Precursor Games Suspends Shadow Of The Eternals Crowdfunding Campaigns

shadow of the eternals

Precursor Games, the development team behind the spiritual follow-up to the classic Eternal Darkness, have suspended their crowdfunding campaign for the time being. The development studio behind Shadow of the Eternals wrote on its official blog that they have come across a host of a new exciting opportunities that will make the game better than they previously envisioned. Precursor says they will be re-launching the Kickstarter in just a few short weeks with a reveal of these exciting new developments.  Whether Xbox One remains part of their plan remains to be seen.

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Shadow Of The Eternals Studio Boss Speaks Out Over Past Concerns

shadow of the eternalsIt’s been two days since the crowdfunding campaign for the Wii U and PC title Shadow of the Eternals launched. So far, the upcoming spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness has been successful, with the campaign raising just over $112,000, and pitting them at the 7.5% way point of their $1,500,000 goal. And with 1800 backers, Precursor Games CEO Paul Caporicci thought it was high-time to address some of the issues fans may have by posting their first update.

Caporicci has alleviated backers fears by saying that if the funding goal is not reached, all backers will receive a full refund for their contribution, and that, in the mean-time, Precursor Games is working to get an official Kickstarter page up and running.

He also addressed fans personally about his past baggage, most notoriously, when he was made redundant as well as his relationship with Denis Dyack, and said: “As many people can relate, being laid off is an emotionally distressing experience. When this happened to me, I was determined to turn this toward more positive ends. I began reaching out to others to see if they were interested in starting something brand new, using lessons learned from past experiences. Denis Dyack was my first choice for Creative, as he has a keen understanding on the creative aspects of game development. It saddens me to read that people’s impressions of him are painted by anonymous accounts of other individuals. I’ve known Denis for 10 years now, and from first hand experience I consider him to be one of the most honourable people I know, and undeserving of the amount of negative accusations he receives.

“I knew Shawn Jackson’s attention to detail, enthusiasm and experience would really balance our management team as Chief Operating Officer. The rest of the Precursor team is equally talented, and I’m amazed by the results we’ve achieved with our demo. Precursor Games has been built from the ground up to do something new, and we are excited to show and work with you on our first project — “Shadows of the Eternals”.”

And when asked about his involvement with Nintendo, he had the following to say: “We have been in constant communication with Nintendo, and they have been very supportive of our endeavour to bring this game to their platform.”

If you wish to back the campaign, you can head over to their official page to donate.