Ubisoft Explains Why Rayman Legends Is Exclusive To Wii U

According to Ubisoft’s Chris McEntee, bringing Rayman Legends to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is possible. However, because Wii U is packaged with a Wii U GamePad, which features a 6.2 inch touchscreen, the upcoming platformer is a Wii U exclusive; if the game was coming to PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, to get an experience similar to Wii U, consumers would have to purchase a PlayStation Vita or a touchscreen device that’s compatible with the Xbox SmartGlass application.

“Well, technically we could to it with SmartGlass [for Xbox 360] and with the Vita being linked to the PlayStation 3. The possibility could be there, but we chose to really focus on Wii U specifically because it has a special toolset, and because everyone that buys it gets what they need to play the game.”

“We don’t want to have the player dependent on other technology that they have to purchase to make sure they can play the full experience. Here you buy the Wii U system, you buy the game, and you can experience all of the content without extras. And we didn’t want to give somebody half of the experience just for the sake of getting it out on another console. We want the player to get everything that we have to offer them from this game.”

-Chris  McEntee, Ubisoft designer