Best Buy: Code Name STEAM $24.99 And Xenoblade Chronicles 3D $29.99

Fancy getting a good deal this Sunday? Well, US retailer Best Buy currently has Code Name STEAM and Xenoblade Chronicles 3D for sale. If you are after Code Name STEAM then you can pick it up for $24.99. If you’re uncertain about the game then you may want to read our review, here. There’s also the engrossing Xenoblade Chronicles 3D for the New Nintendo 3DS on sale at $29.99.

Thanks, Killo

Splatoon Wii U Bundle On Sale At Best Buy For $274.99

If you’ve been toying with the idea of getting the Splatoon Wii U bundle, then now would be a good time as they are on sale at Best Buy for $274.99, which is amazing compared to some prices. Get the special edition bundle, which contains a black 32GB Wii U console with a Splatoon and Nintendo Land game, but you better be quick!

Rumor: Bowser, Bowser Jr., And Clown Car Will Appear In Mario Maker

Following a new website for Best Buy’s Nintendo Access E3 preview for Mario Maker, GameXplain published a video with an in-depth look into the seven-button promotional pre-order bonus. What they found in the video below is that Bowser, Bowser Jr., and Bowser’s infamous clown car may be making an appearance in the game.

Mario Maker is a Wii U exclusive coming September 2015 in the US.

Watch Dogs Is Available For $13 At Best Buy

Valid only for today, Watch Dogs is the cheapest it’s ever been at Best Buy at $13 for the Wii U. It originally launched November last year and maybe didn’t do overly well, but if you wanted to try it out without breaking the bank too much then here’s you’re chance! You can order it from Best Buy now, but remember it’s today only.

You Can Get 3 Select Amiibo Figures For $30 At Best Buy

Best Buy are currently offering 3 select amiibo for $30, they’re pretty common amiibo but if you’ve been meaning to get some or start collecting, now would be the time! Each amiibo individually would be $12.99 and cost $39 for 3 of them, but you can snatch them up for $30 for 3. You can choose from: Bowser, Sonic, Toon Link, Luigi, Diddy Kong, Zelda, Super Mario Series Mario, Sheik, another Luigi, Super Smash Bros. Mario, another Bowser, Pikachu, Yoshi and Princess Peach. Will you be taking advantage of the deal?

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Don’t Forget You Can Check Out The Splatoon Single Player At Select Best Buy & GameStop Stores

Just a quick reminder that you can check out the Splatoon single player mode at select Best Buy and GameStop stores in the United States. There’s a ton of stores with demo locations so you will want to check this link to make sure that your local store will be offering the demo. Amy from Miiverse has been reminding people to check it out, so I guess it is best to do what she says!

Hello Inklings of Miiverse! I hope you had a chance to play yesterday. How many battles did you win? I think I won three battles – I was happy to see the result showing how much I contributed to the team. For those who can’t wait until the game launches to play, I have amaz-ink news! You can now test out the single-player mode for Splatoon at selected Best Buy and GameStop stores! Make sure to visit the website in this post to check which stores are offering the demo. If only I could transform into a squid and swim quickly to one of those stores right now!

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Best Buy Today: Buy One Nintendo 3DS Title Get Another Half Price

If you’re looking to purchase a new Nintendo 3DS game then you might want to think about buying it from Best Buy. The US retailer is offering gamers the chance to buy one Nintendo 3DS game and get a second for half price. That’s not a bad deal and there’s plenty of games to be had including Super Smash Bros and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D. You can check out the deal here.

For one day only. Take your fun on the go, with these great games for your Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL or the New Nintendo 3DS XL. When you buy one Nintendo 3DS game by Nintendo, you’ll get a second 50% off. Plus, Gamers Club Unlocked members get an additional 20% off.