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Nintendo Releases New A Link Between Worlds Artwork


Nintendo has released a brand new piece of concept art for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds which features the return of one of the most prominent villains in video game history. Ganon is back for this latest installment in the Zelda franchise, sporting the same look that he did in A Link to the Past. He was officially revealed at the end of the launch trailer that was shown during today’s Nintendo Direct, but this further confirms his involvement in the game. In the trailer, eight paintings are shown swirling around in a vortex-like manner, and Ganon seemingly rises from the ashes. What does Ganon have in store for Link this time?

Monolith Soft May Have Shared Concept Art For Its Upcoming Nintendo 3DS Game

monolith_soft_nintendo_3dsWe know that Nintendo subsidiary Monolith Soft is working on at least two new projects – one for Nintendo 3DS and one for the Wii U console. The debut trailer for its first HD game was showcased during last month’s Wii U-focused Nintendo Direct online presentation, although it was not given an official name. The picture above, which was posted on Monolith Soft’s Facebook page, is supposedly a piece of concept art for the developer’s upcoming Nintendo 3DS game.