Best Buy: Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition Available For Pre-order


Those of you who were holding out for the Xenoblade Chronicles X special edition bundle from Best Buy for whatever reason can now put down your pre-order. The item is available for $89.99 and contains the art book and the digital soundtrack. Xenoblade Chronicles X is due to be released on December 4th.

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Shulk, Greninja, And Lucario Appear On Best Buy System

It looks as though a few amiibo which were previously retailer exclusive in the United States have now appeared on Best Buy’s computer systems. Shulk, Greninja and Lucario were previously exclusive to Toys ‘R Us and GameStop. A recent post on Reddit suggests that these specific amiibo will no longer be retailer exclusive and will be available through other stores. Guess we shall have to wait and see!

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Best Buy Club: Super Mario Maker 7-Button Set When Order 2 Wii U, 3DS Games


Don’t forget that this is the last day you have the opportunity to get a limited edition 7-button set of Super Mario Maker buttons at Best Buy. To be eligible you need to be a My Best Buy member and pre-order and purchase two select Wii U or Nintendo 3DS titles. There’s plenty of games to choose from so take your pick.

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Super Mario Maker Adorns Best Buy’s Store Front Banner Space


Best Buy and Nintendo have a good relationship and that looks set to continue as Nintendo has scooped the retailer’s store front space with Super Mario Maker. Previously the space was used to advertise Windows, but it seems as though Nintendo has scooped a deal to have Super Mario Maker adorn the front of Best Buy’s stores throughout the United States.


Best Buy Has Flash Sale For New Nintendo 3DS Bundles And Games


US retailer Best Buy is currently running a flash sale that will last for four hours. There’s plenty of gaming items to be had including a New Nintendo 3DS XL with Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and a charger for $214.98. You can also pick up Code Name STEAM for $19.99. To see all the deals that are on offer check out the page, here.

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Best Buy: Buy One Nintendo 3DS Game, Get One 50% Off

If you are in the market for some new Nintendo 3DS games then you are in luck. US retailer Best Buy currently has a fantastic offer on. The retail outlet currently has a buy one Nintendo 3DS game and get another for 50% off promotion running at the moment. There’s plenty of great titles to pick up too including Super Smash Bros, Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, Fantasy Life, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D for New Nintendo 3DS and a few more. You can check out all the game available in this promotion, here.

Take your fun on the go with great games for your Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL or the New Nintendo 3DS XL. When you buy one select Nintendo 3DS game, you’ll get a second at 50% off. Plus, Gamers Club Unlocked members get an additional 20% off.


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Rumor: Dark Pit Amiibo Is Not So Rare After All In The US

Today has been a bevy of amiibo news — however a reliable source to amiibo news (via Nintendo Inquirer) claims that each Best Buy in North America will have over a hundred Dark Pits. We know what you are thinking: “big claims require big evidence.” Lo and behold, the smoking gun:



The picture, which appears to be taken from a Best Buy terminal, shows 9000 amiibo are on hand within California. Meanwhile, there are only 85 (maximum) Best Buy locations within California. Doing the math, that means each Best Buy would be holding 105.88 Dark Pits (see, math is useful in the real world). There are still questions left unanswered — if this applies to California, can we expect the same amount of support across the market? That remains to be seen. However, remember you can grab the Dark Pit amiibo in the United States on July 31, only in stores.