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Bill Trinen Talks About The Background Of Nintendo Treehouse

Online gaming publication Siliconera recently had the opportunity to sit down with Bill Trinen, the Director of Product Marketing at Nintendo of America. Bill explained about the origins of Nintendo Treehouse and how it was in the early days compared to now.

“The thing about Treehouse is that it’s actually a huge team [now]. When I joined Nintendo back in ’98, there were two of us. We localized games, captured all the screenshots for promotional materials, wrote all of the manuals, captured all of the footage to help with T.V. ads for media…the list gets longer.”

“From there, the team started to grow, and one of the first things I said was, ‘We really need somebody else to capture the footage [for media], because there’s actual localization work to do, and we can’t do it all,’ so then we added what’s now called our Marketing Support Team.”

“Then there’s my team. I left out of localization several years ago and started up what is essentially the product marketing team. Our role is to educate the NOA internal marketing teams and their agencies on what the products are and how they can identify the key features of a product.”

“We also have our brand management/Pokémon team that handles all of the Pokémon products. They do some things around the Kirby franchise. Today, Treehouse is a very large group. Localization alone is 40 or 50 people. It’s hard to imagine that we started by translating text into .txt files.”

“There have actually been rumors that Mr. Miyamoto is going to retire, you know, so this E3 we were going to spread the rumor that the two of us had bought a place in a Hawaii and that we’re going to retire together. But really, when I first joined Nintendo it was in 1998. I had gone in for an interview on a contract job and didn’t hear back, so, I just sort of assumed I didn’t get the job. Then I heard back from this agency that had hooked me up with the interview and they said, ‘well yeah, they don’t want to hire you for the contract job, they just want to HIRE you!’ So, naturally, I said, hey, sure—I’ll do that!”

“As a part of the testing process for Ocarina of Time, we were doing these nightly telephone conference calls, because we didn’t have video conference technology back then—but we at least had email—so we would do these calls every night and I ended up being the one who was translating them for the testing team in Redmond.”

“I was going about my merry way for a few months when, one day, Jim Merrick comes up to me and says, ‘you’re Bill, right? You speak Japanese, don’t you?’ I was young and naïve, so of course I said, ‘Yeah! Yeah I speak Japanese!’

“Miyamoto was really nervous because he had never spoken in front of an audience that large before—and I was really nervous because I had never met Mr. Miyamoto. I can’t remember it exactly, but there was this little joke at the beginning…anyways, we got on stage, and he gets to his joke, tells it, I translate it, and the whole room just busts up. That’s been our motto ever since—whenever were doing anything, we don’t really care what the audience thinks, the two of us are just going to get up and have fun.”

“Before the trip, I told my wife, ‘I’m going to come back either looking for a new job or I’ll be staying at Nintendo for a very long time.”

Bill Trinen From NoA Says Nintendo 3DS Will ‘Really Take Off’ In 2013


Director of product marketing Bill Trinen is extremely confident that the Nintendo 3DS will take off this year due to the influx of new and enticing software that will be available to consumers. Trinen says that Nintendo portables in the United States have historically taken a few years to see sales pick up, but as soon a healthy amount of software is released sales really pick up.

“We have noticed that in the US in particular, people tend to, at least when it comes to handheld gaming, they tend to shift generations a lot more slowly than they do particularly in Japan. In Japan, once a new handheld system comes out it’s like everybody just goes right to it.”

“GameBoy Advance was the same way; DS was the same way; 3DS now. It does take a couple of years. But then once it does, it really builds steam and so with the lineup that we’re seeing this year, to me it really feels like this is the year that 3DS is really going to take off.”

Nintendo America Explains Wii U’s Nintendo Network, Miiverse And Internet Browser In This New Video

Nintendo of America’s Bill Trinen talks about many essential Wii U features, including the Nintendo Network, Miiverse and Internet Browser, in the video above.

Miiverse is a network where players can share their feelings with others; for example, if you are struggling on a particular level within a game, let other Wii U users know how you feel so that they’ll attempt to help you. Defeat a challenging, ruthless boss, and let other players know of your triumph so that they’ll congratulate you.

To access the Nintendo eShop for Wii U, Miiverse, Nintendo TVii and Wii U Chat, you must have a Nintendo Network ID. To register for a Nintendo Network ID, a player must enter a password, birth date, gender, location and e-mail address.

Nintendo Says Wii U Basic Set Is For Hardcore Gamers

There are two Wii U bundles, but only one of them – Wii U Deluxe Set – will include a copy of Nintendo Land. Because it doesn’t include the party game, Nintendo product manager Bill Trinen says the Wii U Basic is targeted toward consumers who are more interested in ‘core’ games, such as Bayonetta 2 or ZombiU. Remember, the Wii U in the Basic set includes 8GB of internal storage, whereas the Wii U in the Deluxe Set features 32GB.

Only Way To Access Nintendo eShop Digital Promotion Is By Purchasing Wii U Deluxe Set

According to Nintendo, consumers who purchase the Wii U Deluxe Set will be enrolled in the Deluxe Digital Promotion, which lets Wii U owners receive points for each digital download and redeem those points for future downloadable content from the Nintendo eShop. Nintendo product manager Bill Trinen has confirmed there is no other way to enroll in the promotion as it is tied to the Wii U Deluxe Set. Note, however, the promotion is currently planned through 2014.

Will there be any way to gain access to some of the Deluxe Digital Promotion stuff that’s included in the Deluxe set outside of that? Will there be any way to do that?

“No, that’s tied directly to the Deluxe set… When you’re purchasing digital content, what that does is it gets you credit back that you can then build up and use to purchase additional digital content. That’s the idea behind the promotion.”

-Bill Trinen, Nintendo product manager

Wii U GamePad Needs To Be Eight Meters Or Less From Console & TV

Depending on your home size, the Wii U GamePad can or cannot be used around your house. Apparently, for best performance, the Wii U GamePad needs to be about eight meters or less from the Wii U console. In terms of how many feet the controller can be taken away from a powered-on Wii U, it’s about 24.

…Is there a limit on the distance that you can take the [Wii U] GamePad away from the system?

“There is. And it’s… Of course, when we’re generally giving limits on things like that, and I think the same thing can be said for the Nintendo 3DS battery life… We tend to be more conservative, because we’re looking at it from a performance perspective. What, really, is the range where you’re going to get the best performance out of that? And you’re going to get the best performance within a range of about… They had a very precise number at one point. In meters it’s like eight meters. In feet it’s about 24 feet. That’s for best performance.”

-Bill Trinen, Nintendo product manager

Wii U’s Nintendo Land Does Not Feature Online Multiplayer

Nintendo product manager Bill Trinen confirmed Wii U launch title Nintendo Land will not include online multiplayer in any of the 12 attractions; the only way to play with other people is through local multiplayer. While online features are important to Nintendo, Trinen believes it was a logical decision to not include online multiplayer in the upcoming game.

Nintendo Land is not. It’s not going to be played over the network. There’s actually a logical reason for why they decided to do that. I think for… Up until now, basically, when people have said, “What does a network mean for video gaming?”, the answer has always been “online play.” We look at online play and we think that it’s important, and obviously for games where it makes sense, we’re going to leverage it. But for Wii U launch specifically, one of the things that we want people to understand is that a network connection to a game can mean a lot of different things. It can mean online gaming, but it can also mean other unique ways to connect to other people.

-Bill Trinen, Nintendo product manager

Zero Confirmed Games Support Wii U GamePad NFC

There are over 50 launch window games confirmed for Wii U but, apparently, none of them will use the Wii U GamePad’s NFC reader, including Rayman Legends and Skylanders Giants. Nintendo prodct manager Bill Trinen thinks developers may start implementing the feature in future Wii U projects.

“That is a new tech, particularly with it being available in the U.S. A lot of the developers are wondering what are the options? How do we leverage it? As they start to come with their ideas, solutions and great content, we will talk more about it.”

“I don’t anticipate it will be too far out.”

-Bill Trinen, Nintendo product manager

Nintendo Wii: Pikmin 3 Still In Development At Nintendo HQ


Nintendo of America’s Bill Trinen has confirmed that Pikmin 3 is still deep in development at Nintendo HQ.

Speaking to popular online gaming publication, Joystiq, Trinen reconfirmed the appearance of Pikmin 3 for the Nintendo Wii. Whilst no release date has been pencilled in for the game, he did state that the highly anticipated title is still in development and that the controls are working extremely well.