Game Of The Year 2012

rhythm_heaven_feverOut of all the great games that were released in 2012, including Kid Icarus: Uprising, Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop DistancePokemon Conquest, Crashmo, New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land, Scribblenauts Unlimited and Little Inferno, one special title is my personal favorite.

My game of the year 2012 is Wii-exclusive Rhythm Heaven Fever, also known as Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise.

For me, picking game of the year is primarily based based on one factor – fun. To date, with over 87 hours of playtime and counting, Rhythm Heaven Fever is the second most-played game on my Wii.

The music video game, developed by Nintendo and TNX, features over 50 quirky and addicting minigames that are easy-to-learn but challenging to master. From beautiful visuals to catchy music to extremely fun gameplay, Rhythm Heaven Fever has it all.

For more on why Rhythm Heaven Fever is my favorite game of 2012, read our Rhythm Heaven Fever review.

Everyone has his or her own opinions… What is your favorite game of 2012?

Rhythm Heaven Fever Arriving Down Under Next Week

Nintendo Australia has confirmed that Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise, also known as Rhythm Heaven Fever, will launch in Australia on September 13th. The superb Wii game is already available for purchase in North America and Europe.

The Superb Rhythm Heaven Fever Is Only $4.99 At Best Buy

Wii exclusive title Rhythm Heaven Fever, also known as Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise, released earlier this year in North America and Europe. The game’s suggested North American retail price is $29.99, but Best Buy is currently offering Rhythm Heaven Fever for only $4.99. Make sure you get a chance to play this fantastic game, which we reviewed and awarded with a near perfect score. Purchase the discounted Rhythm Heaven Fever from Best Buy here.

Rhythm Heaven Fever Review

Rhythm Heaven Fever, also known as Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise, is currently my favorite Wii game of 2012

If you are tired of motion controls, you’ll be happy to know that Rhythm Heaven Fever uses only buttons on the Wii Remote. The control scheme is very simple, yet intuitive. Every single mini-game uses the A button. Some mini-games use the A button and the A+B combination. You use the same two buttons throughout the game, which may seem repetitive but I felt like I was doing something different in almost every mini-game.

Rhythm Heaven Fever’s visuals are charming. Nintendo used an art style that fits the game and makes it stand out as being one of the most colorful games on Wii. The animations are fluid, crisp and bright, which makes the game fun to watch.

                                         Press A To Hit The Birdie Back To The Cat

There are many great tunes and sounds throughout Rhythm Heaven Fever. Most mini-games sound completely different from each other and have unique music that goes along with the player’s controls. If you make a mistake, you’ll be punished with an annoying sound effect that lets you know your reactions are either too slow or too fast. If you play through a mini-game with little or no mistakes, you’ll be rewarded with pleasing music and smooth sound effects that flow naturally.

There are over 50 rhythm-based mini-games in Rhythm Heaven Fever. Although you may finish all major mini-games after a few hours, there are plenty of reasons to play each one over again. You can easily pass most mini-games with an “OK” rating but if you get little to no mistakes in a mini-game, you’ll get a “Superb” rating that awards you with a medal.

After getting a “Superb” rating on a mini-game, you will be randomly challenged to get a perfect score – which can be very difficult – on that mini-game in order to unlock bonus content. There are over 50 medals to collect and you need them to unlock extra rhythm games, which are well-worth the hard work.

                                                  Whubudubuduba Is That True?

For the first time in the series, there’s a multiplayer mode in Rhythm Heaven Fever. Using two Wii Remotes, two players can work together on completing 10 mini-games from the single-player mode. You can also get “Superb” ratings on the multiplayer games to earn medals and unlock even more rhythm games. Because this mode features mainly games that you’ve already played in single-player mode, the multiplayer option is rather forgettable. The multiplayer mode doesn’t detract the value of the game, because the single-player mode is sufficient to warrant a purchase.

If you haven’t already, purchase Rhythm Heaven Fever in North America for $29.99 MSRP. Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise will be released in Europe on July 6th.