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Wii U Now As Old As The Dreamcast When It Was Discontinued, And Sold Half As Much By This Point

MCV writer Ben Parfitt has tweeted that the Wii U is now the same age as the Dreamcast when it was discontinued by Sega. The Wii U has actually sold half the number Dreamcast had by this point. The Sega Dreamcast completed its global roll-out by November 1999 and then was ultimately discontinued in March 2001.

“DreamCast completed it’s global roll-out by November 1999 and was discontinued in March 2001. Technically it was released a year earlier than that in Japan, but even when you remove Japanese DreamCast sales altogether (2.8m out of 10.6m) Wii U sales still lower.”


Eurogamer Says ‘Savour The Wii U And Vita – They’re Our New Dreamcasts’

Respected online gaming publication Eurogamer has written an article declaring that the Wii U and the PlayStation Vita are our new Dreamcasts. However, the publication says this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as despite neither achieving commercial success, they both have a good back catalogue of games.

“Commercial success may evade them, but these ailing consoles are future classics.”

“It’s one of the odd phenomena seemingly exclusive to video game fandom that some people really do care. Sales figures are used as self-validation for those that have picked the most popular side, and there’s no shortage of morbid mobs prematurely ringing the death knell for struggling hardware. The strangely partisan behaviour of players who pledge blind allegiance to corporations is a matter for another day, though – what’s important is to forget about all that, and embrace some of those commercial failures while they’re still around for us to celebrate them.”

Pachter Says The Wii U Is The Next Dreamcast

Famed Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has told GameTrailers that the Wii U won’t be anywhere near as popular as Nintendo believe it to be. Pachter refers to the Wii U as the next ill-fated Dreamcast, though he does confess that he won’t predict the console’s demise until he knows the pricing and features.

“The reason that you’re saying that it’s premature, I think you’re really trying to suggest that it’s not going to sell well.

“I think that if in fact it’s a lot like an Xbox 360 in terms of graphics, frame rate and control scheme, then it’s probably not going to sell well unless it’s priced a lot cheaper, and I don’t think they’re launching the console at $150.

“So, yeah I think they are about to Dreamcast themselves. I don’t think Wii U is going to be as popular as probably Nintendo thinks it’s going to be. Question is, what does Nintendo do next, and I don’t know the answer yet. Let’s see howWii U sells, and I’m not going to predict this demise until I know pricing and features. When I know more about it, I’ll offer a better opinion.”