Hacker Plays As All The Super Smash Bros Wii U DLC Characters For Free

There’s a video circulating the internet which shows a hacker playing as all the downloadable content characters in Super Smash Bros Wii U without purchasing them. The actual DLC characters weren’t included on the disc but were made available via a patch, which is presumably how he has managed to unlock them.

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The Inkbrush Nouveau And Range Blaster Are Available Now In Splatoon

Two new weapons have been added to the ever-expanding arsenal of Splatoon. The Inkbrush Nouveau brings the same abilities as the standard Inkbrush but allows wielders to lay Ink Mines and use the Bubbler special. The second newly-added item is the Range Blaster, which is essentially a Blaster with shots that travel farther before exploding. Both weapons are available now for free.

Star Knight Quests Available To Download In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Good news for fans of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate as Capcom has announced that the Star Knight quests are available to download. The downloadable content is part of a collaboration with Universal Studios Japan. Players that download the free DLC will be able to obtain the Star Knight sword and shield. You can watch a snippet of the downloadable content in action in the tweet that is embedded above.

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Never Alone Is Getting Its First DLC

The gorgeous and wonderfully engrossing indie title Never Alone will be getting an additional story mode as downloadable content. The DLC will be based on ‘The Two Coastal Brothers,’ by Willie Panik Goodwin, Sr. and will introduce the player to three brand new levels. The DLC itself is titled Never Alone: Foxtales which will feature a number of challenging puzzles for you to solve and plenty of platforming magic. The Never Alone: Foxtales downloadable content has only been announced for the PlayStation 4 at present, but hopefully it will come to both the Wii U and the Xbox One.

Foxtales is set around the waters and coasts of Northwest Alaska. To help Nuna and Fox in this new location, they will be able to row canoes and interact with spirits to change the flow of underwater currents.

Sploosh-o-matic and .96 Gal Deco Heading To Splatoon Tonight

According to Squid Research Labs (the much beloved Splatoon development blog), two new guns are heading to Splatoon tonight: the Sploosh-o-matic and the .96 Gal Deco. The .96 Gal Deco is a flashier version of the .96 Gal, allowing for a Splash Wall sub and Kraken special. Meanwhile the Sploosh-o-matic will focus on short range, utilizing the Squid Beakon sub along with the Killer Wail special. These updates will hit Splatoon for free (as always) at 7 PM PDT / 10 PM EDT / 3 AM BST (Wednesday). Check out the posts below!

Here’s The Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Free DLC Line-up For July

Good news for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate fans as Capcom has revealed the free downloadable content for this month. Top of the agenda is the inclusion of fourteen brand new quests for you to play through, which is certainly something you can not grumble at. There are also five new weapons for your hunter to wield while tackling those fearsome monsters. Here’s what’s available for you this month.

  • 14 New quests
  • 5 New weapons
  • 3 Complete armor set
  • 1 Palico weapon
  • 1 Palico armor set
  • 1 Bonus Palico: Brown Pal
  • 3 Guild Card backgrounds
  • 7 Guild Card titles

To get this content, all you need to do is 1) connect your Nintendo 3DS to the Internet, 2) load your copy of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate3) go to the “DLC” menu and 4) download all the things

New Roller Coming To Splatoon Tonight!

Splatoon has been firing off a litany of good news — starting with a series of weapon announcements and yesterday’s reveal of the July 4th Splatfest, the Squid Research Labs (Splatoon’s official blog) revealed that a new roller is on its way later today!

As of tonight/tomorrow morning, 7 PM PT / 10 PM ET / 3 AM BT the “Carbon Roller” (pictured below) will be released as a free download. This lightweight roller excels in the mobility department. It’s fling attack doesn’t toss a ton of ink, but it’s coupled with Burst Bombs for ranged splattage. Check out the pictures below!