Donkey Kong 64 Required Expansion Pack Due To Game-Breaking Bug


Chris Marlow, one of the programmers behind the well-received Donkey Kong 64, has explained why the game required the Nintendo 64 Expansion Pack. Marlow says that the reason the game needed the Expansion Pack is due to a game-breaking bug that caused Donkey Kong 64 to randomly crash in the 4 meg only version. However, the game didn’t crash when used with the Expansion Pack installed. Rare couldn’t find a solution to the problem other than bundling the Expansion Pack free with the game – which apparently cost Rare a fortune.

Donkey Kong 64 & GoldenEye Dev Leaves Microsoft For Sony


Veteran Rare developer George Andreas who helped develop critically acclaimed games such as Donkey Kong 64 and GoldenEye 64 has announced that he is leaving Microsoft and has joined Sony this month as creative director of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Andreas also helped develop Kinect, Kinect Sports 1 and Kinect Sports: Season 2 as well as Xbox 360 launch games Kameo and Perfect Dark Zero.

Nintendo Wii: Rare Unsure Why Donkey Kong 64 Isn’t On Virtual Console


Whilst many gamers are clamouring to know why the well-received Donkey Kong 64 has yet to appear on the Wii Virtual Console, developer Rare it seems have no idea.

“I have no idea why DK64 hasn’t shown up yet, and whether Jetpac would still be in there or they’d replace it with Mario’s Cement Factory (which ate about three years of my life as a child) or something. Or maybe a single-screen 2D shooty version of Jet Race would be more appropriate. Who knows? Not us, obviously, or we wouldn’t be sitting here pitching clueless alternatives.”

– Rare