Nielsen Study Shows Wii U Owners Bought The Console For The Fun-Factor


A recent survey conducted by Nielsen takes a look at the reasoning behind peoples buying habits for the current generation of consoles. Those studied say that they purchased the PlayStation 4 for the higher resolution of games, while those who purchased an Xbox One bought it because they love the Xbox brand. Interestingly those who purchased a Wii U did it purely because of the fun-factor of the console as well as the fact that it’s a more suitable console for younger gamers. You can check out the reasonings in the chart above.

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Square Enix To Announce A New Console RPG That Isn’t A Remake Next Month

Looks like Square Enix is still investing in console titles as the publisher and developer has revealed that they have a brand new RPG title in the works for consoles that isn’t a remake. Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda announced in the latest issue of Famitsu that the game will be revealed next month in December. The company also has Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 in development so it will be interesting to see which platforms it will be for. Here’s what Matsuda had to say about the mysterious title.

“Actually, right now, we’re working on a new RPG specifically for consoles and it isn’t a remake. We’ll start talking about it more in December and go from there.”

Dragon Quest Creator Says “Once The Smartphone Boom Settles, Home Consoles Will Be The Focus Again”

Horii Yuji, the creator behind the Dragon Quest series, believes that the current smartphone boom is a fad and that once it settles down developers will return to work on traditional home consoles. Hori was talking about the state of the Japanese video game market which is currently completely dominated by smartphone gaming. Here’s what he had to say about the issue.

“People say that home consoles don’t sell anymore in Japan, but once the smartphone boom settles I think home consoles will be the focus of attention again. It’s true that with smartphones and handhelds you have the benefits of taking them anywhere with you or watching TV as you play, but I think fans of video games are still feeling the desire to play games on the big screen. Also, with handhelds because the controller and the screen is on the same device it makes it painful to play for long periods of time. Playing with a home console controller and being able to move your hands around is more comfortable.”

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Here’s Why Pokken Tournament Is Being Developed For The Arcades First

Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada has spoken to Japanese publication 4Gamer regarding why Pokken Tournament is being developed for arcades first, rather than going straight to console. Harada explained that he likes to see how games do in the arcades before porting to consoles to judge how popular the game is.

“That’s something that got a big reaction, for better or worse [from the development staff],” Harada replies. “There are several reasons for this choice, one being that ‘if it were on arcades, it would be interesting to see fan reaction sooner’.”

“The other reason, which is something I always say, is that it’s important for fighting games to at least succeed in arcades once,” he continues. “With arcades charging 100 yen for a single play, if it’s a boring game, it will most certainly be dismissed. It’s really a harsh environment for [arcade games].”

“Pokémon definitely has a family-oriented image, but in addition to how we decided on developing [Pokkén] as a competitive game with depth, we must also be prepared to face such severe conditions,” says Harada.

“Once you have a title that can make it out of the lion’s den called arcades, it’s something you know you can be proud of for being the real deal. Additionally, there aren’t too many developers that take on these kind of challenges nowadays.”

Here’s The Most Popular Consoles In The US Based On Facebook Likes


The Movoto Real Estate Blog has put together a fun chart that shows just how popular the current generation consoles are on Facebook. The blog has created a state-by-state breakdown of the amount of Facebook “likes” each current generation console has received. The Xbox One appears to be the most “liked” games console in 22 states and is closely followed by the PlayStation 4 which is most “liked” in 19 states. Interestingly, the Wii U hasn’t won enough “likes” to win in any states. It should also be noted that 9 states were ambivalent. You can check out the fun chart above and more details, here.

Japanese Charts: Nintendo 3DS Sells 23K And Wii U Sells 9K

This week’s Japanese sales data is now in courtesy of Media Create. It continues to be a poor week for hardware sales in the country with the Nintendo 3DS selling 23K and the Wii U managing 9K. The Wii U outsold the PlayStation 4 this week despite Infamous: Second Son launching. Here’s the Japanese software and hardware charts.

  1. [PS3] Pro Evolution Soccer 2014: Aoki Samurai no Chousen (Konami, 05/22/14) – 35,656 (New)
  2. [PS4] inFAMOUS: Second Son (SCE, 05/22/14) – 34,801 (New)
  3. [3DS] Yokai Watch (Level-5, 07/11/13) – 33,974 (984,009)
  4. [PSV] To Love-Ru Darkness: Battle Ecstasy (FuRyu, 05/22/14) – 22,327 (New)
  5. [3DS] Pro Evolution Soccer 2014: Aoki Samurai no Chousen (Konami, 05/22/14) – 16,762 (New)
  6. [PS3] The Idolmaster: One For All (Bandai Namco, 05/15/14) – 12,488 (95,883)
  7. [PSV] Genkai Tokki: Moero Chronicle (Compile Heart, 05/15/14) – 9,492 (42,450)
  8. [PSV] Amnesia World (Idea Factory, 05/22/14) – 8,650 (New)
  9. [PSP] Pro Evolution Soccer 2014: Aoki Samurai no Chousen (Konami, 05/22/14) – 7,245 (New)
  10. [3DS] Mario Golf: World Tour (Nintendo, 05/01/14) – 7,069 (93,279)
  11. [3DS] Mario Party: Island Tour (Nintendo, 03/20/14) – 6,741 (377,925)
  12. [3DS] Pokemon X and Y (Pokemon, 10/12/13) – 5,489 (4,068,956)
  13. [PSV] Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment (Bandai Namco, 04/24/14) – 5,267 (206,648)
  14. [3DS] Monster Hunter 4 (Capcom, 09/14/13) – 4,244 (3,281,369)
  15. [3DS] Kirby: Triple Deluxe (Nintendo, 01/11/14) – 4,055 (588,563)
  16. [3DS] Mario Kart 7 (Nintendo, 12/01/11) – 3,960 (2,322,537)
  17. [3DS] Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (Square Enix, 04/24/14) – 3,057 (123,606)
  18. [PS3] Grand Theft Auto V (Square Enix, 10/10/13) – 3,020 (778,762)
  19. [3DS] Wagamama Fashion Girls Mode Yokubari Sengen! Tokimeki Up! (Nintendo, 04/17/14) – 2,972 (39,121)
  20. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Nintendo, 11/08/12) – 2,932 (3,727,633)

Hardware Sales (followed by last week’s sales)

  1. 3DS LL – 18,374 (18,350)
  2. PlayStation Vita – 14,070 (12,810)
  3. Wii U – 9,024 (6,716)
  4. PlayStation 3 – 7,565 (7,339)
  5. PlayStation 4 – 7,543 (6,792)
  6. 3DS – 4,850 (5,250)
  7. PSP – 1,479 (1,642)
  8. PlayStation Vita TV – 1,142 (1,055)
  9. Xbox 360 – 202 (201)

RuneScape 3 Could Come To Consoles


Runescape developer Jagex has said that there’s a possibility that the HTML5-powered RuneScape 3 could eventually come to home consoles. Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard has told IGN that they are preparing to bring the popular MMO title to tablet devices sometime during the fourth quarter. Gerhard says that bringing RuneScape 3 to consoles would be a reasonably simple process, but admits that it would be difficult for the console manufacturers to play nice with each other and stop fragmenting the community. 

“Consoles are easy, If you can just get the console manufacturers to play nice with each other and stop fragmenting the community then we could do something there too.”

“Ultimately, you’ve got to go where you think the ball’s going to be, rather than chasing after it. Sometimes that means you have to make decisions without necessarily having all the data to say that it’s the right call, or that you can do it.”