Yo-Kai Watch Is Getting A Demo

While Yo-Kai Watch has been able to take over Japanese markets, there is still some uncertainty in the West regarding whether the series will stick. In order ease the minds of anxious consumers and tempt gamers to pre-order, it seems Nintendo is planning a Yo-Kai Watch demo. According to the Australian Classification Board, Nintendo of Australia has filed an application for “YO-KAI WATCH DEMO” on Nintendo 3DS. There has been no official announcement regarding the demo or its availability in America or Europe, but Nintendo’s recent marketing push for Yo-Kai Watch suggests that they would not miss that opportunity. Yo-Kai Watch is set to release in America on November 6, 2015 and in Europe in 2016.

Yo-Kai Classification Demo

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Inazuma Eleven GO: Light And Shadow Release For 3DS In Australia & New Zealand On July 18

Nintendo of Australia has announced Inazuma Eleven GO: Light and its counterpart Shadow will release for the region this summer. The Level-5 RPG title arrived in Europe last year for the Nintendo 3DS but, following a lengthy wait, fans of the series in both Australia and New Zealand can kick off in style with the football focused game on July 18.

Since the series’ arrival in 2008, Inazuma Eleven has shipped more than 7 million copies worldwide. And that’s not the only milestone Level-5 is celebrating, as it also marks the first physical release of the game on retail shelves in Australia and New Zealand. For those unfamiliar with the sports RPG, feel free to watch the trailer embedded above, or you can read our review published last year. The latest games entitled Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stones: Wildfire and Thunderflash were released for the Nintendo 3DS back in March for Europe.

EShop Club Nintendo Rewards Arrive In Australia

After Europe and America got their final Club Nintendo Rewards update last month, Australia were sat twiddling their thumbs waiting for their eShop to update so they could spend all their stars before the discontinuation on September 30th (June 30th for North America.) Well, twiddle no longer! The rewards went live today. Here is the full list of downloadable titles, all the details can be found in the stars catalogue along side the merchandise up for grabs too, including an awesome Mario Hat for 2400 stars or classic notebooks for 960 stars. What will you be swapping your stars for?

It Looks As Though The Wave 5 Amiibos Have Already Sold Out In Australia


If you are in Australia and were hoping to get the fifth wave of Amiibo then you will probably be disappointed as they appear to be sold out. Greninja, Palutena, Zero Suit Samus, Ganon and Dark Pit are no longer available to pre-order at the country’s main video game retailer. They were obviously snapped up rather quickly by excited Nintendo fans and presumably scalpers too.

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Netflix Set To Arrive March 24 For Wii U In Australia & New Zealand

On-demand streaming service Netflix will be hopping down under and on to the Wii U in late March. Nintendo of Australia and New Zealand announced the news to fans via Twitter earlier today. As part of Netflix’s plans to expand their online services into new regions, those living in Australia and New Zealand will be able to sign up from March 24. New customers will have a choice of three levels of service, including single-stream definition, two-stream HD, and a four-stream ultra HD plan. As of yet, a certified price structure has not been revealed.

Netflix originally launched on the Nintendo Wii back in 2010, which needed a streaming disc to activate the app. It launched later in 2012 for the Wii U in both North America and Europe, and has since offered its Super HD service to users in the US. The company also plans to expand its streaming services to Japan in late 2015. Unfortunately, we’ve still yet to hear solid information on the rumoured live-action Legend of Zelda TV series from Netflix.

Shovel Knight Is Nearing A Solid Release Date For Europe And Australia

Yacht Club Games has informed fans of the impressive and vastly successful Shovel Knight that it will be nearing an Australian and European release very soon. According to the developer’s recent blog update, the Wii U and 3DS versions have completed the final testing stages and are almost ready to hit Nintendo platforms overseas.

Fans of the valiant Knight in North America have been able to ready their sword for battle since late June, while bug and patch fixes has kept Yacht Club Games working at full speed in order to deliver a top-notch game. The developer says as long as “no unforeseen issues arise”, they’ll be able to provide a firm release date for European and Australian fans in the near future.

“Final Testing has drawn to a close! We’ll be shipping up and shipping it out the door! If no unforeseen issues arise, then a solid release date will be coming into focus soon!”

Bayonetta 2 Has Been Rated For Australia

Yesterday the Australian Classification Board rated the long-awaited Wii U exclusive Bayonetta 2. We know the game is coming this summer in Japan, but news of a release elsewhere has been extremely quiet. Hopefully this means we will get a western release date for Platinum Games next title at E3 next month.

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