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Capcom Announces Monster Hunter 4G Has Surpassed 2 Million Shipments In Japan

Monster Hunter 4G has surpassed 2 million shipments in Japan according to Capcom. The publisher announced in a press release today that the open-world action game had shipped more than 2 million units in the region, which included sales from digital eShop cards and the Nintendo eShop, in just five days. It’s a monstrous success for the game as Capcom hopes to level with Monster Hunter 4’s – the previous instalment on the 3DS – sales of 4.1 million units.

Bundled with the New Nintendo 3DS, it was clear Monster Hunter 4G was going to storm the Japanese charts this week, deserving its chart-topping position. In total, the Monster Hunter franchise has now sold more than 31 million units worldwide. But to celebrate the continuous growth of the series, Capcom will also hold new events for the game, including “KariCon – Let’s Go Hunting with MH4G” taking place in five cities across Japan. Additionally, Monster Hunter Festa ’15 will begin in January 2015. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will release for North America and Europe early next year.


Check Out The First 60 Minutes Of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate On Nintendo 3DS

Tilmen from Nintendomination has uploaded the first sixty minutes of the recently released Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate which went on sale in Japan this weekend. Sadly we’ve got a while to wait as the game isn’t coming to the west until sometime early next year. Still, judging from the video, it will certainly be worth the wait.


Capcom Won’t Work On A AAA Sequel Unless Its Predecessor Sold Over 2 Million Units

Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono has revealed in the latest edition of Japanese gaming publication Famitsu that the company won’t greenlight a AAA game sequel without over 2 million sales. Ono says that if a triple A title doesn’t achieve these kind of sales then they reflect on that and use their experience on other games.

“For instance, if a game doesn’t sell over 2 million copies, then we’d have to put the brakes on any plans for a sequel. All that means is that we weren’t capable enough. And all we can do after that is to reflect on the experience, take what we can learn from it, and try to apply those lessons on some other title.”


Capcom Explains Why They Added Sonic And Nintendo Collaborations To Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Online gaming publication Siliconera recently caught up with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate producer Ryozo Tsujimoto to ask him why they decided to do a collaboration with Sega and Nintendo. As you already know, you’re able to let your Felynes wear armour based on Sonic and wield his sword from Sonic and the Black Knight. You can also dress up your character as Link and use the Master Sword. Here’s what Tsujimoto had to say about these inclusions.

“There are actually a few people at Sega that we’re pretty close to. We were chatting and thinking if there was something we could do together—some kind of collaboration. Then we settled on Sonic, ultimately, because he’s not only popular here in Japan, he’s also extremely popular overseas.”

“Since we’re doing an overseas version of this game, it made sense to do some sort of collaborative crossover that would make sense globally. So I had an associate of mine at Sega introduce me to the person in charge [of licensing]. We shook hands, made the deal, and there you go.”

“As you know, Nintendo helped a lot with development and they’ve been very good partners, so we wanted very much to take some kind of a Nintendo IP and do some sort of crossover that seemed to make sense from our point-of-view,” Tsujimoto shared. “And of course, with us on the development side, when you think of Nintendo, the first thing you think of are Mario and Zelda characters. Certainly, for those of us on the devteam that are in our 30s and 40s, that’s exactly the first thing that comes to mind.”

“So, we started to think of what we could do with Mario and Link-type characters. It occurred to us… as you know, in Monster Hunter, you’ve got a Sword and Shield, and Link is the same way, so it would be a perfect match. So, we went over to Nintendo, discussed, got permission, and went ahead and did it.”

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