Here’s The Official Box-Art For Star Fox Zero

star_fox_zero_official _box_art

We found out earlier today that Star Fox Zero will be flying onto the Wii U on November 20th in the United States and Europe. Now Nintendo of America has revealed the final box-art for the game which features the Star Fox crew we are all familiar with as well as the Arwing and the Land Master. You can also see that the game will support amiibo. Star Fox Zero is developed by Platinum Games. You can view the European release dates for the holiday season, here, and the North American 2015 release dates, here.

Here’s The Japanese Box-Art For Monster Hunter X


The next instalment of the immensely popular Monster Hunter series arrives in Japan in November. What we haven’t seen thus far is the box-art for Monster Hunter X. Thankfully it has been uploaded by Amazon Japan which currently has the game up for pre-order. Sadly we do not know when Monster Hunter X will arrive in the west, but sales for the last game Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate were extremely good.

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Here’s The Box-Art For Terraria For Wii U And Nintendo 3DS


Re-Logic and 505 Games have posted the box-art for Terraria on both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. As you can see from the image above it is kind of surreal, but to be expected given the game’s nature. We found out yesterday that the Wii U version of the ultra-creative title has local and online multiplayer. The Nintendo 3DS version just has local multiplayer. Terraria will also be playable at Gamescom next month and is expected to come out early 2016.

Here’s The Devil’s Third European Box-Art


One of the big third-party titles that is coming to the Wii U this summer is Devil’s Third. The action and adventure video game title developed by Tomonobu Itagaki’s Valhalla Game Studios is coming to Europe on August 28th and looks set to contain plenty of explosive action. We’ve finally got a look at the official box-art courtesy of Amazon and you can check that out, above.

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Check Out Super Mario Maker’s Box Art


Following Nintendo’s Digital Event @ E3, the box art and concept artwork for Super Mario Maker was revealed. Super Mario Maker, of course, is the upcoming Wii U Mario construction game where players will be able to play, share, and build their own Mario levels. Super Mario Maker is coming exclusively to Wii U on September 11, 2015. Check out the concept art below!

Take A Look At The Star Fox Zero Box Art

star_fox_zero_box_artEarlier today, Star Fox Zero was announced during Nintendo’s Digital Event at E3 and here’s the first look at the box art of the new Wii U exclusive title. One of the more exciting titles of E3 coming this holiday season, so not too long to wait either. Some gameplay of Star Fox Zero was looked at more extensively during Nintendo Treehouse, which is still showing now and will be available to re-watch later.



Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice’s Box Art Revealed

Sonic Boom Fire and Ice Box Art

It’s only been a day since the reveal of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, however a picture of the supposed box art has surfaced. The box art, showing a wide range of Sonic’s friend-group, highlights some of the new enemies along with a distinct fire and ice theme. There is no set release date for Fire & Ice, however SEGA has confirmed that it is a Nintendo 3DS exclusive.