Nintendo DS: DS2 Information Comes Out Of GDC 10

Snippets of information regarding Nintendo’s highly anticipated follow-up to the Nintendo DS were floating around this years Games Developer Conference.

Whilst none of this information should be taken as gospel, it has been confirmed that specific game developers have received DS2 development kits from Nintendo.

  • The new system features a dual screen, typical and characteristic of the original DS unit. However, the main difference is that the gap between the two screens are almost negligible, to the point that the user can use it as one big screen. It is also said to feature bigger and higher resolution.
  • DS2 will feature an accelerometer.
  • The dev kit is designed to be similar in power to the GameCube. As you may have already heard, the new DS is rumored to have an Nvidia Tegra chip.
  • An E3 2010 announcement and a late 2010 release is possible.


Nintendo Wii: Rumour Pointing To DS2 Being Unveiled At E3

An anonymous source over at Nintendo World Report has told the online gaming publication that they believe the Nintendo DS2 will not be shown off at this years Games Developer Conference, but instead will be revealed to the public at E3 2010 in June.

The source said that a developer is working on a title for the DS successor, which was billed as being much more powerful, and that the release date is set. When pressed, the developer only hinted at the fact that the system won’t be announced at the Game Developer’s Conference in March, but might be announced at E3 2010 in June.


Nintendo DS: Key Developers Have Nintendo DS2 Development Kits

French gaming site, GameKult, claims that a number of key developers have started receiving development kits for the next version of the Nintendo DS.

Whilst I wouldn’t put my money on news from this site being entirely accurate, respected gaming publication CVG have also published a similar story which further backs up these claims.


Nintendo DS: Nintendo DS2 Could Arrive Later This Year?

Jesse Divnich, an analyst for EEDAR, claims that Nintendo will release the successor to the Nintendo DS this year to counter the ongoing threat of Apples iPhone and Sony’s PSP.

One of the biggest reasons for Nintendo’s success in the handheld market is their ability to remove opportunity gaps for competitors to enter. Nintendo’s transition from the GBA to the DS, a year earlier than anticipated, was a brilliant strategy to remove any upper hand the Sony PSP could have by being first to market.

If Nintendo follows the same game plan in 2010, the main reasons will probably not be the release of the PlayStation Portable Go, which is already shaping up to be a disappointment for Sony, but the continuing success of the Apple made iPhone, which is becoming an important platform for gaming on the go. Pushing out a DS2 handheld offering some kind of motion tracking and more multimedia capabilities might be a significant step in reassuring publishers and gamers that the DS still counts.