Capcom Explains What Resident Evil 4 Could Have Been

Resident Evil 4 was a gigantic release back in 2005 and was met by critical acclaim across the board. Eurogamer recently had the chance to speak with former Capcom scenario writer Yasuhisa Kawamura to find out what could have been with the game. Kawamura told the site that he wanted Resident Evil 4 to be a “pure horror” game that was free from the constraints of previous games in the series. You can read plenty of more details, here, and I’d advise that you do so.

However, as perfectly-realised an experience as it unquestionably was, Resident Evil 4 could almost have been even more revolutionary. Speaking to Eurogamer, former Capcom scenario writer Yasuhisa Kawamura reveals that it had been his intention to craft a horror title which raised the bar when it came to scares; his vision was one of “pure horror” freed from the constraints of the increasingly convoluted Resident Evil storyline, which has traditionally relied so heavily on shadowy corporations indulging in illegal scientific experiments.

Despite this varied career, does Kawamura believe that his path could somehow cross with Capcom once again? “I could never turn down such an offer,” he replies. “I am very fond of Biohazard. To be honest, I would love to remake Biohazard 3 with today’s technology and skills. However Capcom would never try that, and I am not that much of a valuable member to Capcom. The Biohazard series is created by Capcom’s most elite members. It’s hard to imagine myself fitting in with such a prestigious team. Even if I were to successfully work on a Biohazard 3 remake, there’s already Operation Racoon City and The Umbrella Chronicles. I doubt I have any chance.”

Here’s 42 Minutes Of Gameplay From The Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Special English Demo

Yup, you read that correctly. Here’s forty-five minutes of footage from the special European Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate demo. Before you go checking on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, you should be made aware that the demo was only available to a select few who attended a special Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate event in Frankfurt Germany. However, you’ll be pleased to know that the demo will be made available to everyone in the near future.

Here’s The Wii U eShop Trailer For Mega Man Battle Network 2

Capcom has released the Nintendo eShop trailer for Mega Man Battle Network 2. Available now via the Virtual Console service on Wii U, Mega Man Battle Network 2 sees the return of Lan and his NetNavi MegaMan.EXE three months after World Three disbanded. Aided by other fellow Net-Battlers, Lan and MegaMan.EXE must travel across the world in their quest to become stronger. The game can be purchased for $7.99.

Capcom Says A Lot Of Effort Went Into The Western Version Of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate localization director Andrew Alfonso has explained in a lengthy blog post over at the official Capcom blog that a lot of effort has gone into localizing the game for the west. Alfonso says that one of the differences this time around is that he sat in on meetings when the original game was being developed. In the blog post, Alfonso also says that they have changed numerous things for western audiences including the UI and tutorials, but these changes are subtle. Here’s a snippet of what he had to say on the Capcom blog.

“We started planning the localization of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate around September 2013, when the Japanese version of Monster Hunter 4 was released, Alfonso says. He goes on to add that, the reason these games take so long to localize is that Monster Hunter actually has more text than Ace Attorney and Dragon’s Dogma, despite suggestions that there isn’t all that much text.”

“Another thing we did with MH4U that we couldn’t do with MH3U is related to the UI and tutorials,” Alfonso writes. “We were able to tinker with them in ways that we weren’t able to do in the past. We consulted with MH4U director Kaname Fujioka and lead designer Yuya Tokuda about what we wanted to do for the western release and received their blessing to change the UI and tutorials in subtle ways that will make the experience smoother for players overseas.”

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate For Nintendo 3DS Previewed By IGN In Video

Want to hear some impressions of Capcom’s forthcoming Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for the west? Well, IGN’s Jose Otero has gone hands on with the western version of the game that sadly doesn’t have a release date yet. Here’s his impressions and there’s also a video preview available that you can watch above. Hopefully Capcom will be nice and provide us with a release date soon.

Thankfully, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate finally addresses the problems of being a first time hunter without upending the grand face-offs or deep systems that make its core game so distinct. People who like loot driven games like Destiny or Diablo 3 make want to check it out. The MH4U campaign finally teaches the more valuable skills upfront; New weapons like the mighty Charge Blade have nuanced elements that make them fun to use once you understand how they work.

But that’s not all! Mobility is a huge focus for the new game. Hunters fluidly scale up walls, and you can use them to attack or flee from fights. You can scale up monsters that have been knocked down and carve away extra damage through a button mashing mini-game! And then, behind it all is the charming localization, which provides layers of fan service, subtext, and direction that is just plain fun to read. It’s never afraid to embrace the wacky or weird nature of a game that’s all about killing massive fictional monsters.

Here’s A Resident Evil Gamecube Vs PlayStation 3 HD Comparison Video

Capcom’s Resident Evil HD remake for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One is now available in Japan so Tilmen from Nintendomination has decided to make a comparison video to the original GameCube game which launched back in 2002. I will leave it up to you to determine which version looks better.

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Phoenix Wright Was Almost Named Roger Wright

Alex Smith, the writer behind Ace Attorney’s English début, has revealed that the lead protagonist in the Phoenix Wright series was almost called Roger Wright. Thankfully, they had a change of heart and named him Phoenix, which in my opinion sounds that bit more badass.

“My original suggestion for Phoenix Wright was ‘Roger Wright.’ I had come up with a list of first names and a list of last names, and submitted that to Capcom. And, in those, ‘Phoenix’ was one of the first name options, but pretty far down on my list. And Roger was at the top. And ‘Wright,’ I felt,had to be the his last name, because of the pun in Japanese… ‘Naruhodo’ was used so many times in the text as a joke. Also, it’s just self-deprecating humor, where the one guy whose name is ‘I get it!’ just doesn’t get it. I needed something that was bold and like, ‘Yeah right, I got it!’ so he could say that and kind of own that attitude, even though he had no idea what he was doing.  

“So ‘Wright’ was there, and ‘Roger’ was my first choice, because heroes—they like to have alliteration. Also, if you’ve ever seen the movie Airplane, [‘Roger’] is a great source of silly jokes as well. So that seemed like a name with a lot of potential. They ended up going for ‘Phoenix’ because they liked the heroism of it, and there was a comment from the Japanese dev team—they felt like ‘Roger Wright’ sounded too much like ‘Roger Rabbit,'” says Smith, adding ‘Pierce,’ ‘Xavier,’ ‘Marcus,’ and ‘Zane’ could also be found on the list of proposed first names for Ace Attorney’s protagonist.

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