Dark Pit Is Best Buy Exclusive, Even In Canada

Nintendo of America feels the full brunt of the over-commercialized exclusivity deals surrounding amiibo — with the closures of Target, Canada has been able to sidestep some of the worst of the exclusivity deals. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case with Dark Pit amiibo. According to Reward Zone’s Gamers Club Twitter account, Dark Pit will be Best buy exclusive (released July 31) in Canada with no option of pre-ordering. While this is not explicitly stated, there has not yet been any pre-order pages or news from any other retailer, with only two weeks until launch — our deductive reasoning says other retailers likely would have announced availability by now. On the bright side, there will be online stock available the day of, in limited supplies. This mirrors the US Dark Pit launch, which will be happening July 31st.

Nintendo Canada GM: “Wii U Momentum In Canada Is Slightly Better Than The US”

Nintendo Canada general manager Pierre-Paul Trepanier has revealed that momentum for the company’s Wii U console is slightly better in Canada than the United States. Pierre-Paul Trepanier also says that Canada has more rabid Nintendo fans in general, which is very interesting. He also revealed that Wii U sales are up 19 percent this year, based on NPD numbers.

“On the consumer front, Canadians seem to prefer console gaming to portable gaming compared to the U.S., and very much so compared to other markets like Japan, where portable gaming is much bigger. Our Wii U momentum in Canada is slightly better (than the U.S.). Canadian gamers love getting together in the living room.”

“Beyond that, Wii U – which struggled for many years, and to be honest, we’re still not completely satisfied with where it is – had its best year in 2014.”

“This year so far in Canada, Wii U is up 19 per cent based on NPD numbers.”

What’s the feeling internally on Splatoon?

“Our presale numbers were amazing, close to Mario Kart 8 numbers a year ago, which is amazing because Mario Kart is an established franchise.”

Video: Nintendo Promotes Splatoon In Canada With Ink-Themed Fountain At Mall

For those curious to see how Splatoon‘s launch was promoted in Toronto, Nintendo has released a brief clip showcasing a fountain inspired by the third-person shooter at the Toronto Eaton Centre. The one-minute video also looks at visitors’ reactions toward the ink-themed display, which was up until May 31st. Splatoon was released last week, exclusively for Wii U.

If You Live In Canada You Can Check Out Splatoon At A Number Of Best Buy Locations

Itching to play more Splatoon after the Global Testfire Demo? Well you are in luck if you reside in Canada. Nintendo has confirmed that the super colourful shooter will be available to play in a number of Best Buy locations in Canada. The company has stated on their official webpage that all sampling events will take place from 12pm-4pm local time, on May 16-17 and May 23-24. You can check out if it’s taking place at a store near you by checking out this link.

Walmart Canada Says They Will Have Gold Mario Amiibo Figures, But Won’t Be Taking Pre-orders

In a series of tweets Walmart Canada has confirmed the existence of the dazzling Gold Mario Amiibo figure. We basically knew it was legitimate as we had photographic proof from a leaked advertisement from the retailer that proved they were genuine. What is strange is they aren’t taking pre-orders. So it could be mayhem at Walmart Canada when these things actually go on sale.

Thanks for asking! We are getting the gold Mario amiibo in stores but we don’t have a date yet.

Hi there. We’re not having a pre-sale for the gold Mario amiibos.

Thanks, Rubberyen and Lord Zedd

Target To Close All Stores In Canada

There’s some bad news for those of you that may have pre-ordered Amiibo in store at Target Canada as the retailer has announced that it is closing all 133 stores in Canada. The move was blamed on poor supply chain management decisions and also a bad pricing strategy. I’m not sure when they’re closing, but you’ve got to feel sorry for all those staff that are facing redundancy.

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Walmart Canada Has Limited Stock Now In For The GameCube Adapter For Wii U

Get it while you can people! Walmart Canada currently has the incredibly hard to find GameCube adapters for the Wii U in stock. As you would imagine the product is extremely hard to acquire at the moment. You can buy the GameCube adapter for $25, so be quick.

Thanks, Calvin