Ace Attorney Anime Confirmed For April 2016

One of the announcements that graced the stage at this year’s Tokyo Game Show was that Ace Attorney is getting an anime and it will air on April 2016 in Japan. Capcom wouldn’t reveal any details, but they did showcase key characters which include Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey, and Miles Edgeworth. We should get more details regarding the Ace Attorney anime in the near future.


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Here’s What You Can Get In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate September DLC

Capcom has detailed exactly what’s available in the absolutely free September downloadable content for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. You will get twelve new quests to play through which include 3 new arena challenges, a new weapon to wield, a brand new armour set, and there’s also a Palico equipment set and a bonus Palico. To round off the update you can obtain six Guild Card titles and a background. To get this content all you need to do is access the DLC menu.

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Famitsu: Monster Hunter Stories Is A Turn Based RPG And More Details

If you are curious about Capcom’s upcoming Monster Hunter spin-off Monster Hunter Stories then the latest edition of Famitsu has plenty of information for you. Monster Hunter Stories is set to be a turn-based RPG and sounds vaguely similar to Pokemon. The game has been in development for two years and the team is proud of what they have accomplished so far.

  • Battles are turn-based. You’ll fight using “Power,” “Technique,” and “Speed” command options.
  • Monsters have habits so if you pay attention and read their movements, you can tell what will be advantageous in battle.
  • “Otomon,” friendly monsters that Riders can deepen their bonds with, have their own minds and will act at their own will. If the condition calls for it, the Rider and monster can perform a cooperation attack.
  • A Rider’s attack changes based on the equipped weapon. Large swords have the “Nagiharai” special skill, one-handed swords have the “Shield Bash” special skill, and so on.
  • Once riders build a good enough bond with their monsters, they use the “Ride On” technique to dramatically increase their ability. Using the Kizuna Stone, you’ll be able to use stronger “Bond Techniques,” which includes different techniques depending on the monster.

■ Otomon Eggs: You can find monster eggs on the field and bring them back to the village to raise them. What kind of monsters will hatch depends on the location you find them.

  • Since there are a lot of players that have an interest in the world of Monster Hunter, we were looking into a game in the the RPG genre that takes advantage of the setting for about five or six years. Actual development started two years ago.
  • There are a lot of people who love monsters, so for this game we put the spotlight on monsters.
  • I want players of all ages to play this game. We made the visuals and world setting as familiar as possible, and we’re aware the story is not too serious.
  • The “Power,” “Technique,” and “Speed” command-based battles are not only games of luck. For example, the Velociprey likes to speed, etc. There are different habits for each monster. By continuously getting into battle, you’ll learn their habits.
  • The hero can have a party with multiple monsters. In a battle, he can fight together with one of them. It’s also possible to change which monster you are partnered with in battle.
  • The hero participates in battle but largely in a support role. The core attacks are dished out by the Otomon.
  • Otomon have their own particular abilities, and there are cases when you can go places you normally can’t by making use of them.
  • New areas previously not seen in the series will be depicted in this game.
  • Riders form bonds with monsters, while Hunters hunt monsters. From the perspective of these opposing groups, the game will depict a deep story about the world of Monster Hunter.

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Here’s Some Of The Returning Beasts In Monster Hunter X


Interested to find out which monsters you will be facing in the upcoming Monster Hunter X? Well, Japanese publication Famitsu has given us a look at several of them. You will be tackling familiar creatures Lagiacrus (Monster Hunter 3), plus Shogun Ceanataur and Blangonga (Monster Hunter 2). The magazine also detailed one of the newcomers who is Raizecus. He is a ginormous dragonfly that emits sharp volts of electricity stunning the player.


Capcom France Says The Great Ace Attorney Isn’t Planned For A Western Release

Capcom France is saying that The Great Ace Attorney isn’t planned for a Western release. This piece of news comes from the publisher’s Twitter account, but hopefully it wasn’t referring to all Western regions. The game was released earlier this year in Japan for Nintendo 3DS. It is set during the Meiji Era in Japan and crosses over to London during the British Empire’s reign. At least we know that the recently-announced Ace Attorney 6 is coming to the West.


Ace Attorney 6 Will Be Coming To The West


You have probably read by now that Ace Attorney 6 is coming via Capcom, but what we weren’t sure about is a western release. However, Capcom has now confirmed to Shack News that the game will be coming to the west on Nintendo 3DS. We should get some footage of the Japanese version of Ace Attorney 6 as it will be playable at this month’s Tokyo Game Show.

“Ace Attorney 6 (working title) will be coming to the west,” Capcom told ShackNews. “We’ll have more information on the Western release soon.”

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Ace Attorney 6 Has Been Announced

Capcom has today confirmed that they has been busy developing a new game in the Ace Attorney series. Famitsu reports that Ace Attorney 6 will feature a new game system that enables quicker gameplay. Attendees at the Tokyo Game Show will be able to get hands on with the game later this month. The game is currently in development for the Nintendo 3DS.

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