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Digital Foundry: Bayonetta 2 Runs At 720p But Struggles To Maintain 60fps, Xbox 360 Original Is Smoother

Respected technology analysis site Digital Foundry has been given the chance to get hands on with the highly anticipated Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U. The publication says that the game is running at 720p but is struggling to adhere to the 60fps set by the developer. The publication even goes as far to say that the original game on the Xbox 360 is smoother than Bayonetta 2.

“The bulk of the game’s technical improvements stem from those outrageous set-piece moments. While much of Bayonetta 2’s underpinnings are shared with the original – right down to its native 720p presentation, lacklustre texture filtering and no anti-aliasing – the engine manages to deliver sequences more complex than anything the original had to offer. However, this decision backfires a little in some respects. At its heart this is a game that owes the roots of its design to classic fast-paced PS2-era 60Hz action games such as Devil May Cry. Those backgrounds racing by as you fight hordes of angels? They may as well be flat-shaded boxes without compromising the gameplay. Sure, all of those pyrotechnics and crazy levels are a core part of the experience but they’re ultimately little more than fancy window dressing – and it comes at a cost.”

“That price is a hard hit to sustained performance and it’s the one area of the game that didn’t quite hit the target during our initial play sessions. Once again Platinum Games aims for a 60fps update, but similar to Metal Gear Rising, it struggles to maintain it. While it’s certainly light years beyond the awful farmed-out PlayStation 3 version of Bayonetta, the overall experience isn’t quite as smooth as the original Xbox 360 game. On the plus side, the irritating tearing of the original has been completely eliminated, but while it’s still a fast and responsive game, the consistency in the update leaves something to be desired.”


Bayonetta 2 Supports The Classic Controller Pro

bayonetta_2_controllers_wii_uIn addition to supporting the Wii U Pro Controller, Bayonetta 2 can be played with the Classic Controller Pro. The upcoming action title also includes support for the Wii U GamePad, which allows users to play the game with its stylus and touch screen. A Bayonetta 2-focused Nintendo Direct aired last night and provided more details on its characters, storyline, weapons and more. The game launches exclusively for Wii U on October 24th.