Nintendo Apparently Asked Burnout Developers To Make An F-Zero For Wii U

We have all wanted an F-Zero title to come to the Wii U and we nearly received one. Liam Robertson is reporting that Nintendo approached Criterion Games, the company behind Burnout and Need for Speed, to ask them whether they would be interested in developing the futuristic racing series for Wii U. The company approached Criterion Games back in 2011, but the developer was too busy with other projects to commit to such a task.

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Criterion Games Co-Founders Leave

Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry who are the cofounders of Criterion have left the acclaimed studio. Ward said on Twitter that he and Sperry left the studio to ensemble a new video game company. Criterion’s most recent games are Burnout Crash and Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Here’s the statement from EA.

“Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry have decided to leave EA. We appreciate their many contributions through the years and wish them well in their future endeavours.

“The incredibly creative and talented team at Criterion are hard at work on a new project for next-gen consoles as new IP continues to be a major priority across EA. Matt Webster is leading development of the new game and the Criterion studio moving forward. Matt has been part of Criterion for years and has an exciting vision for this new game.”

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Criterion Games’ Alex Ward Moving On From Racing Titles

criterion gamesCriterion games’ boss Alex Ward took to Twitter earlier and announced that he would be moving on from racing titles and said, ‘it’s time to make something new.’ After the rumour of a new ‘unannounced racing title’ spread like wild-fire to be quashed later by Ward himself, it appears there’s no longer room for another racing title in Criterion Games’ repertoire for the moment.

In a string of tweets, Ward said: “Here is what I want folks to know. Some folks are eternally disappointed. Nothing I can do about that. So many tweets asking for new Burnout [and] equally many tweets asking for a new NFS game from us. Also Road Rash. Whilst I love all of those games, I am personally not doing any.

“After over a decade of making racing games it’s time to make something new. It is early days thus I have nothing to “announce” or talk about. I am proud of all of the Burnout games. When it feels right we will make another one. We are creative people.”

Alex Ward: Need For Speed Remake Is ‘Totally Fake’

need_for_speed_underground_remake_logo_rumorYesterday, we reported that a Need for Speed: Underground remake could be in the works, according to a logo sent into EGM Now. Apparently, these rumours are entirely false. Criterion Games creative director Alex Ward enlightened fans on Twitter that the game in question was just a rumour and nothing more. Earlier today, he tweeted: “Totally fake. Remakes and Reboots? #movedon”.

Need For Speed: Underground Being Remade?

need_for_speed_underground_remake_logo_rumorAn anonymous source sent the logo above to EGM Now and claims that it’s from the Xbox 360 version of a supposed remake of Need for Speed: Underground, which was originally released in 2003 on multiple platforms, including Game Boy Advance and Nintendo GameCube.

The developer of the unconfirmed remake is said to be Criterion Games, subsidiary of Electronic Arts (EA) and the studio behind Need for Speed: Most Wanted. While a remake of Need for Speed: Underground can only be confirmed by EA, keep in mind that several employees from Criterion Games are apparently working on an ‘unannounced racing title.’

Criterion Developing ‘Unannounced Racing Title’ For 2013

burnout_paradiseRumours are afloat that Criterion Games – who brought Need For Speed and Burnout titles to the Wii and Wii U – are developing a ‘unannounced racing title’ slated for release sometime this year. The project has already been listed on various Criterion’s employers professional LinkedIn accounts, listed under ‘EA games for 2013’, but whether we’re looking at a new IP or a sequel to another franchise is still uncorroborated.

Last October, Criterion confirmed a return to the Burnout franchise would be a possibility, but creative director Alex Ward dismissed rumours that there would a sequel to Burnout Paradise. Yesterday, he tweeted saying: “Another #epic day working with an #epic team on something #amazing.” With so much speculation, confirmation of the unannounced title shouldn’t be too far off.

Release Dates Set For Need For Speed: Most Wanted On Wii U

need_for_speed_most_wanted_artNeed for Speed: Most Wanted launches on Wii U next month. Publisher EA has confirmed that the racing game will be available March 19th in North America, and March 21st in Europe and Australia. The Wii U version of the game supports Miiverse and includes the Ultimate Speed Pack, which lets players take to the streets five exceedingly fast cars: McLaren’s F1 LM, Lamborghini’s Aventador J, the Pagani Zonda R, Bugatti’s Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse and Hennessey’s Venom GT Spyder.