Brain Age: Concentration Training Demo Now On Nintendo eShop For 3DS

demon_trainingNintendo has released the demo version of Brain Age: Concentration Training, known as Demon Training in Japan, in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS. The demo is free to download and requires 391 blocks. The full version of the puzzle video game, which features ‘devilishly difficult’ brain-training exercises that are supposed to help players improve their concentration skills, will be released at retailers and in the Nintendo eShop on February 10th in North America.

Only 5% Of New Super Mario Bros. 2 Consumers Bought Download Version

New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Demon Training are the first Nintendo games that were released at both Japanese retailers and the Nintendo 3DS eShop. According to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, in Japan, 5% of those who purchased New Super Mario Bros. 2 bought the downloadable version of the game, and 20% of Demon Training consumers downloaded the title from the Nintendo eShop.

Download Size For New Super Mario Bros. 2 Revealed

Starting this week, Japanese retailers will be selling download cards for two Nintendo 3DS games, New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Demon Training, which will be released in Japan on July 28th. The cards reveal the download sizes of both titles. New Super Mario Bros. 2 needs 2,950 blocks, which is equivalent to 370 MB, and Demon Training requires 1,600 blocks (200 MB).

Digital Nintendo 3DS Games Will Be The Same Price As Physical Copies (Japan)

new_super_mario_bros_cardRetailers will sell Nintendo 3DS game cards and each card will contain a download code, which must be redeemed from the Nintendo eShop to own a downloadable title. New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Demon Training cards, which will be released in Japan on July 28th, will be the same price as their physical game cartridges. Perhaps this is why Nintendo will be offering incentives for purchasing full digital games.

Demon Training Gameplay Footage

During the latest Japanese Nintendo Direct, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata talked to Brain Age supervisor Dr. Ryuta Kawashima about Demon Training – a Brain Age sequel for the Nintendo 3DS. A demo of the game, which is shown in the video above, was released (in Japan) during the presentation.

Unlike the first two Brain Age games for the Nintendo DS, you hold the 3DS in its upright position – while playing Demon Training – in order to make use of the top screen’s 3D effect. You can watch the full Demon Training presentation on the newly announced Nintendo Direct Channel.

Skip to the 8-minute mark to see Dr. Kawashima transforming into a demon.

Next Nintendo Direct To Focus On One Game

Nintendo has announced that the latest Nintendo Direct will be released on July 18th. The broadcast will be 10 minutes long and focused on one game – Demon Training, which is a Brain Age sequel, for the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata will be the presenter and will be joined by Brain Age supervisor Dr. Ryuta Kawashima. The name of the broadcast is “A Little Nintendo Direct Demon Training.”