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Bayonetta 2 ESRB Summary Explains The Game’s Mature Rating

The full ESRB rating for Bayonetta 2 has been revealed. The hack-and-slash sequel is deemed “Mature” by the self-regulatory body for containing blood, gore, intense violence, partial nudity, strong language and suggestive themes. The game also includes an online component in which players may be exposed to unrated user-generated content, according to the ESRB. Read the upcoming Wii U exclusive’s rating summary in its entirety below:

This is an action game in which players assume the role of an ancient witch that battles angels and demons in a fantasy world. Players use hand-to-hand combat, pistols, giant scythes, axes, and magic to kill enemy creatures. Players can also perform various finishing moves, which depict exaggerated and intense acts of violence: enemies thrown into spinning spiked wheels; characters decapitated by a guillotine; a dragon ripping characters apart—large blood-splatter effects and gore can be seen frequently. During the course of the game, some female characters perform suggestive taunts and poses (e.g., opening their legs, dancing on poles); outfits are occasionally shed during battle, with characters’ breasts and buttocks partially exposed. The words “f**k” and “sh*t” appear in the dialogue.


Bayonetta 2 Sold Approximately 67% Of Its First Shipment In Japan

Bayonetta 2 has sold 67 per cent of its first shipment in Japan – that’s according to the latest Media Create report. On Wednesday, we reported on this week’s Japanese chart sales where the hack and slash sequel placed in third with a total of 38,828 copies. It was a less than stellar figure, though, given Bayonetta’s previous debut sales in 2009 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 which neared 200,000 copies.

However, Media Create states a lower install base from the Wii U may have affected Bayonetta 2’s initial debut sales. Despite this, the game starring the feisty Umbran Witch managed to sell a total of 67.29 per cent, just over two-thirds of its first shipment in a single day of sales. Whether a second week of sales will propel the game further up the charts remains to be seen. Let us know what you think of Bayonetta’s Japanese debut in the comments below.


Japanese Charts: 3DS Sells 43k, Wii U Sells 8k

This week’s Media Create sales are now in from Japan. Following on from its debut last week, Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 3DS remains the chart-topper and sells a further 321k copies. Ghost-hunting RPG Yokai Watch 2 also extends its popularity with a further 56k copies under its two-million selling belt.

Bayonetta 2 is this week’s newcomer and sells just short of 40k copies for the Wii U. Unfortunately, the hack and slash title doesn’t appear to boost sales of the home console by much, as it rounds out with a standard 8k. The 3DS, however, rockets up a few thousand from last week’s numbers, coming in at 43k in total. Here’s the top 20 software chart along with the hardware chart.

 Top 20 Software Chart

  1. [3DS] Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS – 321,363 (1,266,008)
  2. [3DS] Yokai Watch 2: Ganso / Honke – 56,380 (2,525,591)
  3. [Wii U] Bayonetta 2 – 38,828 (New)
  4. [PS3] Destiny – 18,396 (104,291)
  5. [3DS] Dragon Quest X Online – 13,948 (89,299)
  6. [PS4] Destiny – 13,014 (104,291)
  7. [PS3] Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution – 9,389 (49,569)
  8. [PSV] Toukiden Kiwami – 7,936 (129,256)
  9. [Wii U] Mario Kart 8 – 6,396 (672,313)
  10. [3DS] Yokai Watch – 4,554 (1,274,296)
  11. [3DS] Yoshi’s New Island – 4,334 (184,048)
  12. [PS3] Grand Theft Auto V Low Price Version – 3,087 (63,395)
  13. [3DS] Pokemon X and Y – 2,944 (4,144,405)
  14. [PS4] Samurai Warriors 4 – 2,840 (19,131)
  15. [3DS] Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 2 – 2,792 (139,935)
  16. [3DS] Medarot 8 Kabuto Ver. / Kuwagata Ver. – 2,763 (48,069)
  17. [3DS] Taiko Drum Master: Don and Katsu’s Space-Time Great Adventure – 2,719 (163,54)
  18. [PS3] Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition – 2,611 (32,151)
  19. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf – 2,554 (3,788,095)
  20. [Wii U] Hyrule Warriors – 2,443 (102,620)

 Hardware Chart

  1. 3DS LL – 35,622 (31,602)
  2. PlayStation Vita – 11,148 (12,331)
  3. PlayStation 4 – 8,939 (23,623)
  4. Wii U – 8,396 (7,062)
  5. 3DS – 7,970 (7,967)
  6. PlayStation 3 – 6,078 (6,083)
  7. Xbox One – 1,314 (3,015)
  8. PlayStation Vita TV – 704 (817)
  9. Xbox 360 – 103 (96)
  10. PSP – 99 (101)




Edge Magazine Awards Bayonetta 2 A Perfect 10

Gaming publication Edge Magazine has reviewed the upcoming Wii U action title Bayonetta 2 and awarded it a perfect 10. Back in 2010, the UK publication also scored the first Bayonetta with the maximum 10 out of 10, so it’s clear the sequel has lived up to its expectations.

The hack and slash title – where players can unleash Witch Time and a new move called Umbran Climax during gameplay, as well as cosplay in various Nintendo-themed outfits -even scored an impressive 38/40 from four reviewers in Japanese publication Famitsu earlier this month. Bayonetta 2 will be available in North America and Europe for the Wii U on October 24.