CyberConnect2 Is Recruiting New Staff For “New Challenge”

CyberConnect2, the developers behind the fun Solatorobo on the Nintendo DS, have announced that they’re looking for new staff to get involved in what they describe as a new challenge. The developer recently advertised in this week’s issue of Weekly Famitsu. The advert contains words such as “large-scale development,” “Unreal Engine 4,” “RPG,” “simulation,” “the other side of super-anime expression,” “GPGPU,” “open-world,” “destruction,” and “cinematics.” It will be interesting to see exactly what it is they’re working on this time around.

CyberConnect2 Working On “Shocking Project” Will Be Announced End Of This Year

CyberConnect2 company president Hiroshi Matsuyama has revealed at Machi Asobi this weekend that the company is working on what he describes as a “shocking project.” Matsuyama wouldn’t say any more on the subject, but said an announcement is due at the end of the year. CyberConnect2 made the fantastic Solatorobo on Nintendo DS.

“It should be around the end of the year that we can announce a shocking project from our company.”

New Solatorobo Game Coming

CyberConnect2 company boss Hiroshi Matsuyama has announced that they are currently developing a new story within the Little Tail Bronx series. The last game in the series was Nintendo DS exclusive, Solatorobo: Red the Hunter. CyberConnect2 has yet to announce which platform the next game in the franchise will appear on. But the Nintendo 3DS seems to be the likely choice.

Nintendo 3DS: CyberConnect2 Would Love To Develop Mega Man Legends 3

CyberConnect2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama was asked by Siliconera about what project the acclaimed company would like to work on next. His response was Mega Man Legend 3. If you’re not aware CyberConnect2 are the development studio behind the recently released SolatoRobo: Red The Hunter on the Nintendo DS which I reviewed recently and gave 9/10. Let’s hope Capcom see sense and let CyberConnect2 take over the reigns on the canceled project.

“It would be Mega Man Legends 3. I really like the series!”


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