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Captain Toad Amiibo Support Won’t Come Till 2015

We already heard earlier today that Captain Toad is still on track for release this year and will be coming to North America on December 5th. However, we also found out that Amiibo support won’t be coming until sometime in 2015. Captain Toad is coming out exclusively on Wii U on December 5th in North America and 2015 in Europe.

“The game will also support select amiibo figures in 2015.”


Rumour Claims Nintendo Is Working On A Remaster For 2015

The very same person that previously predicted Devil’s Third on Wii U, and Pokémon ORAS claims that he has learned that Nintendo is working on another remastered title. Nico says that it’s the perfect game to fill the gap in Nintendo’s release schedule for 2015. He also claims Nintendo will have one game per month during 2015.

You’re gonna love it, but it’s a Remaster. It’s perfect to fill gaps inthe line-up. Really, Big N [Nintendo] will have one game per month in 2015.

Thanks, Don


Here’s Some More Info About Xenoblade Chronicles X

The next massive sci-fi role-playing game from Monolith Soft, the creators of Baten Kaitos and Xenoblade Chronicles, comes exclusively to Wii U. A terrible intergalactic war leaves just a handful of Earth survivors trying to live in a beautiful yet hostile environment. Players engage in battles against powerful creatures of all forms and sizes using the deep battle system that builds on the triumphs of Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii.

  • Riding and controlling a weaponized mech, players can explore every inch of the massive open world displayed in gorgeous high-definition graphics. The world is filled with strange and imaginative creatures, from small bugs to giant dinosaurs.
  • As characters improve in different classes, they will learn new combat and defensive skills, or Arts. Players can customize the Arts palette as their characters learn new Arts. All Arts have a “recast” time – once cast, the player must wait out a “cooldown” period before that Art can be used again.
  • Players can customize everything about the main character’s appearance, including gender, shapes, height, skin color, voice and tattoos.

Wii U Getting PC Title Death’s Apprentice In 2015

Independent developers BGG Productions and BioGamer Girl have announced that their JRPG-inspired Death’s Apprentice for PC will be coming to consoles. The title will launch in 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but Wii U’s verion will arrive two years later (2015). The game’s standard edition will cost $59.99, and its Limited Collector’s Edition can soon be pre-ordered for $79.99.