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Here’s The Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Tokyo Game Show 2014 Trailer

Today marks the start of the Tokyo Game Show and Capcom has decided to please fans by releasing a brand new trailer for the upcoming Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for the Nintendo 3DS. You can watch various beasts being tackled with an array of deadly arsenal. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate comes out next year in the west.

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Won’t Be Coming To Wii U, Banner Was Apparently A Printing Error

Nintendo of Germany has confirmed that the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate banners that could be seen sporting a Wii U logo were a result of an apparent printing error. The company says that there’s no plans to bring Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate to the Wii U.

“Nintendo of Europe confirmed, that the promotional banner with the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and the WiiU logo at the Connichi in Kassel was a printing error. Monster Hunter 4 is exclusively planned for Nintendo 3DS – Capcom also refuted the rumours of a Wii U version.”

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Famitsu Teases Reveal Of Big New Game From Capcom

Next week’s issue of Famitsu will include the reveal of a big Capcom game. It has yet to be confirmed whether the unannounced title will be released on a Nintendo platform, or if it is regarding another installment in an existing franchise. Capcom recently confirmed that Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is in development. Although the original Resident Evil: Revelations is available on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, its sequel hasn’t been announced for either platform.