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RuneScape 3 Could Come To Consoles


Runescape developer Jagex has said that there’s a possibility that the HTML5-powered RuneScape 3 could eventually come to home consoles. Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard has told IGN that they are preparing to bring the popular MMO title to tablet devices sometime during the fourth quarter. Gerhard says that bringing RuneScape 3 to consoles would be a reasonably simple process, but admits that it would be difficult for the console manufacturers to play nice with each other and stop fragmenting the community. 

“Consoles are easy, If you can just get the console manufacturers to play nice with each other and stop fragmenting the community then we could do something there too.”

“Ultimately, you’ve got to go where you think the ball’s going to be, rather than chasing after it. Sometimes that means you have to make decisions without necessarily having all the data to say that it’s the right call, or that you can do it.”

The Adventures Of Dash Could Be Coming To Wii U

the_adventures_of_dash_concept_artThe Adventures of Dash might come to the Nintendo eShop on Wii U. The Adventures of Dash is a 2D side-scrolling game in which players control a unique boy named Dash, who uncontrollably falls asleep, and in his dreams he must solve puzzles, defeat foes, explore worlds and collect objects. The developer behind the upcoming game, Robotoki, is licenced to create Wii U games, and it plans to release The Adventures of Dash on as many platforms as possible, including Nintendo’s latest console. The game is scheduled to arrive November on PC, Mac, Linux, Ouya and mobile devices.

4 color rebellion: The Robotoki site says that a console release for both Human Element and The Adventures of Dash is yet to be determined. Creating a new SKU takes money but if the Kickstarter campaign is a hit, can we imagine that the game could find its way to the Wii U or even the 3DS thanks to Unity? Is Robotoki already a Nintendo licensed developer?

Robotoki founder Robert Bowling: We are currently Nintendo licensed developers and have Wii U dev kits in the studio, so our plan is to definitely explore getting the game running on as many platforms as possible. In addition to the OUYA which is available in stores this June/July. However, for more traditional consoles, the additional QA / certification costs require us to hold off until we ship the game to dedicate to those (unless we exceed our Kickstarter goal of course).

Thanks, Mike.

There Are No Current Plans To Bring SimCity To Consoles

simcity_screenshotPublisher EA has announced, via the official Twitter account for SimCity, that it has no current plans to bring its latest simulation video game to consoles. When it was released earlier this week, SimCity suffered from multiple problems, including issues with network outages, saving progress and connecting to the game’s servers.

Sadly there are no current plans to move SimCity to console.

- EA, via the official Twitter account for SimCity

Famitsu Says 48% Of Its Readers Will Buy 3DS And 33.8% Will Buy Wii U This Year


Japanese gaming publication Famitsu recently surveyed its readers to find out which console or handheld gaming devices they plan to purchase this year. 64% of Japanese gamers surveyed by Famitsu plan to buy a PlayStation Vita this year, followed by 48% for the Nintendo 3DS, and 33.8% for the Wii U. 10% of people also picked a smart phone (other than the iPhone). The publication says that 75.6% of participants were male, and 24.4% were female. You can see the results below:

  1. PS Vita – 64.0%
  2. 3DS – 48.2%
  3. Wii U – 33.8%
  4. PS3 – 25.2%
  5. PC – 14.4%
  6. Xbox 360 – 10.6%
  7. Smartphone – 10.0%
  8. PSP – 9.6%
  9. Wii – 9.0%
  10. iPad – 7.0%
  11. DSi/DSiLL – 5.2%
  12. iPhone – 5.0%
  13. iPod Touch – 4.0%
  14. Other – 2.4%

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Wii U Launch More Successful Than Launches Of Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3

black_wii_u_with_gamepadSince its debut last month, Nintendo’s new Wii U console has surpassed the launch sales of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

In a span of four weeks of being on the market, Nintendo has sold over 1.8 million Wii U consoles. In that same amount of time, Microsoft sold 940,000 Xbox 360 consoles, and Sony shipped 540,000 PlayStation 3 consoles.

For comparison’s sake, in its first four weeks on sale, 2.07 million Wii consoles were sold in 2006.

Disney To Unveil Disney Infinity Next Month For Consoles


Disney Infinity, which is best described as Disney’s take on Skylanders, will be unveiled by the company during a press event in Hollywood featuring the chief creative officer of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios. Disney Infinity sounds like a rather ambitious project for the company which sees Disney and Pixar collectible toys with embedded NFC/RFID chips interact with console games. We will certainly hear more about the game come January 15th.

Blizzard Says Diablo 3 Is Running On Consoles


Blizzard executive Rob Pardo has revealed that the development team currently have Diablo 3 up and running on unspecified consoles. Parodo says that Blizzard is in the process of evaluating the console build, and hopes to eventually make it an official project if all goes well. Would you like to see Diablo 3 come to Wii U?

“We’re still kind of exploring it. We’ve got builds up and running on it. We’re hoping to get it far enough along where we can make it an official project, but we’re not quite ready to release stuff about it, but it’s looking pretty cool.”

Epic Expects Next-Gen Development Costs To Double

Epic Games chief technology officer Tim Sweeney has told Games Industry International that he expects development costs of next generation games to double those of the current generation. Sweeney said that his development studio expect be able to build next-gen titles for “only about double the cost” of games from the start of the current generation. If development costs rise so significantly, it could ultimately bump up the pricing of video games to the consumer.

Team Ninja: ‘Consoles Are Not Going Away Any Time Soon’

While some mobile developers claim that video game consoles are becoming less popular, Team Ninja boss Yosuke Hayashi says consoles will be around for quite some time. Hayashi is excited for Nintendo’s upcoming console, Wii U, and thinks that it could get people interested in console gaming again.

“I don’t think consoles are going to disappear from gaming. You still have millions of people playing videogames with a controller on a box in front of the TV. Just look at Call of Duty, for example: it’s everywhere. There are millions of people playing it.

“I think people will continue to play games, and as long as the cost of development stays sustainable, and people continue to buy traditional games, then we’ll be here. If only one game sells everything, it will ruin the gaming and console industries completely.

“I think you can compare it to movies, People still go to the cinema after all this time. I don’t know how long cinemas have been around but it’s not like cinemas are completely gone and everyone is watching movies on their TV or smartphone.

“Yes, you have those new mediums, but the old guy is still there – and I think it’s going to be like that with consoles. I think they will be around for quite a while.”

YoYo Games Exec Says “Consoles Have Become A Barrier To Creativity”

YoYo Games’ CEO, Sandy Duncan, thinks video game consoles will appeal to solely a niche audience in a few years. Although consoles are common household items, Duncan says the living room will no longer be ‘console exclusive.’ He prefers streaming boxes, like Ouya, and claims that ‘consoles have become a barrier to creativity.’

“In the living room we get much more excited about things like Ouya, Steam’s Big Picture and Smart TV than consoles. Consoles will move from being mainstream to niche in the next few years. Consoles have become a barrier to creativity with massive development costs and closed, archaic ecosystems. We’ll leave the console space to other tools that can chase a dwindling opportunity.”

-Sandy Duncan, YoYo Games CEO