2K Games’ President Says Carnival Games “Was Probably One Of The Best Titles” For Wii

Christoph Hartmann, the head of 2K Games, admits that he and his team did not develop many games for Wii. Hartmann claims that 2K Games is very careful and selective with which games it brings to a certain platform – Wii U included. 2K Games’ Carnival Games for Wii was, according to Hartmann, probably one of the best titles for the six-year-old console.

So would you say that 2K is taking a more cautious approach to the new console? It seems to be the opposite of Ubisoft, who are very gung-ho about the Wii U launch. How does it fit for 2K?

“It is not different from what we have always done. We are very careful and very selective here. When you look at the Wii, we didn’t do many titles, but we put out Carnival Games, which did very well. It was probably one of the best titles. While you can’t plan for it all the time, we don’t throw 10 things against the wall and assume that two stick. I throw two at the wall and hope two stick, perhaps one. We have a very different approach, which has a lot to do with the size of the organization and the mindset of the organization. We always focus on one thing, and we are a very different organization than a lot of the other publishers out there.”

2K Games: “Nintendo Is Such An Impressive Company”

During a recent interview, 2K Games president Christoph Hartmann was asked to share his thoughts about Nintendo’s upcoming console. Hartmann thinks that because Nintendo is such impressive company and has many years of experience, the Wii U will do very well. Hartmann claims that consumers will eventually understand what the Wii U is about and “see the beauty of the console.”

What are your feelings about Nintendo’s new hardware?

“In general, we at 2K are always going to be positive about new hardware out there, but we are also cautious about things we aren’t experienced with. We don’t want to flood the market; we’d rather pick our opportunity and work well on our projects. About the Wii U itself, Nintendo is such an impressive company, they have over and over again put handheld and consoles out that are impressive. They have so much experience that I am sure they are going to do it again. With any new console, especially where something original is added, it will take time for consumers to understand it and see the beauty of it. I know that they have such clever people at Nintendo that people will see the beauty of the console, though it may take some time.”

NBA 2K13 Announced For Wii U

Take-Two Interactive has announced that a Wii U version of NBA 2K13 will release in the console’s launch window. The game will be available to purchase on October 5th for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360, PC and Wii. Nintendo already confirmed that Wii U’s release date won’t be revealed at this year’s E3 so we probably won’t get specific release dates of any software during the expo.

Nintendo Wii: Bioshock Or Another 2K Franchise Coming To Nintendo Wii?


Bioshock, arguably one of the best games of 2007, could be coming to the Wii if a recent job listing is to be taken into consideration.

The position that’s been advertised by 2K games is a UI (user interface) programmer, preferably one that has had prior experience developing for the Wii.  Whilst that doesn’t automatically mean we could see the next iteration of the Bioshock franchise on Wii, it does suggest that 2K games have something brewing in the pipeline for the console.