New Super Nintendo Game Funded For Wii U eShop Release


Everyone, say hello to Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death! It’s the latest Super Nintendo game, due to come out in early 2016! Yes, that’s right, on SUPER NINTENDO!

The adventure/puzzle game is comprised of ten stages and contains a classic 16-bit glow that will be sure to delight traditionalists. The best part? The game plugs right into your Super Nintendo console — it comes in a legit Super Nintendo cartridge, and ships with a box and manual straight out of 1993. Niche, yes, but totally brilliant too!

If you’re unfortunate enough to lack a working Super Nintendo in your home, breathe a sigh of relief and know that the game is also to be released on the Wii U eShop, funded by a Kickstarter. I don’t know about you, but I find that the Super Nintendo is the pinnacle of gaming, so this game is right up my alley!

Dungeon-Crawler RPG Excave Arrives February 19 For North American 3DS eShop

Polish developer Teyon has announced a new dungeon-crawling RPG adventure will arrive for the 3DS eShop next week in North America. Developed in conjunction with Japanese studio Mechanic Arms, Excave features classic dungeon navigation, customized characters, and over 50 levels to explore, with five boss fights for players to get their teeth stuck into.

As a small RPG title, Excave will be available on February 19 in the 3DS eShop, with a price tag at $4.99 US Dollars. According to Teyon’s official statement, a European release is on the cards for Excave and it aims to land in the eShop overseas soon. You can check out the game’s trailer in the video embedded above, and learn more about Excave’s storyline in a snippet from the press release below.

Imperial City is at war! The King needs you to explore the perilous and ancient Labyrinth beneath the city – find out why this mysterious magical laboratory now spews out an army of powerful monsters bent on destruction, and descend to its lowest depths to rescue the missing Magician.
Triumph in a test of your weapons & magic, or perish trapped deep within the twisting halls of the Labyrinth. Explore, fight and win fame & fortune, then return to the city above to heal, identify fabulous treasures and repair & upgrade your equipment. Are you brave enough to explore the treacherous depths?

Atlus Games On Sale For $19.99 On Nintendo 3DS eShop

Atlus has announced once again that a selection of their titles will be available at $19.99 for a limited time period.  The games on offer are displayed below and are around 30% cheaper than the regularly retail for. All three titles will be discounted until January 20th. Will you be purchasing any of these Nintendo 3DS games?

  • Code of Princess
  • Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan
  • Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers


Winter Sports – Feel The Spirit Landing On 3DS eShop

winter_sports_eshop_screenThe winter sports season is almost upon us with the Winter Olympics in Sochi beginning in February, so it’s time to suit up and take to the slopes in Winter Sports – Feel the Spirit for the Nintendo 3DS. Since Mario & Sonic have had their fair share of sporting glory, it’s only fair another game shares the limelight.

Developed by Independent Arts and published by TREVA Entertainment, Winter Sports – Feel the Spirit is set to launch on the Nintendo 3DS eShop on December 19, just before Christmas. The game will feature seven winter sports, with three new disciplines including: Ice Speedway, Cross-Country Skiing and Curling. There’s also up to 50 exciting challenges to take part in whether in the fast-paced Cup, Challenge and Single Discipline modes. Plus, there’s 20 nations to represent in the game. Winter Sports – Feel the Spirit’s price is yet to be confirmed.

Harvest Moon A Tale Of Two Towns 3DS eShop Sale

Harvest Moon: A Tale of Two Towns is now available on the 3DS eShop for a mere $19.99. The sale lasts through December so if anyone is a huge Harvest Moon fan and hasn’t played the game, this would be a wonderful opportunity to do so. A Tale of Two Towns was originally released on the 3DS in 2011 in North America.

Grab #HarvestMoon A Tale of Two Towns 3DS on the North American Nintendo eShop for just $19.99! This sale lasts through December, hohoho~

After Registering Nintendo Network ID, 3DS Users Won’t Be Able To Change Regions, Currency


In the aftermath of today’s big announcement that Nintendo will be releasing an update to incorporate Miiverse and Nintendo Network IDs on the 3DS, Nintendo UK has announced that after 3DS users register a Nintendo Network ID, they will be unable to change their system’s region. In addition to this, users will be unable to use multiple currencies in the Nintendo eShop. Any currency that does not correspond to the country that your system is registered in will be deleted and no longer usable on your 3DS, so Nintendo encourages you to use up these funds beforehand. Some already believe Nintendo has taken region-blocking to the extreme. What do you think about these new limitations?

After registering a Nintendo Network ID, you will be unable to change regions and use multiple currencies – for instance, pounds and euros – in Nintendo eShop. The funds in the currency that corresponds to the country setting of your Nintendo Network ID will remain, and any funds in other currencies will be deleted and no longer usable. Please make sure to use up any other currencies before registering a Nintendo Network ID to your Nintendo 3DS system.

Etrian Odyssey Untold: New Trailer Released, Demo Available Next Week

Atlus has announced that a demo of Etrian Odyssey Untold will be available for download in the 3DS eShop beginning September 16th. In addition, a new trailer (seen above) has been released spotlighting a character from the game, the alchemist Arthur Charles.

Untold is an updated version of the original Etrian Odyssey released for Nintendo DS in 2007. Featuring a new story mode, cut scenes, and a graphical overhaul, fans of the series are eagerly awaiting the title, set for release October 1st in North America.

Atlus has been in the news a great deal lately, as they were last seen running a special discount on several games for the month of August. Additionally, developer Katsura Hashino has promised that new games are underway, despite the bankruptcy of parent company Index Corporation. Index remains in limbo, however, awaiting acquisition from a prospective buyer, with Sega emerging as the front-runner. No official word has come out yet regarding the sale.