Video: Star Wars The Force Awakens Disney Infinity 3.0 Playset

The team over at Disney have released an action packed trailer for the Disney Infinity 3.0 playset that’s based on the eagerly awaited Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The playset will launch on the same day as the movie so as to not spoil anything and it comes complete with Finn and Rey figurines. You can pre-order now and it will ship on December 18th.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens Characters Are Making It To Disney Infinity

It is no surprise that Disney was going to merchandise The Force Awakens through Disney Infinity — that much was certain when Rey and Finn were revealed at Disney’s D23 Expo last August. However, in an accidental slip today, Best Buy revealed The Force Awakens playset will come with both characters, as well as a new story based level. The level, taking place on Jakku, follows Rey and Finn as they search for “a much-needed ally.”

If you were at all concerned about the quality of the Disney Infinity figures, don’t be. The new photos (seen below), showcasing the third hero Poe Dameron, and the new villian, Kylo Ren, flaunt the craftsmanship of the figurines.

The Force Awakens content for Disney Infinity 3.0 for Wii U on releases December 18th, the same day of the movie itself. Will you be grabbing these sets?

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Shovel Knight Amiibo Made At Same Factory As Disney Infinity Figures

Yacht Club games Sean Velasco has revealed to Destructiod during PAX Prime that Nintendo won’t be producing the Shovel Knight amiibo. Instead, the third-party figure will be produced at the same factory that produces the Disney Infinity figures. Hopefully it will retain the same quality as other amiibo figures.

“We’re basically licensing the amiibo technology from Nintendo, and they’ve been overseeing it every step of the way,” Velasco said. “From the design, to how the amiibo functions in the game, to making sure that it was all just perfect in every way.”

“But we’re the ones that are dealing with the manufacturing and distribution, we’re the ones that are talking with the toy and sculpture people. Even things like the packaging.”


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Disney Infinity Sales Are Sliding

Disney Infinity figures aren’t doing so well these days as Disney’s latest earning report shows that sales are decreasing. Disney wouldn’t really say why it thought that sales were on the decline, but it probably has something to do with amiibo and Skylanders, as both are selling extremely well in the Toys to Life category.

The poor results were attributed “primarily” to weak Disney Infinity and catalog sales. Disney did not provide any hard sales numbers, only saying that “the decrease from Disney Infinity was due to decreased unit sales and lower average net effective pricing.”

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Star Wars Disney Infinity (AKA 3.0) Heading To Wii U August 28th

Disney Infinity 3.0 — in other words, the Star Wars Edition — will be heading to Wii U in late August. People living in Europe will get the game slightly earlier (August 28) than in North America (August 30th). The starter pack comes with a Star Wars Twilight of the Republic play set, a copy of the game, an NFC reading base, a web key for some mobile content, and Anakin Skywalker and Ahsokao Tano figures.

If you are the type to pre-order games, putting down money (on either the starter pack or standalone game) will land you a new toy box game piece at certain retailers. If you are specifically looking for the Boba Fett figure as well as the Rise Against the Empire play set will have to wait until the Sony exclusivity deal passes. Owners who already have the base from previous games have the option of grabbing the game on its own, or a bundle featuring the software and the Twilight of the Republic play set. Along with Wii U, the game is set to release on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Warner Bros Is Apparently Bringing Out LEGO Toys-To-Life Game This Year

It seems as though Warner Bros and LEGO could well be bringing out their own toys-to-life title to compete against Disney Infinity, Skylanders, and amiibo. The game is rumoured to be in development at Travellers Tales and is due for release sometime later this year. LEGO is an extremely lucrative brand so this should provide some real competition to what’s currently out there. The LEGO game will launch alongside a range of compatible LEGO figures.

DmC Developer Ninja Theory Helping Out On Disney Infinity 2.0

Polygon journalist Alexa Ray Corriea has tweeted that DmC and Heavenly Sword developer Ninja Theory are helping Disney out with Disney Infinity 2.0. The action loving developers will be bringing their combat experience to the popular franchise and they’re making Loki, Green Goblin, Ronan and Princess Jasmine.