Nintendo Europe Is Releasing A Super Smash Bros Wii U Basic Bundle

Well, it turns out that Nintendo is finally planning to release a Super Smash Bros Wii U bundle after all. The Wii U 8GB Basic Pack comes with a copy of Super Smash Bros and is only confirmed for Spain at the moment. I suspect other countries will follow suit. We are now just waiting to find out when the bundle is due to be released.

Smash Bros Wii U Bundle Sells Out On Amazon And GameStop

Looks like the demand is certainly there for Super Smash Bros on Wii U as the bundle which contains a copy of the game, a GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U, and Super Smash Brothers Edition of the GameCube Controller, is completely sold out on both Amazon and GameStop. Amazon is allowing fans to be notified by email once the bundle is back on sale.

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Amazon UK Lists Super Smash Bros Basic 8GB Wii U Bundle

We’ve already heard that Nintendo is apparently putting together a Super Smash Bros Wii U bundle to coincide with the launch of the game. Now it’s been discovered that Amazon UK is listing a Super Smash Bros bundle. The bundle includes a 8GB Basic Wii U console and a copy of Super Smash Bros and retails for £229.99. There’s no images of the bundle yet, but it seems likely Nintendo will officially announce it soon.

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Amazon Shows Off The Super Smash Bros Bundle For Wii U


Popular online retailer Amazon has uploaded the official packaging for the Super Smash Bros bundle for the Wii U. The bundle includes the Super Smash Bros Game for the Wii U, GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U, and Super Smash Bros Edition of the GameCube Controller and is available for $99. We’ve yet to get a release date for the Wii U version of Smash Bros, but rumours seem to indicate it’s coming November 21st.

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NES Remix Pack Announced For Later This Year

During today’s San Diego Comic Con Nintendo of America announced that they will be releasing a NES Remix pack which will be coming later this year as a physical product. Pricing for the bundle has yet to be announced, but it shouldn’t be too expensive.


Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition With Blue Shell Is Now Sold Out On GAME UK Website

Those of you hoping to get your hands on the special edition Mario Kart 8 bundle from UK retailer GAME are currently out of luck. The UK retailer has now sold out of the limited edition bundle which comes with the Spiny Shell Collector’s item and Super Mario Kart Racing Wheel. The online store currently only has the standard edition left for pre-order. Nintendo of America announced that the limited edition bundle is available in the US, but can only be purchased at Nintendo World Store.

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Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition Bundle With Blue Shell Exclusive To Nintendo World In US

The Nintendo World Store has today confirmed that you’ll be able to get hold of the special Mario Kart 8 bundle, which comes complete with the blue shell statue, when you pre-order the game with them. The bundle is limited edition and pre-orders start right now.