Nintendo DS: Grand Theft Auto: ChinaTown Wars Enjoys Steady Sales


Rockstars well received Grand Theft Auto: ChinaTown Wars has sold over 70,000 copies in the title’s second month of release.

According to the recently released NPD figures for April 2009, Grand Theft Auto: ChinaTown Wars has enjoyed a second successive month of steady sales, racking up a rather tidy 74,000 copies.

Whilst its initial sales were slightly disappointing for such a highly regarded franchise as the Grand Theft Auto series, its current sales seem to indicate the title has a fairly positive shelf life.


Nintendo DSi: Nintendo DSi Outsells DS Lite By Four To One


During April 2009 the recently released Nintendo DSi outsold its predecessor by an incredible four to one.

Nintendo has issued a press release informing everyone that the Nintendo DSi and DS Lite’s sales combined amounted to 1.04 million sales during April 2009. The figures that were spouted also clearly show that the DSi’s predecessor, the DS Lite, was outsold by a ratio of four to one by its fresher and newer brethren.