are as follows:

  1. Wii Play
  2. Madden NFL 09
  3. Grand Theft Auto IV
  4. Mario Kart Wii
  5. Call of Duty 5: World at War


Nintendo Wii: Sony Is Creating Wii Styled Motion Controller

playstation glide fx

According to revered online publication, Sony are currently hard at work on a PlayStation 3 controller that “breaks apart into two bits”.

Each of these sections contains an accelerometer much like the Wii remote, enabling gamers to experience new levels of interaction with their PlayStation 3’s. More specific information regarding this intriguing issue is expected to surface around E3.


Nintendo Wii: Wii Will Outsell Both Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3 In 2008


Nintendo is expected to dominate 2008 by outselling the Xbox 360 and PS3 combined.

This intrepid claim stemmed from Daniel Ernst of Hudson Square Research who is adament that the impressive sales seen throughout 2007 will lead the Wii to outsell its more powerful bemoaning rivals.


Nintendo Wii: Animal Crossing Still Destined For Wii 2008


The ever-so-elusive foray into the weird and wacky world of Animal Crossing is still pencilled in for release this year.

According to popular gaming gossip site, Kotaku, the game has perched itself rather precariously on Nintendo’s 2008 release schedule, though unfortunately it’s got to be said that there’s no set date for the eagerly awaited title.


Nintendo Wii: More Wii Shortages For 2008 Predicted


Reggie Fils-Aime forthrightly confessed to Reuters that he suspects Wii shortages will continue well into 2008.

“The level of demand we are facing complicates all of our future business planning. All of that becomes a much tougher exercise until we have supply and demand curves that intersect,”

-Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime