Rumour: Nintendo “Doubled Down” On Star Fox Zero Motion Controls

A rumour has appeared online suggesting that Nintendo and Platinum Games have doubled down on the motion controls in the troubled Star Fox Zero. The game understandably is in its final stages of development and Platinum and Nintendo have been hard at work tweaking the motion controls and reinforcing them. NeoGAF member ShockingAlberto claims that the game has been in “development hell” and that “fundamental control aspects simply don’t work.”

“I also heard that Star Fox Zero is in the final stretches, which makes sense since it’s coming out in April. But it’s not all cat treats and scratching posts for the game. The foxing minds at Nintendo and PlatinumGames doubled down on motion controls. My owner dug those controls, but seems like most people disagreed with him (like I often do). Could it spell doom for Star Fox? I don’t really know.”


“From what I have heard, development hell would be characterizing it charitably.
More like “Everyone is panicking as the game gets sent to certification because certain fundamental control aspects simply don’t work.”


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Nikkei: Kojima Done With Konami In Talks To Form New Studio

Respected Asian news publication The Nikkei is reporting that the immensely talented Hideo Kojima has now left Konami and is expected to form a brand new studio with various Kojima Production members. The reliable news site is also reporting that Kojima is in talks with Sony Computer Entertainment which may plan to purchase the new studio.

Nintendo Was Considering Having Bunnies As Characters Of Splatoon

The latest episode of Did You Know Gaming is currently available on YouTube and this week the team has taken a look at the development history behind Nintendo’s colourful shooter, Splatoon. We already know that Mario and company were initially considered as the main characters featured in the game, but it has also come to light that Nintendo was considering plain squids without transformation abilities and also bunny characters. Be sure to watch the video above to learn more about Nintendo’s grand plans!

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Ubisoft Studios Can Create Low-Cost Games Without Executive Approval

Creative titles at Ubisoft have just received a boost as the company has revealed that Ubisoft’s internal studios can create low-cost video games without receiving executive approval. Providing the games budgets are cheap enough (between $500k – $3 million) then the studios can begin skipping the arduous pitching process. This should lead to some very interesting video games coming from the studio which has brought us games such as Rayman and Child of Light.

The Wii U Is Now Starting To Get Unity 5 Support

We heard a while back ago that Unity 5 support is coming to the Wii U, but we’ve been left wondering when it is going to be implemented. A source has revealed that a beta version of Unity 5.0.1 for Wii U has just been distributed to a number of third-party developers, which means that the final version is still someway off just yet. Still, it is encouraging to know that support has begun rolling out.

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Sonic Boom Was Originally Called Sonic Synergy

sonic_boom_sonic_synergyA lot of details about the development of Sonic Boom have popped up after former employees of developer Big Red Button released material of when it looked to be a very different game. The latest of these is that it was originally named Sonic Synergy! We knew it had a previous name after a photo of inside Big Red Button showed an old logo, but it wasn’t until now that we’ve discovered what that name was. And as a fan of alliteration, I think it sounds pretty good!

sonic_boom_concept_artwork_sonic_synergy_big_red_buttonBut it wasn’t just the name that had changed, it looks like the style of the characters changed as well, with Sonic’s arms previously being the tan colour and having slightly different spike styles. If they were going to change anything though, it should have been the disproportions of Knuckles…

sonic_boom_sonic_synergy_charactersI wonder what made them change the name. Which title do you prefer? What do you wish they had changed?

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Itagaki Says Development Of Devil’s Third For Wii U Is Just About Done

One of the most interesting third-party projects for the Wii U is Devil’s Third which is created by Tomonobu Itagaki who is best known for reviving the Ninja Gaiden franchise back in 2004. He’s been slaving away on Devil’s Third for quite a while so it’s great to hear that development on the project is nearly complete. Here’s what Itagaki had to say about the development process and the single and multiplayer aspects of the game.

“It looks like Devil’s Third for Wii U is just about done. It’s been two years spent on designs, and four, six years of development,” Itagaki said. “We’ve really kept all of you fans waiting, but for our first title since going independent, it wouldn’t be fun if we released a small game, so [Devil’s Third] is the result of making something while going all out.”

“The single player is made to be like the action games of yesteryear,” he stated. “And the online competitive multiplayer mode was designed on a scale that will make you go ‘this much already?!’ The release date announcement will still take a little longer, but let’s play together when it releases. It’s loads of fun!!”

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