Video: Ubisoft Launches Just Dance: Disney Party 2 Today For Wii And Wii U

Today, Ubisoft and Disney Interactive released Just Dance: Disney Party 2, the second Disney title from the best-selling music video game franchise of all time, in the UK.

In Just Dance: Disney Party 2, players can dance along to a variety of songs from the most popular shows and movies from the Disney Channel, the #1 cable TV network on a Total Day basis in Total Viewers and the #1 TV network for kids and tweens. The game features more than 20 of the hottest hits from movies like “Descendants” and “Teen Beach 2”, as well as shows like “Girl Meets World” and “Liv and Maddie,” so every Disney Channel fan and their family can get up and moving this holiday season.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Characters Are Making It To Disney Infinity

It is no surprise that Disney was going to merchandise The Force Awakens through Disney Infinity — that much was certain when Rey and Finn were revealed at Disney’s D23 Expo last August. However, in an accidental slip today, Best Buy revealed The Force Awakens playset will come with both characters, as well as a new story based level. The level, taking place on Jakku, follows Rey and Finn as they search for “a much-needed ally.”

If you were at all concerned about the quality of the Disney Infinity figures, don’t be. The new photos (seen below), showcasing the third hero Poe Dameron, and the new villian, Kylo Ren, flaunt the craftsmanship of the figurines.

The Force Awakens content for Disney Infinity 3.0 for Wii U on releases December 18th, the same day of the movie itself. Will you be grabbing these sets?

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Gravity Falls: Legend Of The Gnome Gemulets 3DS Release Date Revealed

Gravity Falls: Legend of the Gnome Gemulets for Nintendo 3DS has been known about for some time, though eagerly waiting fans had only a speculative Amazon estimate for release. However, today developer Ubisoft announced the game would be released on October 20th in North America and October 23rd in Europe. The game is based on the cult-classic TV show from the Disney Big Grin channel. Check out the teaser below for more information:


Disney Infinity Has A 50% Female Player Base

John Vignocchi, vice president of production for Disney Infinity, has revealed that Disney’s Toy to Life series has a fifty percent female player base. Vignocchi says that is one of the reasons why they have highlighted new female Jedi, Ahsoka. Clearly this is good news for the franchise which see’s Disney Infinity 3.0 released this week to good reviews.

Vignocchi said the decision to highlight Ahsoka, a female Jedi apprentice to Anakin, tied into surprising demographic data about Infinity’s players, adding that they expected a split of 70% male and 30% female. “With Disney’s IP treasure chest of powerful and strong female characters, we actually are seeing a split with Infinity that’s more 50% boys and 50% girls,” he said.

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Ubisoft Confirms Just Dance: Disney Party 2 For Wii And Wii U

Today, Ubisoft, in collaboration with Disney Interactive, announced the development of Just Dance: Disney Party 2, the second Disney title from Just Dance, the best-selling music video game franchise of all time. This news comes just days after Disney fans got a sneak peek of the game at the D23 EXPO 2015. The game will feature tracks from the hottest Disney Channel shows and movies, including “Evil Like Me” and “Rotten to the Core” from the hit Disney Channel Original Movie, “Descendants.”Just Dance: Disney Party 2 will hit store shelves this Holiday 2015 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo’s Wii and Wii U systems.

“The first Just Dance Disney game was a beloved hit among our fans,” said Geoffroy Sardin, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, Ubisoft EMEA. “When it came to working with Disney again on Just Dance: Disney Party 2, there was no question we wanted to give families another way to experience their favourite songs through dance.”

Just Dance: Disney Party 2 features a variety of hit songs, with more than 20 tracks from fan-favourite television shows and movies from Disney Channel, which is the #1 cable TV network on a Total Day basis in Total Viewers and the #1 TV network for kids and tweens. Just in time for the holidays, every Disney Channel fan and their family can get up and moving to tracks from movies such as “Descendants,” “Teen Beach Movie” and “Teen Beach 2,” as well as Disney Channel shows like “Girl Meets World,” “K.C. Undercover” and “Liv and Maddie.”

The Just Dance development team worked closely with Disney Interactive and Disney Channel to incorporate character looks into the game, letting fans enjoy gameplay that is true to the most popular shows and films. With the karaoke feature on Xbox One, players can also sing along while they dance to their favourite tunes! Check out a selection of tracks announced for the game so far:

  • “Austin & Ally” (“Chasin’ the Beat of My Heart”)
  • “Descendants” (“Did I Mention”)
  • “Descendants” (“Rotten to the Core”)
  • “Descendants” (“Evil Like Me”)
  • “Descendants” (“Set It Off”)
  • “Girl Meets World” (“Take on the World”)
  • “K.C. Undercover” (“Keep It Undercover”)
  • “Teen Beach Movie” (“Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’”)
  • “Teen Beach Movie” (“Falling for Ya / Surf’s Up”)
  • “Teen Beach 2” (“That’s How We Do”)
  • “Teen Beach 2” (“Gotta Be Me”)
  • “Teen Beach 2” (Twist Your Frown”)
  • “Violetta” (“En Mi Mundo”)

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Disney Infinity: Sora’s Keyblade Revealed As 3.0’s Ultimate Unlock


At the Disney D23 Expo today both Square Enix and Disney announced that Sora from Kingdom Hearts Keyblade will would be the ultimate unlock for Disney Infinity 3.0. The addition of the Keyblade along with the announcements of the Star Wars: Episode VII play set and new figures based on The Good Dinosaur, Zootopia, and Peter Pan, were all part of the extravagant Disney event. Basically, if you collect all the Disney Infinity figures and then unlock them in the Hall of Heroes you will gain access to Sora’s Keyblade. Attendees at the event were lucky enough to receive a special power disc that unlocks Mickey Mouse’s Kingdom Hearts costume. This exclusive item will not be sold at retail.


Disney Infinity Sales Are Sliding

Disney Infinity figures aren’t doing so well these days as Disney’s latest earning report shows that sales are decreasing. Disney wouldn’t really say why it thought that sales were on the decline, but it probably has something to do with amiibo and Skylanders, as both are selling extremely well in the Toys to Life category.

The poor results were attributed “primarily” to weak Disney Infinity and catalog sales. Disney did not provide any hard sales numbers, only saying that “the decrease from Disney Infinity was due to decreased unit sales and lower average net effective pricing.”

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