Ant-Man Could Be Coming To Disney Infinity 3.0

There is a brand new character coming to Disney Infinity 3.0 and fans are busy speculating who it could be. Most people’s bets are on Ant-Man who is currently receiving plenty of media attention with the new film, which is currently airing at cinemas throughout the United States. As you can see from the image embedded in the tweet, Hulk is holding something tiny in his hands which is presumably Ant-Man. Guess we will get an official announcement fairly soon.

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Star Wars Disney Infinity (AKA 3.0) Heading To Wii U August 28th

Disney Infinity 3.0 — in other words, the Star Wars Edition — will be heading to Wii U in late August. People living in Europe will get the game slightly earlier (August 28) than in North America (August 30th). The starter pack comes with a Star Wars Twilight of the Republic play set, a copy of the game, an NFC reading base, a web key for some mobile content, and Anakin Skywalker and Ahsokao Tano figures.

If you are the type to pre-order games, putting down money (on either the starter pack or standalone game) will land you a new toy box game piece at certain retailers. If you are specifically looking for the Boba Fett figure as well as the Rise Against the Empire play set will have to wait until the Sony exclusivity deal passes. Owners who already have the base from previous games have the option of grabbing the game on its own, or a bundle featuring the software and the Twilight of the Republic play set. Along with Wii U, the game is set to release on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Here’s A Look At Disney Magical World 2 Which Features Frozen

You may have missed it but Disney announced that the follow-up to Disney Magical World on the Nintendo 3DS is coming and it’s aptly titled, Disney Magical World 2. Fans of Frozen have a reason to be excited as the stars of the movie will make a more than welcome appearance in the game, which is sure to be a big hit for Disney. If the game is something you’re interested in then be sure to check out the video above. To dampen your enthusiasm we have yet to hear whether it will get a western release, however the previous game was released here in the west and proved to be popular, so it is likely to come over at some point.

Rumour: Nintendo Teaming Up With Disney For A Project And Amazon For Mobile Games

It is now post E3 and the rumour mill is still in full flow. The latest rumour suggests that Disney and Nintendo are both teaming up for a number of things including films, video games and interactive toys and merchandise. The second rumour is regarding Nintendo joining forces with Amazon to get their mobile titles on the Amazon App Store. Amazon apparently approached Nintendo about the deal. The rumour comes from the same source that apparently accurately predicted the wave three amiibo information as well as the collaboration between Skylanders and amiibo. Here’s some of the details.

  • Nintendo & Disney have negotiated a deal for films, video games and interactive toys/merchandise
  • amiibo are not included in Disney Infinity 3.0 because both companies are yet to set an agreement
  • Disney wanted to have Mario figurine in Disney Infinity, but Nintendo hasn’t made a deal yet
  • Mario could star in Disney films, such as Wreck-It Ralph 2
  • Disney wants a game where Mario and Mickey meet up
  • Nintendo is open to the idea, but want to set their own pace for it
  • Nintendo mobile games will hit the Amazon App Store
  • Nintendo will offer their mobile games through Amazon App Store
  • Amazon approached Nintendo about the deal
  • Nintendo asked Amazon about Amazon TV game
  • People at Amazon think that there is something related to Android going on
  • Nintendo is moving some of their data out of Amazon Cloud Servers to DeNA ones

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Disney Wants Mario To Eventually Meet Mickey Mouse

We heard earlier today about the crossover between Skylanders and Nintendo’s very own Toys to Life series, amiibo. IGN quizzed Disney Interactive vice president of production John Vignocchi about whether there’s a chance that a Disney crossover could ever happen as it’s something some fans have been hoping for. Vignocchi says that he would love for that to eventually happen, but nothing is on the cards just yet.

“Hopefully, the day Mario meets Mickey Mouse is not that far away,” Disney Interactive vice president of production John Vignocchi said in an interview.

John Blackburn, Disney Interactive’s Avalanche Software vice president and general manager, joked that the dream team will happen whenever Disney CEO Bob Iger “buys Nintendo.”

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Disney Infinity Producer Bashes Amiibo Management As “Irresponsible And Rude”

Nintendo’s amiibo stock shortages are widely known throughout the gaming community, prompting jokes and memes across the amiibo-hunting community. As a negative side effect to the low stock, amiibo are being counterfeited or “scalped” at exorbitant rates. While Nintendo is trying to make amends with their loyal fanbase, Disney Infinity producer John Vignocchi has a few harsh, indirect words for his Japanese competitor.

Speaking to Game Informer’s Ben Hanson, Vignocchi let loose on Nintendo when prompted:

Hanson: Given the turbulent release of Amiibo characters, are you doing anything to prepare for the high demand for Star Wars figures?

Vignocchi: There is never an intention to create a shortage of any figures. It is irresponsible and rude to your hardcore fans. They don’t want to create frustration or the hunt. So they will be stocking the shelves well!

With E3 on the horizon, we can expect more amiibo news to be coming soon. What do you think: was Vignocchi’s comments too harsh, or is Nintendo simply abusing their fans?

Wondercon Rumour: Disney Interested In Making Animated Banjo Kazooie Film With Microsoft?

This is nothing but a big rumour at present, but it’s certainly worth mentioning. Twitter user Jenny Pratt recently attended Wondercon and mentioned that she had heard rumours that the Disney team behind Wreck it Ralph were interested in making an animated movie based on Banjo Kazooie. The team at Disney are apparently hoping to have the movie out around 2018/2019. We know that Phil Spencer has talked about utilising Rare’s IP so this would be a good start. Who knows?

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